Exclusive: Metallica’s James Hetfield Inducted Into Downey High Hall Of Fame

DOWNEY (CBS) — Lead singer of Metallica James Hetfield was inducted into the Downey High School Hall of Fame Friday morning.

He was recognized as a distinguished honoree for his impact on society.

Hetfield attended Downey High in the 70’s. He left school after his mother passed away after he completed his sophomore year.

He was presented a certificate and plaque by the Mayor of Downey.

Past honorees include Karen & Richard Carpenter and KCAL9’s Suzanne Marques.

  • Crazy Irish

    Hetfield rocks. Metallica rocks but shouldn’t you graduate from high school before you get honored. Honoring rock star drop outs sends a bad message.

    • norwichmom

      He didn’t drop out. He graduated from Brea-Olinda High School. He attended Downey High for two years and had to move after his mother died.

    • James

      I agree with you. I also hate it when universities give honorary degrees to famous people; I think it’s a slap in the face to all the people who attended the college and worked hard to earn their degrees.

    • Jameson Calantoc

      He moved to a different neighborhood, spent his final two years and graduated from Brea Olinda. He did not drop out of DHS.

  • Rockitt28

    @Crazy Irish Regardless of them graduating or not, they’re still legends. You’re probably a graduate who’s done nothing in life, so shut up.

  • ThisSiteSucks

    what the hell is wrong with your website? Right in the middle of the video, the page automatically reloads!! Now i have to sit through another stupid ad till video starts again… you need to fix that .

  • Shakesfool

    About time! Glad to see this longtime wrong righted. Probably should have been done in the early 90s when Metallica was at their peak of fame and fortune.

    • James

      He probably donated $10,000 to their music department recently.

  • Lizet Elaine Elliott

    @Rockitt28 that comment wasn’t necessary.

    @Crazy Irish I agree but he’s also accomplished some awesome things despite not being a high school graduate.

  • christina

    He left Downey High after 10th grade when his mom passed away… He graduated from Brea. James is awesome and its nice to see his musical talents recognized!

  • hetfield fan

    congrats !! local kid does good…

  • "republican empire falls"

    METAL FUK”iN ” RULES \m/

  • http://www.esphetfieldexplorer.com/james-hetfield/ James hetfield

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