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Just in time for Fathers’ Day. This summer’s newest fashion accessory for men. The ‘man turban.’ While a traditional headgear of Sikh males, I’m not sure I see the same culturally significant and dramatic look translating to the rest of us.

Nevertheless, fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld has unveiled the man turban at his latest Chanel show. The London Daily Mail points out this is a look that could lead some to question whether the wearer has forgotten to remove the towel, while drying off after a shower.

 A Fashion Prediction About A Mens Trend That Probably Wont Happen

Granted, the model above manages to maintain a manly stare. But when it comes to trying to project manliness,  I think I’d rather just throw on my  baseball cap that says SSN 752 on it, and call it a day.  (Bonus points if you decode the reference.)

Comments (3)
  1. kshocknek says:

    Josh wins : SSN 752, the USS Pasadena, a US Navy Los Angeles-class nuclear attack submarine

    1. Josh says:

      Awesome, what do i win??? lol j/k

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