Irvine Man Gets 45 Years To Life For Sodomizing 3 Women

SANTA ANA (AP) — An Orange County man has been sentenced to 45 years to life in prison for forcibly sodomizing three women, including two he met through an online dating service.

Joseph Garcia, 51, was sentenced Friday. He was convicted last month of eight felony counts of rape and forcible sodomy.

KNX 1070’s Brian Ping Reports

Prosecutors say that Garcia assaulted two women he met in 2005 and 2006 through the website His profile claimed that he made $200,000 a year and described him as sophisticated, charming and “strikingly handsome.”

Authorities say Garcia met his third victim at a post office where she worked.

Prosecutors say he took the victims on dates that ended with him sexually assaulting the women at his Irvine apartment.

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  • CAB

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  • elena

    omg why assume that he is illegal cause he had a hispanic lastname. Susan ur illegal cause California was Mexico before us army stole, raped the women and took away the land….

  • ozzy

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  • jerky

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    oh wait..are we not catagorizing people?…i’m sorry, I just assumed since your post sorta did the same thing….

    my bad…i’m sure your a good person…obviously not great…but good…

    • jerky


  • karla

    They are waiting for him in prison.

  • jerky

    it’s a good thing he is a millionare….cause he is gonna have to buy a lot of guys a lot of candy bars.

  • guess who

    you are just ignorant ! really u are whats wrong with this country !

  • Diana Mora

    Google up his name, Joseph Raymond Garica, HE LOOKS BLACK, he must be mixed! So take that all you racist playing the race card thing!!!!

    • Io

      Yeah.Didn’t you know about the spics and negros.What are you New to CA?

      • Mike

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  • Joe

    Chocolate candy bars with a creamy filling.

  • PL

    The state should take his savings and distribute to his

  • Ed Rooney

    bummer, 15 years per anus. Harsh.

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