RIVERSIDE (AP) — A 340-ton boulder is quickly becoming a rock legend and is ready for a road trip.

The granite will be moved from a Riverside-area quarry to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art where it will be the centerpiece of a permanent exhibit called “Levitated Mass” by earth artist Michael Heizer.

A 200-foot trailer with 200 wheels has been built for the 21-foot high, 680,000-pound rock.

Too heavy for Southern California freeways, the rock will roll along surface streets at seven miles per day — a nine-day trip.

Stone Valley Materials co-owner Stephen Vander Hart told the Riverside Press-Enterprise the move will cost about $1.5 million.

Museum officials say all costs are being paid with private donations.

The exhibit is expected to open in mid-November.

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Comments (20)
  1. duh says:

    7 miles per day? Traffic in LA is worse than we imagined! ; )

  2. Charlie says:

    Rock moves at 7 mph, I pity the poor fools that are caught in traffic behind the rock,

  3. FLF says:

    340 ton rock heading to LA County Museum of art. You gotta be kidding! Only in LA does this nonsense happen…

  4. Hunter says:

    I’m curious about one thing. It’s gonna cost 1.5 million to move it, so who is paying for that. The “artist” or the museum or the city. That’s alot of money to move, what someone who calls himself an artist, a huge rock. I think that with all the money problems California has the artist would foot the bill for that.

  5. p says:

    I just saw this on yahoo news. The reporter should have stood directly in front of or beside the rock so we could have gotten a true understanding of its size. Instead he stands way in front of it and the cameraman cut off half of his body, making it look small

  6. J Murphy says:

    LA County Museum of Art /LACMA/ calls some people’s homes several times a week, some days several times a day even on Sundays, apparently trying to raise funds by getting people to renew their memberships. Now it appears from the news story above that LACMA has rocks in their heads spending 1.5 million dollars to move a rock even if this $1.5 million comes from private funds. Too, is LACMA responsible for the liability associated with the move? This is not a good time to spend that kind of money on a rock even if private funds are paying it out. Of course, a hundred years from now, or tomorrow even, the move might look like a wise move but today??

  7. JAWS says:

    No wonder LA and CA are broke, y’all got Rocks in your heads.

  8. Dan Johnston says:

    Mike Heizer is on his way to be artist of the century and this will be one of his greatest works. L.A.should be proud to be the home for this wonderful project,
    That will be enjoyed for generations to come.Money well spent, for a change!

  9. omar sanchez says:

    i just wanna know one thing who s paying for this

  10. Ron Matuska says:

    I think I heard a quote on TV that the total cost for this rock would be 11 Million. In any case, even if no tax dollars are spent, it seems ridiculous to even contemplate this operation during these tough economic times. This constitutes “news” by the mainstream media. Not news: How many civilians have died since the first Gulf war in Iraq, and Afghanistan? Task Force 373, assassination teams, UAV’s targeting Americans, torture, illegal detention, etc. Where Donald Trump will dock his Hinckley, or where Romney parks his Cadillac’s is news. Lindsay Lohan is news.

  11. A.F. Turner says:

    you know!!!! there are idiots the there are IDIOTS
    if the people in the city need to see a boulder open your eyes there are millions of them.
    oh and who is going to pay to fix those surface streets. they can’t take the weight either matter of fact they will crumble faster.
    we have people who need jobs how many people at 8 dollars an hour would that money employ. Narrow minded and as far as im concerned uneducated people should not be allowed to make decisions on how other peoples money is spent
    I for one will never donate another dime to any museum

  12. Joanne Twomey says:

    When children are going to bed hungry in this country, not to mention third world countries……………Shame on you…………….

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