LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Dodgers’ owners Frank and Jamie McCourt have reached a settlement in their divorce case.

The former couple agreed to a one-day trial scheduled for Aug. 4, to determine the issue of ownership of the team – a trial that could grant Jamie 50 percent of the team.

“This is a huge, huge milestone and a huge step forward today, complete resolution of the divorce and a very clear pathway for resolution on August 4 of this issue and Jamie and I both agree that what happens in either event,” Frank McCourt said during a news conference Friday.

“I’m just hoping for resolution and I’m hoping this is step towards that resolution,” Jamie McCourt said.

The agreement is contingent on Major League Baseball’s approval of a $3 billion deal with Fox, one in which both sides now agree is appropriate.

“I fully expect MLB to approve the Fox transaction. MLB has taken the position that before they approve the transaction, they wanted to see either a settlement of the divorce or Jamie’s consent or an order from the judge. Today they received all three so I fully expect they’ll be good to their word and approve the transaction in a timely way,” Frank McCourt added.

Attorneys for both sides spent several sessions in front of Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon to reach the settlement.

To read the terms of today’s agreement, click on the links below.

» Binding Term Sheet
» Stipulation and Order Re Approval of FOX Transaction

Comments (7)
  1. jkaang says:

    The only way women can make money. Being a golddigger. alimony is scientific proof that men are superior then women and all women are second class to men. That’s why the courts give alimony to women because they are not smart enough to survive on their own.

    1. Frankly says:

      Amen to that brother! Thats why the institution of marriage is dying. More and more men are waking up to the realization that the laws are so heavily biased against them that its not even worth doing.

      Sorry ladies, but its true.

  2. Sean says:

    I genuinely hope, for Dodger fans (I am NOT one, fortunately), that MLB stands pat and doesn’t approve this deal. As soon as McCourt misses payroll once, the selling rights of the team become MLB’s. This guy has ran this team into the ground, and no amount of money that he is fronted is going to change that. It’s only going to further hamstring the future of the once-beloved franchise.

    1. Den says:

      The Los Angeles Dodgers need local ownership, not these two idiots from the eastcoast

  3. Emma says:

    Infmoratoin is power and now I’m a !@#$ing dictator.

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