Following CBS2 Investigation, Housing Commissioner Resigns

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Beatriz Stotzer, a Los Angeles Housing Commissioner, has resigned her post following a David Goldstein investigation that asked if her two sons were given preferential treatment in getting low-income apartments.

Goldstein’s investigation revealed Stotzer’s sons took vacations in Rome and Paris…and one drover a Mercedes, all the while claiming to qualify for low-income apartments in the Tierra Del Sol housing project.

Nicholas Stotzer, 30, moved into his apartment in July 2005 and paid just above $550 for a one-bedroom. Antonio Stotzer, 26, moved into the same building a year later paying $362 for his one-bedroom.

Stotzer was Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s top appointee at the City Housing Authority.

The resignation also follows a report that the Los Angeles County District Attorney was starting an inquiry and that the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development had begun a review.

Stotzer reportedly resigned in a one-page letter to Villaraigosa. In the letter, she made no mention of the inquiries.

She reportedly wrote, “It has become clear to me that my ability to further the important work that lies ahead can be best accomplished outside of the agency.”

The mayor thanked Stotzer for her work on the commission and insisted to David Goldstein that he did not force her out.

  • honestlee

    It’s becoming so the public can’t trust anyone in government. Sad.

    • Esmeralda Rivera

      It seems like it is the beginning of Bea’s and Sandra’s ( v.p. ) corrupted Empire Falling down………. Great Job David. I was fed up by this corruption already.

    • :(

      You’re absolutely right, honestlee. It’s hard to find people these days that do the absolute right thing when no one is looking or paying attention. People these days will take advantage of anyone and everyone if given the chance. It’s disheartening.

      • Karen ( accounting dept )

        Asolute power corrupts absolutely!!! Bea stotzer was corrupted from what was meant to be a company that help low income families. She has made millions from donations, and investors who payed for the constructions of her 9-10 buildings. Power has gone way beyond her head, and therefore she acts rude to her employees, vendors, and residents. She and her right hand puppet ( Sandra Villalobos ) asked Jenny Rivera to donate money to one of the low income buildings that helps single mothers. Jenny Rivera gladly donated a starting $10k out of a total of $30k to help maintain La Posada apts. Not long ago did Jenny stop the remaining of the donation after finding out that nothing had been done to help out La Posada. So where did these $10k go to? who knows all I can say is that these two ladies have fallen into absolute power corrupting absolutely.

        On another note regarding the V.P. of Newcapital….. she also has family members living at the buildings. Her ex husband lives at Guadalupe Terrace making way above the income limits and paying $600/ month. Now why on earth would she do that to her ex husband you may ask? Well her ex has full custody of her youngest daughter, so why not help him out right? Her oldest daughter also lives at Casa Loma apt. paying $400 – $500 for a two bedroom and has been transferred from apartment to apartment at Casa Loma when it is against there policies to do any transfers for any residents, so why should the daughter of the Vice President be the exception?

      • kjc625

        The Smell of Rotten Fish starts at the Head and works it’s mway down…..these are all close friends (appointees)of Mayor Tony Villar…….”The Head Fish”..the FBI is in town still and i hope they are looking for the “”Rotten Fish””

  • Petrice

    Kudos to CBS2 for exposing this parasite….

  • vugvee

    lol, nice! Serves her right! Go have some more cheese burgers lol.

  • kriste

    i wonder what will happen with her sons now..

    • Ron

      Good riddance To BAAAAD rubbish !!!!

      Evict her sons too, for fraud. See if crimes were committed.

      Thanks again David, for the excellent investigations you have and are doing !! Please keep it up. We taxpayers REALLY appreciate what you are doing for us.

  • Gidzmo

    Wonder if the inquiries will go forward, with or without Stotzer on the committee?

  • David

    Funny how so many of these fraud investigations of late always seem to eventually point to Mayor Villaragosa…. Fraudulent gifts/sporting event/concert tickets received, “Gold Card” citation releif phone number only available to the Mayor’s staff, & now his “top appointee” quits after another fraud investigation. When will L.A. get rid of the fraud king???

  • Karen

    Good job Mr. Goldstein. Actions like this give me faith again that someone actually works for the people. In this case, it’s the press. Thank you very much from a Los Angeleno who is tired of all the shenanigans, nepotism, favoritism, and cronyism. THEY NEED TO DO THEIR JOBS.

  • Karen

    I completely agree with Karen! Great comment. And yes, THANK YOU Mr. Goldstein!!

  • Dan

    I agree with Karen, too. Nice comment, but they need to get rid of not just the Commissioners but the entire Executive Staff of the Housing Authority. Especially Sanford Riggs-Director of Housing Services, because of the way the he has been accusing people of doing illegal stuff. Yes nervous Nelly needs to go too.

  • Rizzo

    Dont stop there, investigate the other commissioners
    have the DA press charges
    Another BELL in the making

  • Margarita "Mago"

    Great work David thank you again for bringing the truth to light. Accountability and transparency has been lacking in HACLA for many years.

  • Ernesto

    what a waist of skin…………Rats get a good jobs boy, u 2 Mom………….. tax money going 2 th
    wrong peeps….

  • Daimler

    That MERDCEDES is worth less then the neighbors brand new civic.

  • A Resident

    David Goldstein, About the Resignation of Bea Stotzer, I just wanna thank you for your Great Investigations you’ve given us Residents a voice, and Exposed these Commissioners for what they are, Liers, Cheaters, Theifs. Abusing Housing Authority Money to their Advantage Don’t stop, let’s finish the job, there’s still more left we owe you, David again thanks A Resident :)

  • Following CBS2 Investigation, Housing Commissioner Resigns | Los Angeles for Me

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  • Bon Bon

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Now that’s one down. Thank ya hunny. From Bon Bon in Pico Gardens

    • Dan

      Girl I was wondering how long it was going to take you to comment.

      • Mago

        is this the Dan I know? sounds like it. Hope all is well.

    • Mago

      Bon Bon, thank you for always being the voice when everyone else is afraid. You are my inspiritation for doing what I do. I respect you more than you know. Love you. Mago

  • ginny

    Keep up the investigations David! The taxpayes of LA appreciate every little bit of waste and fraud you bring to light.

  • Gordo

    You should know that when you put Villaragoza in office, that Mexican style government will prevail. Political connections, corruptions, nepotism, total abuse of power.

  • Alice Ramirez

    Yet more government corruption! Dollars to Donuts she’s a Democrat! Good work, David Goldstein!

  • Robert S.

    Coruption seems to be the norm, and I know that bad politicians are everywhere. Its gonna take a lot to clean up L.A., but the whole country is at risk because of this stupid recession. People do strange things when the economy goes south, and I pity the taxpayer, who is getting the shaft!

    • Mago

      Robert agree, but this is not about politics it’s just plain greed. It has nothing to do with our econony being edgy, these people make decent money and just take for granted their authority for personal gain.

  • Robert S.

    Yep, throw the bloodsuckers out,and let um work for a living, the way we honest folks do! This is A noexcuse, just results needed action! The quicker, the better. And good riddence you theifs!

  • Senior B

    Great job, Mr. Goldstein!!! Thank you for exposing yet another fraudulent, corrupt L.A. politician. I cannot WAIT until the next gov’t worker gets exposed. Keep em’ comin’ Mr. Goldstein!!

  • Dan

    David Goldstein needs to investigate more then the Commissioners. Certain members of the Executive staff needs to be investigated. Namely Sanford Riggs-Director of Houses services. I know he is one of the ones that tells certain Commissioners what to say about these investigations all the while having Housing Authority staff watch closely on RAC and RMC board members and report back to him about what these boards are doing.

  • Si Se Puede

    We are only getting started…….Goldstein….you are doing great, but now it’s time to go back to VP. chr. commissioner Del Angel. Let’s find out why Estrada Court RMC paid Del Angel those large amounts. Honestly ladies in the commission you didn’t think you were going to live like this forever, did you? Is HACLA playing stupid along with the Mayor or are they really that afraid of the commission as they pretend to. It’s time to pay for Federal crime.

    • Dan

      Si Se Puede:
      The entire board of Commissioners are nothing more then a joke. The Executive staff tells certain ones what to say and do. When this investigation first started, one Commissioner was ushered out a back way so that she did not have to answer any questions. They (Executive staff) told her not to say anything.

    • Friends of Goldstein

      If only Estrada Courts RMC would be willing to meet with him, they have refused. They have so much information that would implicate more than just Maria del Angel, but Phil Chavez who made out like a bandit with thousands of Estrada Courts dollars. If you can get them to talk to David please. They should know that coming public protects them, it is unlikely for them to be retaliated againts them becase the media has put it out there. Maria del Angel, Abraham Paz, Nick Pacheco, Richard Alatorre have taken so much from Estrada Courts it’s not even funny.

  • Matt

    About time, please? The CHPS Union has been bringing all these discoveries to light every since Rudy Montiel arrived and a “rubber stamp” board was put in place by the Mayor. I personally have sent all this information via certified mail to the city attoney, district attorney, state attorney (then J Brown), Maxine Waters office, HUD, the Times & LA Sentinal newspapers. Not one entity thought it was worth following up on. This union and it’s members have been unmercifully retaliated on by the Montiel regime. You want to find the real last dirt? look at every lawsuit that Montiel lost, why did he have them sealed? Why do you think the records are sealed? This is a public agency, nothing should be sealed from the public. Open those cases and you will see where millions of public dollars were paid out to shut people up. You guys have no glue how deep this runs. I am so happy that the remaining employees can now breath & may no longer hate going to work for these……….!

    • Dan

      Yeah, I would love to see whatever happened with the lawsuit brought on when they fired the then Resident Services Manager K, behind saying that she sexually harassed ND, then fired him three months later. This brought on in part on the word of PP saying that it happened.

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