WASHINGTON (AP) — With jobs and federal aid at stake, dozens of U.S. cities are lining up to contest their 2010 census counts as too low.

A decade ago, there were 1,200 challenges filed by cities and counties. Based on feedback so far, the U.S. Conference of Mayors is predicting a big jump in that number. That’s because tighter budgets are making local officials more sensitive to drop-offs in federal money for Medicaid and other programs.

Nearly $450 billion in federal aid is distributed to states based on population each year, or roughly $1,500 per person.

Among the cities planning challenges: Detroit, Houston, Miami and New York.

In California, officials estimate the census failed to count 1.25 million people there.

The census already has identified errors involving 26,000 people in six states.

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Comments (11)
  1. adolfo says:

    Of course our count is too low in California. We have millions of illegals which are unaccounted for and then their anchor babies won’t fill out the form truthfully or answer the door for the census in fear of their parents going back to Mexico.

  2. Just a Thought says:

    Are you sure your real name isn’t “Adolf” instead of Adolfo?

    1. Arpaio says:

      So, you disagree with that comment? Are you living in a burritio? Look around, there are illegals everywhere.

      1. adolfo says:

        Thank goodness you see the truth! People are quick to cry racism when you mention illegals but it is the truth as far as the census goes. We cannot get an accurate count. Why are people so offended by the truth?

  3. j thomas says:

    sounds like a lot more paid work for lawyers accountants and lobbyists.. as per usual

  4. frumpy says:

    sounds like a lot more paid work for lawyers accountants and lobbyists.. as per usual

  5. Jay Thomas says:

    sounds like a lot more paid work for lawyers accountants and lobbyists.. as per usual

  6. Hernan Saravia says:


  7. Uncle Sam1776 says:

    Illegals ruining this country and trying to make it 3rd world just like their country!

  8. Citizen Kane says:

    I worked the 2010 decennial US Census. You just can’t fathom how many people didnt want to participate in the count. American citizens and illegals where not corporating. Some due to fear of their immigration status and others wiry of the bureaucracy of the Federal Government. We tried our utmost best to complete the task of counting the population, including working over night to count the homeless. I am not surprised that the many cities are not satisfied with the counts. Prior to the start of the Census, census employees canvassed their areas and informed the community of the 2010 Census, what it’s importance is to there community. Still many were reluctant to participate. Even informing them that by law of the constitution they must participate.

  9. Just a Thought says:

    @ Arpio: What exactly is a “burritio” sherrif? So sad, I’m not an illegal but if I had to chose between illegal and ignorant, I’ll take being illegal anyday. Citizenship status can be fixed, stupidity alas, cannot.

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