Some Paychecks Bounce For Dodger Employees

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The Dodgers are re-issuing new checks for employees who say their paychecks bounced after the team filed for bankruptcy this week.  

Dodgers VP of communication Josh Rawitch confirmed the team’s assets were frozen in between the bankruptcy filing and the hearing on Tuesday.

The club says they will also reimburse the employees for any incurred bank fees.

  • Dodgers Suck


    The Dodgers are DOOMED! Those “southern” folk can have them!!!!

  • Ex- Fan

    Another class act by the McCourts.

  • Dodgers suck big time

    They need to move the dodgers back to Brooklyn

    • jaided

      tryed to just ignore this comment, but how stupid are people move out of L.A are u serious. They need to move back. why? explain yourself.

  • Rick

    The NBA just locked out the players. If you NBA players want to practice your dribbling techniques you can come to Dodger Stadium and bounce some employee Payroll checks.

  • shannon craig

    Can’t stand them pathetic “doyers”

    • jaided

      cant stand the dodgers but u find yourself reading all about them. u probably know more about them then anyone in here. groupie.

  • Regg

    What an embarrassment this year has been!
    And why is TMZ becoming a respected news source in the media??

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