LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Federal law enforcement officials on Monday accused a defense lawyer and a local police officer in what they allege was a bribery scheme to get a client off the hook.

KNX 1070’s Mike Landa reports a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s office called the charges “disturbing”.

Spokesman Thom Morzek said defense attorney Lawrence Witsoe solicited a $2,500 bribe from a client who was facing assault charges.

Rialto police officer Aaron Vigil is accused of cooperating in the scheme by falsely telling prosecutors the defendant should get a break because the man was an undercover drug informant.

“It certainly is disturbing that we have a member of the California Bar as well as a law enforcement officer who’s a sworn deputy to a federal drug task force getting together to hatch this bribery scheme,” said Morzek.

Witsoe’s client alerted the FBI after determining his attorney and a police officer were attempting to bribe him.

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  1. ilovecops says:

    It’s friggin Rialto for crying out loud, why are we even shocked?

  2. john Andrews says:

    But the guy turned the tables on the corrupt officials.. Wonder if he will live to testify.. Government does not like it when their corruption is openly exposed.

  3. Bob's Your Uncle says:

    “Federal law enforcement officials on Monday said an unethical defense lawyer and a corrupt police officer in what they allege was a bribery scheme to get a client off the hook.”

    Nice writing!?!

  4. Ping Kee Ang says:

    Sad to note that America is fast turning into a Third World Country category in the adminstration of the justice system. Policemen and Politicians are resorting to the
    “bribery scheme” practices for monetary gains at the expense of their sworn duty
    to uphold the laws of the land and the dignity of the offices they hold.
    You ” scoundrels “, rip those badges off your chest and throw your evil souls down deep the pit of ” hell.”

    1. Andrew says:

      You’re RIGHT!!! This is becoming a third world country. It’s because of the immigration policies of this country. People who are born and raised in filthy, corrupt nations are coming into this country and conducting themselves in ways that are normal and accepted in THEIR homelands.By not maintaining strict enough immigration standards, our government is not protecting the values that made this nation special.

  5. Mike says:

    “The alleged crook alerted the FBI after he figured out his attorney and a police officer were attempting to bribe him” Can someone please clarify this part? The crook was being bribed???

    1. Trevor says:

      No, it was suggested to the defendant by the cop and attorney, that for $2,500 (paid to the cop/lawyer out of the defendant’s pocket) the case would get thrown because the cop would have testified “I was under-cover, it’s not his fault.”

    2. alan hart says:

      No, the cop was being bribed and the attorney was charging his client!

  6. ozzy says:

    This is news? A corrupted Lawyer and Police officer covering up for a client (under cover drug informant) for $$$$ – That’s America for you – Corruption at it’s best…

    Please tell us something we don’t know or haven’t heard?

  7. alan hart says:

    an unethical defense lawyer and a corrupt police officer in what they allege was a bribery scheme to get a client off the hook. What’s with the adjectives? All defense lawyers and all cops are unethical and corrupt. At least lawyers get paid to lie. Cops do it for fun. If I were a defense lawyer, I would go back to see if this guy was the arresting officer on every case I ever handled.

  8. Pam Richardson says:

    this comes from not hiring disable veterans.

  9. billigfluege buchen says:

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