3rd Suspect Remains At Large After Deadly Heist Attempt

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO (CBS) — A massive manhunt is still underway for the third would-be robber in a violent jewelry store heist in Orange County.

Sheriff’s deputies say a store employee shot and killed two suspected robbers at Monaco Jewelers on Doheny Park Road about 11:15 a.m. Friday, while the third one fled.

“At some point in the robbery inside the store, one of the employees opened fire with a handgun, striking two of the three suspects,” Orange County sheriff’s Lt. Steve Doan said, noting that all of the bandits were wearing masks and gloves.

The at-large suspect was described as black, about 6 feet tall, wearing a white shirt and dark pants. Anyone who may have video of the robbers was urged to contact sheriff’s detectives.

It wasn’t immediately clear if the botched holdup was connected to three other jewelry store robberies in southern Orange County, Doan said.

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  • Ron

    If the suspect was black, then it wouldn’t have been too difficult to spot him in this area, near the beach(Doheny), where it is predominantly whites, with some Hispanics in the immediate area and working at the timeshares and hotels along PCH.. The trailer park across the street is almost solely Hispanic and the day workers hang out at the donut shop parking lot, most of the day.

    • Crime Does Not Pay

      Killing dirtbags is always good news

    • notinmycountry

      you know the illegals at the day labor site saw him. But talk to the cops – ummm – no!

  • Jimbo Jones

    Great shooting Tex, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

    • Ron

      Yes, better them than him or her.

      That will teach all PROSPECTIVE robbers, that you DON’T MESS with SOUTH O.C. beach community stores. And yes this is in old Capo Beach, closest border of San Juan Capistrano and Dana Point.

  • diosdado1001

    The thief is hiding in Linsey’s house. She knows all the tricks how to get away with this kind of situations. It even could be herself wearing a tight black suit and the police says is a black person.
    Some people are not lucky at all. Linsey Lohan was very lucky the employee did not have a gun. meanwhile, the judges keep accepting payments to overturn each other’s sentences as she she continues messing up with the law and her life.

  • Tim Dailey

    Way to go! Not bad shooting under pressure. It beats the hell outta hearing that the owners/employees got shot.

  • FLF

    Originally the perps were not ID’d. ABC was terrified to ID any of then TILL today! They are NOT a creditable news outlet anymore, they do not have journalism grads-only news readers and NO reporters – only entertainment pretty types who don’t know reporting from regurgitating! CBS, ABC and especially NBC are never to be trusted for ANY accurate reporting of news…

  • TheWindrunner

    It wasn’t necessary to mention that one of the perps was black, we all knew that! Geeeez!!!

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