College Football Player Arrested After Wearing Baggy Pants On Plane

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS) — He’s not the so-called “underwear bomber” from Christmas past, but the failed plot of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is now causing problems for one passenger who wanted to let it all hang out.

A pair of revealing saggy pants worn by a University of New Mexico football player led to his arrest and removal from an airplane in San Francisco.

Deshon Marman, 20, was boarding a U.S. Airways flight to Albuquerque when an airline employee noticed his pants were “below his buttocks and his boxer shorts were showing”.

After he refused a request to pull up his pants, San Francisco police officers arrested and jailed Marman.

He was subsequently released on bail and faces charges of trespassing, battery of a police officer, and obstruction.

His mom Donna Doyle told KNX 1070 she got the frantic phone call.

“He said ‘they arrested me because I wouldn’t pull up my pants'”, said Doyle.

Doyle said her son was emotionally fragile after the funeral of his close friend, who died 11 days after being shot.


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