Report: California Freed 450 High-Risk Parolees

SACRAMENTO (AP) — The California prison system’s independent inspector general says the state improperly freed more than 450 dangerous criminals without supervision last year as part of a controversial program designed to reduce prison populations and cut costs.

A faulty computerized risk-assessment program predicted the offenders could be released under the state’s non-revocable parole law that took effect in January 2010.

But in a report released Wednesday, the inspector general says about 1,500 offenders were improperly released, including 450 “who carry a high risk for violence.”

The law was designed for less serious offenders. Under non-revocable parole, offenders don’t report to parole agents and can’t be sent back to prison unless they commit new crimes.

The corrections department disputes the findings and says they are outdated.

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  • Big H

    THat is an interesting fact, but how many of htem actually got back into crime is what you shoul dbe reporting

  • Villaraigosa is a rat!


    Sounds like Arnold Schwartzenegger (However you spell this criminals name) made a phone call like he did for Fabian Nunez’ son.

  • upyours

    “Outdated?” What do the whiny overpaid incompetent prison a$$wipes mean by that, maybe it was 2009 instead?

  • upyours

    There is only one person more stupid than the a$$wipe prison personnel and they got him elected as governor.

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