I mean, really. My God.

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Ummm…. I don’t…. I don’t understand. For the collector who is just one fine collectible away from having everything, there is Mollie. I quote from the sales flyer: “This orangutan toddler is not a toy. She is a fine collectible to be enjoyed by adult collectors. Fabrics and trims may vary slightly.”

$149 later, (+$30 for shipping) you can have Mollie, right down to the authentic creases ” on the bottoms of her little feet,” delivered to your home. She’s 19″ tall. What to do with Mollie, once she arrives? Hey pal, that’s your business. I will say, however, that apparently she has a monkey sibling named Ollie, who also is delightful. And for sale, separately.

The scariest part to me, is that you can find collectors online (well, at least one that I’ve seen), asking about where they can find Mollie(s) from retailers who will ship overseas.  You mean to tell me the rest of the world knows about this?  Curious species, these humans. 

monkey thinking Seriously, who buys this stuff?


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