IRVINE (AP) — A suspected drunk driver is in custody after he reportedly drove his truck into a car, killing a girl inside and injuring a man and three other teenage girls in Orange County early Sunday.

Later that day, the friends and family of Ashton Sweet held a vigil for the 14-year-old girl at the site of the crash.

Irvine police Lt. Henry Boggs says the suspect was driving a late model Toyota pickup early Sunday when it collided with a Mercedes Benz driven by a 48-year-old Irvine man.

The crash occurred at the intersection of Culver Drive and Irvine Boulevard, where investigators spent much of the day trying to reconstruct the accident, Boggs said.

The man driving the Mercedes and three other teenage girls were injured. Sweet was hospitalized in grave condition and later died, according to her friends and family. Police have not confirmed that report.

The two occupants of the Toyota were not hurt.

The driver of the Toyota was arrested and booked at the Orange County Jail on suspicion of felony drunken driving. Bail was set at $100,000.

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Comments (34)
  1. irvineresident says:

    the girl who is in grave condition is not the driver’s daughter..

    1. Saber 1 says:

      For once it’s not an ILLEGAL ALIEN. Take this guy and pour acid on his tongue, stone sacks, ears, nose and finally in his eyes. He does not deserve to see another day.

      1. Truth says:

        Illegal aliens have nothing to do with this. You sound ignorant. Get out of here.

  2. Chris says:

    To think this happens all across the US makes me think that all that money spent on Anti Smoking ads claiming that it kills more, makes me think it should have been more concentrated on “Anti Drinking!” BAN ALCOHOL! No one knows how to drink and remain at HOME!

    1. me says:

      Chris, I know what you are saying, but it isn’t the fault of the alcohol. The DRIVER chose to drive drunk. The alcohol did not force him too. Many a time I have had too much to drink and found another way home. If I know that I am going to drink too much, I will either go with friends or family to an event, or take the bus or a cab. THE PERSON NEEDS TO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE. Not everyone is an idiot like this guy.

    2. Some Person says:

      WHY DONT THEY SHOW THE FACE OF THE DRUNK DRIVER???? Because he is a suspect and has right to a fair trial. Follow this story and you might see his face. But you don’t need to, unless you want to do something illegal to him. I take it that was your motive. If found guilty, he will face up to life in prison, if lesser he will do 25 years and see the BPT for a hearing. Fair enough? I am someone smart. No one needs to know me. I am famous anyway.

  3. jessica says:

    they should get no bail he took a life he should not have a slight chance of getting out

  4. PL says:

    Let’s at least name the drunk driver!

  5. duh says:

    You really cannot believe this guy’s rap sheet….

    PUH-LEEZ this is an OUTRAGE!!

    Search for Austin Jeffrey Farley

    Please do this sitting down, and NOT after a large undigested meal…

    1. WOW! says:

      If that is his name, he is a menace. And from the looks of it, not more than 25 years of age. What is our justice system thinking? The State of CA needs to get its head on straight.

      1. Dan Thomas says:

        The foregoing are some thoughtful comments on a very emotional issue. A good start toward change might be in recognizing that their are ‘people’ in Sacramento that should be held accountable for a number of issues: to many to be listed here. However, one hot button is the penal system. Penal system issues are long overdue with regard to change. Adjudication and sentencing are two other issues but incarceration really needs to be addressed.
        Major corporations are ‘jumping ship’ i.e. leaving the U.S. in search of easier, greater and sustained revenue while, in my opinion, the revenue is hear at home if they are willing to sacrifice. Invest in education and redress incarceration; maybe, just maybe if corporations show Americans they care we can weed out the greedy that spite the needy.

  6. duh says:

    This guy has several domestic violence guilty pleas, several batterys, resisting arrest, assault on a peace officer, resisting arrest, violation of restraining orders, DUI, contempt of court, vandalism, burglary, driving on a suspended license, etc etc etc etc… it just goes on and on… he just had a possession charge dismissed 2 DAYS AGO (May27th). He’s currently on probation.

    This is just sickening…

    Search for Austin Jeffrey Farley

    1. ginny says:

      After looking at this guys record I am disgusted. I saw a number of dismissed charges. At 25, it’s time to show him what his disrespect for life and the law really means to him. NO PLEA DEALS! Lock this slime bag up for a very long time. He needs the book thrown at him at this point, he obviously thinks he above the law.

      My thoughts and prayers go our to this young ladies family and friends, another inocnt life gone far too soon.

  7. ODB says:

    Why just felony drunken driving, and not also MURDER?

    1. duh says:

      There are reports that she’s not physically deceased yet, but being held on life support to donate organs…

  8. Josh Butts says:

    Once again the suspect end up not being injured and the victims all had to go to the hospital. This seems to always happen with Drunk Driver accidents.

    1. Dr. Z says:

      The main reason why most DUI drivers involved in accidents do not sustain much injury is that alcohol relaxes the muscle which allows the body to take on a greater amount of impact. I happen to be an ER physician and see a lot of these cases daily. It is truly unfortunately that such a young child has passed because of such ignorant people that do not care for the safety of others or themselves.

      1. PL says:

        (Need Myth-busters to validate that)
        Truck must have T boned the car at it’s weakest point
        The side passenger door area
        Holiday weekends, Memorial day especially
        are dangerous days to be driving

      2. Zeke says:

        Suspects vehicled may have had lifted

  9. ...a friend of ashton..... says:

    ….i knew her….she was my friend…and now shes dead…it feels like someone pulled a part of me away…… but everytime i think of you….it brings back happy memories…your always going to have a spot in my heart ❤

  10. Outraged says:

    This guy needs to feel the pain he physically and mentally inflicted on this family. My friend and I were hit by a drunk driver and our lucky to be alive. The car we were in rolled 4 times before finally coming to a rest. The drunk woman jumped out of the car and took off not knowing if we were alive or dead. She turned herself in several hours later once she had sobered up and avoided any charges at all because the cops couldn’t prove she was the driver or that she had been drunk. People like her and this guy are a waste of space and air.

  11. LoriAnn Marey Ince Kuhn says:

    I am sure the charges will be quite different later.
    At this time, Ashton is still on life support. Her spirit is gone, but not her body. When that happens, this Austin Jeffrey Farley will be held on murder charges. I hope he rots there. According to his rap sheet, he may not give a hoot about what he did. When his day in court comes, I hope all of these people that are outraged at what he did to not only Ashton, but to her friends and families that will live on, show up and give him the what-for.

  12. Erick says:

    What a tragedy, I live pretty much right here on this intersection and as a parent I can’t imagine what this young girl’s parents must feel. My heart goes out to her and family and friends. I’m unsure of her condition from the comments and news reports but I will pray for her regardless.

  13. alice says:

    I heard the endless emergency vehicles early this morning. I live around the corner from this intersection, maybe a mile away. didn’t know what was going on til now. Sad for such a life to be taken so young. Obviously this guy will be put away for a long time. I didn’t even know someone could have such a long history and still be driving. We had a family friend, a doctor killed by a drunken driver three years back. In this case, the drunk driver rear ended into his vehicle at a stop light on MacArthur Blvd, killing him. DUI cases are seriously tragic. My heart goes out to her family.

  14. one of her best friends says:

    i love you ashton with all my heart and i cant believe your gone im in shock and i will be forever you were so young you werent ready to die, ive known you for years now and you have always been there for me you deserved the best and i would give anything to get you back. This guy shouldnt even have a chance to get bailed out he took my best friends life why does the worst always happen to the innocent. its not fair. i prayed for you and i will keep on praying rest in peace ashton i will always have loving memory of you. i pray for your family this is just terrible the guy deserves to suffer.

  15. Jen says:

    When I read something like this I want to kill the culprit; I get so angry. But then comes the apathy and sadness and feeling powerless.

    Judges, lawyers, etc. continue to mock all decent people and treat crirminals with velvet gloves. When will this stop!?

    A dear friend of mine in OC was killed when her car was hit by a car driven by a 50 year-old woman on prescription drugs in 2003 – the woman chose to drive when she should have stayed home. I don’t know if she ever got any jail time.

    How is it that this lowlife with a rapsheet as long as his arm is allowed to be free and drive and live while a young girl is dead? The judges who let him off should go to jail. Why are we not all out protesting, demanding justice? Becasue our anger turns to apathy, then to anger, then to apathy. And the years go by and the victims are gone forever and the killers live.

  16. taren says:

    this man should be wiped from the face of the earth. how dare he.

  17. Jim Gates says:

    why is it the drunks survive and the innocent die something wrong with this picture

  18. Reason says:

    With a prior for DUI, he can be charged with murder. Here’s hoping the OC DA has the fortitude to do it! I’m so sorry for the girl and her family and friends. My condolences.

  19. a friend says:

    the name of the drunk driver is austin farley. he had a passenger in his car too and wasn’t even hurt in the accident. ashton’s spine was severely damaged and she will be donating her organs.

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