3 Men Arrested For Allegedly Robbing 2 Boys In Moreno Valley

MORENO VALLEY (CBS) — Three men have been arrested for allegedly robbing 12- and 14-year-old boys, authorities said Tuesday.

Perry Morris III, 20, Lamar Baxter, 19, and Dominique Magee, 18, all of Moreno Valley, were arrested Monday in connection with two robberies that occurred earlier in the day, sheriff’s Sgt. David Lelevier said.

The men, who were responding to a craigslist.com advertisement for an iPod, were arrested on suspicion of robbing the 12-year-old seller, who had agreed to meet them in front of his home.

The second victim, whose cell phone was taken, was reportedly robbed in a shopping center parking lot a short time later.

“He was approached by two male adults who threatened to physically harm him if he did not give them his HTC Evo cell phone,” Lelevier said.

All three were arrested on suspicion of robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery. Baxter’s bail was set at $40,000. Bail amounts for the other two were unavailable.

  • Riffer

    Get a job and buy them yourselves…LOSERS!!! ! Robbing little kids, well aren’t you 3 guys big tough men…Losers!

    • ismael mejia

      yea tell me about it im the one who was robbed. im the 12 year old in this story. im not joking, my friend just called me and told me his dad saw my case online

  • pandora seaton

    My son had his IPhone stolen by a guy he had helped. On Christmas Day. We did not report it.

    • Villaraigosa is a rat!

      @ Pandora Seaton

      Way to empower these spineless creeps!

      Don’t suffer in silence.

  • Gomez

    Should have reported immediately to whoever the carrier is, other wise phone calls will be charged to you!

  • WaLLy

    Lancaster, Moreno Valley, the new Ghettos
    of LA

    • Villaraigosa is a rat!

      @ WaLLy

      That is not LA guy!

      LA is horrible, but please do not involve those two dumpsters within our city or county.

  • Lou

    Moreno valley is AKA east Watts , a black ghetto, 2 young girls murdered there, still unsolved, worse than san bernardino.

    • fred

      You got that right
      More crime occurring in AV(661) and IE(951)

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