LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Governor Jerry Brown has taken his fight over California spending reform to YouTube.

The Democratic governor is challenging Republican lawmakers to break partisan ranks just three days before the new budget is suppose to be passed.

KNX 1070’s John Baird said Brown wants pension reform and a spending cap to be part of any budget deal, but he still lacks the four Republican votes to get the reforms and tax extensions on the ballot this fall.

In his video, Brown said his plan will put California’s finances on a firm footing for many many years to come – but only, he said, if Republicans will cooperate.

“I’m really perplexed at why a package of this magnitude and this permanence — which has reforms, which has realignment, and which has temporary tax extensions — cannot be allowed for you the people to decide on,” said Brown.

The California Constitution requires a two-thirds majority vote before a ballot measure of this type can be presented to voters.

Brown needs at least two Republican votes from the Senate and the Assembly to get the ballot before voters.

Lawmakers are constitutionally required to pass a budget by Wednesday or risk having their pay cut if no spending plan is in place.

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  1. Reason says:

    Oh, the poor lawmakers! If they don’t pass a budget, they get their pay cut? Wow, now perhaps they’ll feel like everyone else suffering in this miserable economy. Quit spending money we don’t have and quit taking money from people who actually earn a living–take it from the leeches that do nothing and demand a free ride.

  2. Ron says:

    There better NOT be any Republicans that fall for Brown’s B@LLS@IT lies. We will TAKE NAMES and vote them out at election time if they do.

    Brown gives the Prison Guards(union) a FAT new contract.

    According to an article on April 19, 2011, By Jack Dolan, in the Los Angeles Times

    “… Gov. Jerry Brown recently approved for state prison guards is a provision that could generate a cash windfall to the officers when they retire.

    The guards, who are among Brown’s largest political benefactors, would be able to save an unlimited number of vacation days under their new deal. When they leave state service, those days could be exchanged for cash at their final pay rate, which would probably be higher than when they earned the time off.”

    Does this sound like he really wants pension reform? He speaks out of both sides of his mouth. He JUST agreed to a new contract, that will remove caps on the prison guards vacation time, that they can use to inflate their pensions, NOT reduce the pensions. He is an outright LIAR.

    NO ONE should vote for anything he and the Democrats want, unless they are a UNION member. Remember, WE TAXPAYERS pay for these OUTRAGEOUS pensions for the PRISON guards and they already make way TOO MUCH money.

    Wouldn’t you rather pay lower taxes and use that money to pay your own bills, NOT increased PENSIONS for the UNION PRISON GUARDS?

  3. Ron says:

    And according to the above article, the new contract adds 18 more vacation days, in the 2 year contract. That gives the typical prison guard more than 8 weeks time off in the first year and if that was not enough, they can make up to $130/mo. more, if they go to the doctor for an annual physical.

    How would you like those benefits? Does it sound like Brown is trying to cut government waste? And he wants us to VOTE FOR TAX EXTENSIONS. Why NOT, how could we expect the PRISON GUARDS to have the same amount of vacation time, as the typical taxpayer gets? And that is if that taxpayer, even has a JOB left.

  4. upyours says:

    Brown is ‘Perplexed’, because, after the prison guards, he can’t figure out which other c0cks to take up his a$$.

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