Hours Before ‘Judgment Day’, Preacher Not Parting With $56 Million Fortune

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A California preacher who claims he has deciphered the date of what he calls “Judgment Day” as depicted in the Bible may be waiting for the end of the world on Saturday, but critics are wondering why he hasn’t parted with his ministry’s estimated $56 million fortune.

114155476 Hours Before Judgment Day, Preacher Not Parting With $56 Million Fortune

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Harold Camping, an 89-year-old former civil engineer and founder of the independent Christian broadcast ministry Family Radio Worldwide says that he knows the day and the hour of the return of Jesus Christ: May 21, 2011 at exactly 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

But as KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports, many Christians in the South Bay think actually choosing any day is an insult to the Word of God.

It’s not the first doomsday prediction for Camping: nearly 20 years ago, Camping wrote a book predicting the Rapturethe event prophesied in the Bible when all believing Christians will be “caught up” to meet Jesus in the air — would take place in September 1994.

The vast majority of Christian leaders have denounced Camping’s prediction as blatantly contradicting the warning of Christ that “No man knows the day or the hour” of his return in Matthew 24:36, including Jerry Jenkins, author of the “Left Behind” series that depicts the events surrounding the Rapture.

“I think it’s going to be a complete surprise,” Jenkins told KNX 1070’s Ron Kilgore. “Scripture talks about it happening in the way a thief comes in the night.”

His followers argue that the UC Berkeley graduate has used ministry finances not for personal gain, but to inform the public of God’s imminent judgment.

“What he did was he doled the money out to warn people,” said Jim Groark, a real estate broker from San Diego. “It’s been a very effective campaign.”

Camping’s Family Radio Worldwide holds approximately $34 million in investments, $56 million in assets and $29 million in mortgages, according to IRS records as reported by the New York Times.

A spokesman for the ministry would not confirm actual figures for the budget, but did say it amounted to “tens of millions” of dollars.

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  • Not a Moron

    All tax Free money. How about we settle the deficit by taxing religions? Think of the improvements we could make to schools, roads, emergency services, law enforcement if jokers like this had to pay their fair share. I know, I know, separation of church and state. But when these money-grubbing religions overstep their ‘religious’ bounds by becoming political (e.g. Mormon and Catholic churches influencing Prop 8 votes), the IRS should swoop down and take away their tax-exempt status.

    • Poopedonurface

      I beleive religion and state should always be seperate BUT just like every other business/person – IF MONEY is coming in and out it should be taxed. It’s just as much of a business as everything else… they sell necklaces/bibles/clothing with spiritual emblems.. INSANE.. how is this wacko is getting away with this??/ This should be considered FRAUD if the world doesn’t end on Saturday.

    • Marcus

      Yes, the separation of church and state and the taxation of churches are two entirely separate issues. When churches become big businesses, they need to be taxed.

    • roger white

      Actually, separation of church and state doesn’t apply here. This is not a church, it is a cult.

      • Jon Olson

        I remember the cult “Heaven’s Gate”

        As Perry White would yell at the Daily Planet Newspaper,

        “Great Cears’s Ghost” “Lois, Clark, Jimmy….get in here now.”

  • Freethinker

    Can I have all your money. we that are going to be left behind still need to pay off some bills. Ill give it back if you are off by a century or 2.
    Thankfully you were wrong before cause I never got the word.

  • California will be part of Mexico by 2025

    I wonder what these Doomsday predictors do when the day comes & goes & nothing ever happens.

    • knocturnal_guy

      And we steal the Red Man’s brain cells with alcohol.

      • Jamier

        and us black fellas steal all your white women… and bicycles, too.

    • nadoman

      It was a part of Mexico until the greedy Easterners started a war of ” independence” in 1846. It maybe time to return to that quite life style. It may even be better to return to a time when the native people were the caretakers of this desert. By the way what do all of the predjudical comments have to do with a doomsday prediction.

      • DL

        As a Native American descendant, I was raised with this view. The Brown Man stole the land first. Then the White Man came and stole it from the Brown Man. In the end the Red Man gets the last laugh, because he steals the White Man and Brown Mans Money with our casinos…. Justice slowly being served….

  • FTBroadnax

    His followers in this articles’s picture will feel quite foolish come tomorrow 6:01PM PST when the world is still here and they have egg on their face for believing the words of a ranting maniac. Hahaha!

  • California is Already 70% Mexico

    Freedom of Speech is Okay but whatever he is predicting don’t bother me but as long as it’s not like past Religious Cult Leaders who forced their members to commit mass suicides.


    At 89, there’s not much time left on his side but to make predictions.

    Everyday’s a struggle from getting up to cleaning his dentures to eating Oatmeal..etc..

    You’re limited to what you can do at 89, noh?


      I can’t stop laughing at this comment! Hilarious….lol

  • Mario Rosales

    if the Son of God , Jesus Christ, was not told by His Father, Why would this preacher be told? if it was coded into scripture, then why wouldnt Jesus know about it? when His father The Holy Spirit wrote all scripture Himself? this is why Jesus said, you will hear rumors that i am here and there or on top of a mountain ” His suggestions ” run the other way” because when I come back, you will not need to be told “

    • noneoff

      Man not god wrote the bible. And do you believe in the Old Testament or the new. Regardless of which you believe in, nothing was written about Jesus until many years after his death, so how could he possible know anything that was written in the bible.

    • Judy Monroe


  • Ready To Go

    I believe in the Word of God and the Rapture, which could happen at any moment, but we’re not supposed to know when. If we did, our human nature would be to live “up to the minute” and then straighten out right at the last. It would be great if the Rapture did happen tomorrow, and wouldn’t it be interesting if this man and his trusting flock were left behind?

    • Tracey Eland Delargy

      Already the excuses come in…..because realizing that you are left on earth the day after the rapture would mean you werent chosen to enter heaven. Search for truth, not fables or myth.

    • Erinn Lucas

      They who replied to you comment, missed your point. What I got from your statement was that, this guy and his “flock” would make it to The Big Happy Place in the Sky. Meaning, these people who think they are going to go to heaven if this Rapture occurs; will more than likely be the ones left behind to perish with the earth and go to hell. When they realize that they aren’t going to The Big Happy Place in the Sky, what will they be saying then? How will they believe then? What will they do when they realize they are the sinners?

      I hope that is what you meant and if so, I for one would love to be there just to see their faces. But since I do not believe in Rapture, Hell, Heaven or God, I don’t think I will be getting my wish anytime soon. I will probably be attacked by other commentator’s for not believing in god which will only underline the point.

  • Big H

    There has to be a reason for God to come back, he is not going to just pay a visit! The mark, the beast, evil winning over man kind, the temple, then he will come to judge the quick and the dead and rid of us of evil

    • OCSkeptic

      Less than 1/3 of people on earth buy into that ridiculous story, keep your hair-shirt on. Maybe if the message Jesus brought us was important enough to actually write it down Himself He’d have more sheep!

  • Clos

    Instead of Helping people with that 56 million, He decided to let them think the world will end, Im tired of these Religoius Preachers and Ministers fooling people raping kids. If Judgement does come they will be the first to burn.

    • noneoff

      AMEN to that!!!

      • nathaniel capp

        it is a scam

  • Bob

    Ah, that explains it! He is a Berkeley grad. Too much pot smoking in his early days.

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  • adolfo

    Another waste of time. Every time someone makes one of these predictions it does not come to pass, if it did, we would not be here today. No one knows and that is all there is to it!

  • dave


    • OCSkeptic

      Just in case it’s just another falsehood in human history’s long, long line of archaic mythologies I’m just gonna keep on sinning- woohoo!

  • BD McGee

    Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

  • alan hart

    Man created god, not the other way around. Man can not accept death so he invents fairy tales to make the inevitable acceptable. The weak minded always need someone to tell them how to think.

  • JJ

    Is there not a law against some one yelling, “Fire in a Theater”. If Camping said that this falls under the 1st amendment right of freedom of speech. I would say Camping dose not have the wright to causing a panic. And I hope that the State Attornay’s Office will look into this matter. Being this is Camping second time doing this. I hope you will no longer give this man a forum for his, “Fire in a Theater” Speech for a news filler storie.

  • Ed Rooney

    I would hang out with the group in the photo, but would need a drink.
    I usually like a beer with my nuts.

  • cArL

    California will be part of Mexico by 2025

    I wonder what these Doomsday predictors do when the day comes & goes & nothing ever happens.

    May 20, 2011 at 9:09 am | Reply | Report comment

    That’s would more possible that somebody knows the day or hour that Jesus returns.

  • Ron -> www.diaryofanatheist.blogspot.com

    I’ve been asking people for years to take my ‘Revelation Challenge’. Still no takers. These nutjobs are more interetested in gossiping about the end of the world than actually betting on it.

    • Neil L. Sachs

      – or bettering it ! !


    how do you keep an idiot in suspens?…….tell you tomorrow !!!!!

  • veronica

    I always say.Live every day as it is your last.And stop scaring people,THE WORLD IS NOT ENDING.Crazy people.

  • knocturnal_guy

    Damn, that means I don’t get to see The Hangover 2 next weekend :-(

  • HllyWD Rpt

    I bet The Sperminator , Arnie is sure glad, wonder if I can have his Bentley.

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