PALMDALE (CBS) — An 80-year-old registered sex offender is accused of child annoyance in Palmdale.

Police say Keith Wayne Holmes was driving his tan-colored sedan near 85th street in Pear Blossom when he began following a 12-year-old girl.

They said he tried to persuade the girl to get in his car but she refused.

Officials say the girl’s parents witnessed the alleged incident, wrote down his license plate number and called police.

Deputies later pulled Holmes over and identified Holmes as a registered sex offender with previous arrests for molestation.

Holmes told CBS2’s Ann Sterling that he never spoke to any child today and that he was only in his car to go check his mail. He told Sterling, “I didn’t talk to no little girl. I didn’t talk to no…little…girl. Period. No. So help me, God.”

Holmes, who turned 80 a month ago,  is in police custody, but currently at a Palmdale hospital for high blood pressure.

Deputies reportedly found duct tape and rope in the suspect’s vehicle.

He told the Sterling  the rope and duct tape are for boats that he has for sale.

Comments (15)
  1. Defex says:

    Fry him… Simple as that.

  2. ca says:

    Why are these monsters even allowed on the streets?
    It is well known that child sex offenders cannot be “rehabilitated”, which means that they will continue to be a potential or real threat to whatever community they inhabit. Relocation just means they can practice the same behavior in a new neighborhood.
    Our court system needs to take seriously finding a more effective and safer way to deal with these dangerous individuals.

  3. RJ says:

    1st offence – Life in prison without the possibility of parole. Let the other inmates deal with it!

  4. Hayjudy says:

    80 yrs old??? Lock ’em all up and throw away the key. Give ’em all cialius or viagra twice a days till there organs and hands fall off. Seriously, these creeps should never be released, put on Alcatraz, make their relatives pay for their keep. Save the children from men who cannot control their weiners. Even better yet, I always thought it was true justice to have them executed the way they would harm others. Duct tape and rope – it’s for my boat – yeah right – it’s to repair the Titanic – please.

  5. james says:

    “Deputies reportedly found duct tape and rope in the suspect’s vehicle.

    He told the Sterling the rope and duct tape are for boats that he has for sale.”


    1. Josh Butts says:

      That’s what I was thinking! He just happens to have the 2 items that they use when kidnapping people. Tape for the mouth and rope to tie em up. Do people actually have boats out there in Palmdale? It’s a desert out there!

  6. Steve Charson says:

    It is a brain thing. These individuals do not have control. However, they should be allowed to choose to gain control. Two choices. 1. brain testing with pictures of children. Those parts of the brain that activate are fried with lasers. Then castration.
    After these 2 steps, they may go free. Choice 2. Life in prison.

  7. Bea says:


    Castration will not stop the sick thoughts these perverts have. A lobotomy would work though! And life in prison? Don’t we wish but we don’t even keep the criminals that get life in prison in there for life, they constantly get parole hearings (even Manson gets them)! There is far too much plea bargaining going on for lesser sentences. The judicial system in California is seriously flawed and that’s an understatement!

  8. Mary says:

    How is it possible that the majority of citizens in this country want these sickos behind bars for life or killed, but judges still give them a chance and release them from prison thinking they can be rehabilitated? Aren’t there any judges that think like the majority do in this country? And who the hell is electing these judges that think it’s okay to release a molester? I’m just puzzled!

  9. Roy says:

    Pay coyotes to smuggle him to mexico.He fits right in.

  10. Ann says:

    Yes Roy ,let’s export him to mexico.It’s our turn.

  11. Timothy McGarry says:

    “But, officer, I was only trying to recapture my youth!”

  12. FaithSmith says:

    I hope no one will be victimized by this kind of threatening plans. We really never know when people harm or want to do something bad to you, especially with helpless teenagers. This is the reason why I had my daughter install an application on her phone where she clicks a button and it will alert me and many others if she needs help. Check this

  13. Zessykaxy says:

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