Jewelry Store Employee Fatally Shoots 2 Robbers During Attempted Heist

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO (CBS) — A jewelry store employee fatally shot two suspected robbers during a botched heist Friday morning.

The attempted robbery happened at 11:15 a.m. at Monaco Jewelers, 33955 Doheny Park Road, Orange County Sheriff’s department officials said.

“At some point in that robbery, a gunfight broke out in the store between the robbers and the employees. As a result of that gunfight, two of the suspects are dead,” said Lt. Steve Doan.

Officials say a third suspect fled the scene. He is described as a black man about six feet tall, wearing a white shirt and dark pants, Doan said.

The California Highway Patrol and sheriff’s officials have closed several surrounding streets and evacuated a nearby Costco as they searched the area.

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  • adolfo

    I am glad these owners are fighting back and packin heat. Maybe that will teach people not to hold up any stores and maybe try getting a job if they want money.

    • scot

      They forgot to mention the brown stain in the pants of the one that got away…..

    • Lonnie Fehr

      lol ,,, they took a wrong turn there … and they want us 2 have no weapons ,,,,,,,

    • Grimmy

      Too bad the employee will probably be fired :P

  • Phiilip

    Two down/one to go. Good marksmanship is truly a wonderful thing.

    • adolfo

      Gun control= using two hands. See gun control does work! I say shoot the last guy on sight if they find him so we don’t was valuable tax dollars on this waste of a human life!

    • sue

      Yes. Two pieces of trash down and 1 piece of trash to go.

  • Barbi Winters

    To JosephK. Thieves know all about jobs. They don’t want one. It’s not about education. It’s about lifestyle. A job would be so much less drama. OH WELL! It’s a shame for their families.

    • DAN


  • timothyliao

    Thieves are too prideful to work the graveyard shift at the 7/11 – they rather rob it. So don’t tell me all this bleeding heart stuff

    • dean

      personally, not being a psycho analyst, i would not know conclusively why thieves are thieves. further, many thieves work and some even make millions, so, i do not think your generalized characterization hold.

      • Dennis Habern

        Hey Einstein:

        How do you know some thieves work and some make millions?

  • kc

    your correct about those thieves, but what about catching em when there young, so this day would have never come for them…is there no logic in that for some of you?

    • LA's the place

      No logic in that because the Gov’t sticks its nose in the parents business. Try to discipline your kid and they call the cops and you get sent to jail. What is the point anymore, parents just let them do want they want nowadays, cross their fingers and hope for the best..

      • Michael J. McDermott

        I agree with you. I stitch in time saves nine.
        A GOOD AS$ WAILIN’ a long time ago might have done the trick.

    • curtis A.

      Rich thieves are called politicians.

  • timothyliao

    Not cool. They deserved to be shot because they were criminals not because they were Black

    • DigitalBob

      Hate to tell you but if they are black, chances are they are criminals as well.

    • timothyliao

      Can a moderator take off my remark? I was just responding to someone else’s racist stupidity.

    • Bob Roberts

      And they were shot because they were criminals, not because they were black. I’m sure lots of blacks shop in that store and don’t get shot. These three (I’m guessing the other two “matched” the one that got away since the news wasn’t good enough to report their race) weren’t targeted because of their race – they were targeted because of the criminal acts they engaged in.

  • Jenny

    Why should “we” create jobs for them and educate them. Education is out there for free. And nobody ever created a job for me, but I don’t go robbing you.

    • dean

      you mean the one suspended by the patriot act? but, the constitution you site does support my argument, since the govt IS we the people, n’est pas?

      • Bob Roberts

        1) The Constitution was not suspended by the Patriot Acts (there were more than one).

        2) Obama, the Democrats in Congress and the activist judges appointed mostly by Democrats (but a few by Republicans too) have done more to shred the Constitution than anyone else.

        3) The purpose of the Constitution was to impose strict limits on government and protect our freedoms. Like freedom to own guns, freedom to openly express our religious beliefs – and yet thanks to the left, thanks to so-called “liberals” and “progressives” government is becoming overpowering, we are having our guns taken away and we are being told we cannot express our religion for a multitude of ridiculous reasons.

        I think George Washington said it best:

        Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.

      • Taco flavored kisses

        Although a little radical, I am not completely in disagreement with you. Utah, Oregon, Texas are among a few of the states that allows open carry. If I chose to walk down the street with an exposed gun in L.A., I could fall along US constitutional guidelines and the government would be powerless but the fight to do so would be enormous.

    • James and Peg

      dean is wrong. government exsists because of “We the People.” read your (our) Constitution, pal…..

    • dean

      unless you are unemployed, jenny, we did create a job for you. the existance of government is precisely what set up an environment for you to work and have a job. there is a community benefit from the existance of government. similary, there is a community benefit from education and schools, even if you do not attend. you might wish to consider that a home owner pays property=school tax even if they have no children and are not going to go to school themselves. side note: very selfish and/or naive opinion of yours to imply that YOU created your own job.

    • mike

      Hey Dean,

      Since you think you’re so smart, try using correct words….it’s cite, not site. DUH! People like you crack me up.

    • Dennis Habern

      To answer your reply as best as I can, it is in their genes. As far as I am

      concerned, they are all born with one taco, short of a full platter and with that

      said, it does not say too much for the idiot that calles himself the PRETENDER

      that sits in the White House, and flaps his gums but never says anything

      worthwihile for the good of our country, if you follow. He should have stuck

      with basketball like his brother-in-law.

  • bounce

    Excellent outcome. I hope the employee who had to shoot the robbers deals with the mental aftermath OK.

    • alan hart

      They will have to buy a round of beer for the house at the big celebration party.

    • Astonished

      One of these brainless yahoo’s tried to rob a jewelery story in my area. The owner had been there, done that once too often.

      I can tell you that is one lowlife that will NOT be robbing anyone ever again. And guess what. . .the jewelery store was never robbed again either! I guess not washing all thoses blood stains off the paivement in front of the door worked wonders!!

    • Realityblowz

      Wonder if he can use the spent rounds as a business tax write off?

  • Will

    Uhhhhh.. Timothyliao… Who said they were black????

    • alan hart

      Will, please read the story all the way to the end. I know with your apparent limited education, this may be difficult and time consuming but try anyway.

    • timothyliao

      Sorry my comment was a response to a Racist remark that was taken off earlier. I was telling some one else it was uncool for being Racist. But they didn’t take my part off so it makes me look bad.

    • porscheguy

      Uh the article said they were balck, or did you not bother to read it?

    • Bob Roberts

      Well the funny thing was they only mentioned the one that got away was black. They didn’t say about the two who were shot – they could have been white (which includes hispanic, by the way, even though for some reason whites are frowned on and hispanics are also called “people of color”, go figure!), black or asian.

      Chances are, though, that it wasn’t a mixed race group I would guess. Perhaps better reporting would clear that up?

    • Dennis Habern

      The one pervert robber that got away, was reported to be black. The

      two dead morons, were probably black too, if you follow.

  • timothyliao

    Many of these young people don’t want jobs they want the jobs the feel they deserve. They don’t want to work from the bottom up, they want jobs where they come in and people are already under them. They don’t listen to authority and want things easy for them. We have created a society where rappers equate themselves to those with MBAs and think they can survive in American business. Not everyone can be as lucky as P Diddy

  • James and Peg

    Nice work, but you libs out there have no problem allowing a jewler to have a gun to protect diamonds and pearls while our women cannot carry for the simple reason of protecting themselves against rapists and killers. California and libs all suck.

    • JM in San Diego CA

      Jim and Margaret (presumably the Andersons from “Father Knows Best): Your credibility is zero, since you didn’t allow for Conservative Californians who can’t bail out because of family obligations.

    • Bob Roberts

      Woah there… I’m a native born Californian and am as sick as you are of the faux “liberals”, “progressives” and in general leftists who are ruining this and other formerly great states. Not all Californians are sick and twisted as the leftists and, sadly most Democrats (the Democratic party once had a lot to offer – no longer) and to be honest even some of the so-called “conservatives” and Republicans (just take our ex-Governator, PLEASE!) weren’t so hot either.

      So don’t just lump all of California and it’s citizens into the dung heap the way you did. Not all of us are what you believe us to be. It’s actually a vocal minority who use election fraud and other tactics such as activist judges to thwart the will of the majority.

  • Astonished

    In case you have NOT been reading, listening or watching the news, an education AND job creation doesn’t do a darn thing! We have a whole class of very well educated, career people with great salaries who rob people of millions, and I’m NOT talking about the Government.

    One of the biggest problems we have is our judicial system, which just can’t seem to grow a spine or a pair of huevos! Why bother staying in school or keeping a job when you can become a career welfore recipient. And who cares about doing time? Even if your unlucky enough to actually do time, they let you go early and while your in there you have more rights than law-abiding citizens!

  • LA's the place

    Baloney. Tehn you will have educated criminals like Bernie Madoff and the Craigslist killer. Once a crook always a crook, you can’t educate it out of people.

  • Bobio

    Very nice. Very nice

  • alan hart

    For those of you opposed of gun ownership, this is exactly why we carry weapons. When you can show me that the bad guys stop carrying weapons, I discuss giving up my gun.

    • Bob Roberts

      Great point. Criminals, by defintion, ignore and break laws. Pass a gun control law and you disarm law-abiding citzens and give criminals an automatic, overwhelming advantage. Liberals/progressives/leftists, unfortunately, are so mentallyl ill they cannot understand such simple concepts.

  • Sue


  • sue

    What fantasy land do you live in? Stop having pieces of trash. Hundreds of people have FREE education, but live in the war zone.

  • sue

    Enough!!! Finally the Robbers are GETTING WHAT THEY DESERVE

  • Justice

    Now if we can shoot the CEO of the banking industry that took our money….

  • Justice

    Now if we can shoot the CEO of the banking industry that rob our money….

  • df

    Now if we can shoot the CEO of the banking industry that rob our money….

  • joey goinutz

    Not that it matters what race the suspects are,evil comes in all colors, but why cant the media announce the race of the remaining suspect if the police release the info??? The reporter on channel 7 described the remaining suspect as a male,approx 6 feet tall. If thats all the information that is available why bother putting such limited info out in the first place to the community.

    • Bob Roberts

      The surviving suspect was identified as a black male in this story online. DId you miss it or did they maybe edit the story to include it after you commented? Plus I think we have a right and a need to know more about the two dead suspects – were they black, white or asian? Hispanic? What? Unfortunately in todays’ politically correct world they often withhold the details about criminals if they’re “minorities”.

      • Dennis Habern

        Hey Bob Roberts:

        Well said. “IF THEY ARE MINORITIES.” What is it, is American still

        practicing Political Correctness? The minorities, like Obama, continually to

        receive a pass, but why is this permitted? Obama will be history in 2012, but

        what about the rest of the uneducted minorities? Most of the crime that

        originates in the United States, is caused by BLACKS and HISPANICS, but

        the real Americans , the American Indians whom have room to complain

        because of the loss of their lands and oil resources, hardly ever misbehave.

        The reason why BLACKS and HISPANICS are a trouble-some race, is the

        fact that a WHITE GOVERNMENT caters to these lazy, good-for-nothing fools.

  • Robert S.

    Good job for the employee, but his trouble may just be starting. Once the lawyers get the “wrongful death” charges, they will build a civil suit against the employee for the shooting deaths, and take it to court because their civil rights were abused! Knowing the “system”, the families will be awarded out of court settlement checks, and justice will be done?

    • Dennis Habern

      Just today, the French were complaining about that ex-Frenchman who

      resigned from his position as the World Monetary Fund administrator because

      it seems that in America, our justice system indicates innocent to proven

      guilty, but in reality, they really mean guilty until proven innocent, and rightfully

      so. I grew up with guns in our family in Up-State New York, and I have

      always believed how nice it would have been to be able to carry a concealed

      weapon when walking in a strange town, of example, but today, with the

      way the laws favor the perpetrator, I would rather take my chances of not

      getting involved in any type of shootout, if you follow. If more Ameicans were

      permitted to carry, I am sure that a would-be robber would think twice before

      committing a crime involving a weapon.

  • Jimmy

    Gun ownership at its best. Criminals don’t take a legal path to gun ownership, so by enforcing stricter gun laws you’re only disarming the honest. California is a perfect example, some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, yet this state still has the most gun violence… It’s not registered gun owners out there committing crimes. As for this particular incident, AWESOME!!!!!

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