Man Shot To Death During Medical Marijuana Delivery

BREA (AP) — A Southern California man was shot to death while trying to steal marijuana from a medical marijuana deliveryman, and three other men were jailed on suspicion of robbery and felony murder for their alleged role in the crime, a police spokesman said Thursday.

Minh Kinh Dang, 20, of Santa Ana and at least three friends confronted the pot dispensary deliveryman and his armed security guard Wednesday night in the alley of an apartment complex, Brea police Sgt. Jim Griffin said.

The security guard fired three shots at Dang, who was holding a handgun, he said.

Arriving officers found Dang dead at the scene.

Earle Augustus Austin, 19, of Santa Ana; James Yi, 18, of Irvine; and Hyasung Sim, 20, were arrested on suspicion of robbery and murder.

They were being held on $1 million in bail each, according to jail records.

The case has not yet been referred to the district attorney’s office. Griffin did not know if the men, who have yet to make a first court appearance, had retained attorneys. Jail records show they will make a first court appearance on Friday.

The deliveryman and security guard were questioned and released.

Delivery services for medical marijuana patients in California are not uncommon and their numbers have been growing since voters approved the use of the drug for medicinal purposes in 1996.

Some services in particular cater to elderly patients who are less mobile and prefer the discretion of the home delivery.

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  • Efrain

    Awesome! Award for the security guard!

  • Thomas Forcade

    Killer Weed!

  • Andy

    ALRIGHT!!! That’s the way to do it. It’s great to see proper justice done quickly.

  • Rick

    The grave marker should read “Tried to get High, didn’t want to Die, DANG.”

    • Angel

      LMFAOOO!!! Omg, hilarious!

  • karo pones

    Legal or no, crazy and bad people will steal to get a high, preferably without paying.

  • razorblade42069

    Dead kid probably wished he could have just grown Gods plant in his backyard like my great grandmother used to.

  • olga henry

    what a bunch of losers
    so glad they got cap put in that azz

  • Arpaio

    The continued negavtive effects of immigration.

    • Angel

      Your comment is just a negative effect of ignorance. I’m not sure what immigration has to do with any of this. Get over yourself.

      • Mufon

        Wow, you guys fell for that troll, hook, line and sinker. Nice plug for Current TV, though, I’m glad to see you still believe in capitalism!

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  • sfv41901

    serves the stupid idiot right. Justice has been served

  • "republican empire falls"

    mufon, and the tea party are a bunch of “white maggot shlt- bags!!! \m/

  • The Cryptojournalist

    Knuckleheads. Too young too drink, but old enough to act like morons

  • c-man

    I can’t believe you all…a human life has been lost. This person was someone’s son, brother, best friend. No one deserves to die like that. SIKE!!!! Awesome…this punk got what he deserved. We should all be allowed to carry guns for our own protection. This guy made a baaaaad choice. Hopefully the next jack ass that decides to rob someone will think twice or get street justice.

  • Bob


  • Mike

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