3 Women Killed In Fiery Big Rig Crash On 57 Freeway

GLENDORA (CBS) — Three women were killed early Monday morning when a big rig collided with a pickup truck on the southbound Orange (57) Freeway in Glendora, the California Highway Patrol reported.

The accident in happened on the southbound 57 at Auto Center Drive and was reported at 2:47 a.m, said CHP Officer Krystal Carter.

Officials say the pickup truck had a flat tire and was trying to exit the freeway when it was rear-ended by a Walmart big rig. The truck then caught fire when the fuel tank ruptured, CHP officials said. Two passengers where able to escape the fire, while three women, who were all related and between the ages of 47 and 62-years-old, were killed.

The CHP reopened all southbound 57 Freeway lanes around 7:15 a.m.

It was unclear if the big rig driver was injured in the crash.

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  • CAN

    What a horrible accident. Prayers for everyone involved.

    • BD McGee

      Wow, that makes everything all better. Thank you so much. Nad.

  • mister s

    @BD- When you get sarcastic with someone for simply offering their prayers, you make all of us non religious folk look like idiots. Your comment wasn’t called for and you sound like a hateful teenager. Save it for the people that actually preach in these comment sections.

    • BD McGee

      I apologize; of course you don’t need my help to look like an idiot.
      God Bless.

      • gt

        The only idiot on here is you BD McGee

  • CC

    what a horrible tragedy! my condolences and prayers for the family

  • cindy

    serious yu guys fightin wen 3 ppl i knw died in this accident n think is funny wow.

  • Cindy

    JOE: and what yu tryin to say by MEXICANS?????

  • Cindy

    what accident yu talking about?

    cuz in dis accident 3 mexican lady died sadly …..

    n a stupid big rig hit dem……

  • El Gato

    All because they didn’t use UNION truck drivers, Walmart is gonna pay big $$$ for this one. Unionize local employees of Walmart… Unionize…. it’s your right.

    • adolfo

      Unions suck! Live Better, Work! Union workers are brainwashed into thinking the union cares about them when they just care about filling their pockets with union dues. I would cross a picket line in a heartbeat as I don’t care abount unions who rip off the employees and in turn make the stores charge more for products and the consumer loses in the end. Away with the unions as they are soon to be extinct!

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