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You just knew Mark Cuban would have to do something big, something different for the Dallas Mavericks first championship. His first two orders as trophy holder: The parade’s on me and we’re doing something better than rings.

Via ESPN Dallas:

Mark Cuban said championship parades and title rings just aren’t his style, but the 2010-11 NBA champions will be riding floats through the streets of Dallas very soon.And Cuban said he’s picking up the tab.

“We’ll do it,” Cuban said early Monday morning. “All I told them was — Terdema Ussery, our president — you plan the parade. I’ll pay for it because I don’t think it’s right for the city to have to pay for it. And let’s just have some fun.”

Remember all the problems last year in Los Angeles when the Lakers couldn’t figure out what to do with the parade? It was going to cost the city millions and there was debate whether or not the team would have it. Cuban, being the completely awesome guy that he is, just said, “I’ve got it you guys.” Say what you will about Cuban, but he’s a terrific owner.

Then Cuban talked about the hardware. But he doesn’t want to go the traditional route.

“I might not get rings,” the Mavs’ billionaire owner told NBATV. “Rings are old school. You’ve seen it before: There’s guys who pick up the sweats and towels and they have these big, blingy rings. I’m like, ‘Rings are done. It’s time to take it to the next level.'”

If not rings, then what? Championship belts? Crowns? Necklaces? Golden sceptres? I wouldn’t expect anything less from Cuban because, well, he’s Mark Cuban.

But you know, if you don’t get Dirk a ring, then how are Dallas fans supposed to win arguments now? They won’t have the “Yeah but he’s got a ring!!!” argument. I guess they’ll just have to say, “Dirk is a top 10 player dude. He’s got a sceptre now!” Actually, that’s not all that bad.


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