LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A warning light forced a Los Angeles police helicopter to make an emergency landing on a soccer field near the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Wednesday.

The chopper landed safely about 1:30 p.m. near Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Menlo Avenue, Los Angeles police Sgt. Carlton Brown said.

A similar incident happened Sunday. A warning light in the cockpit of another police helicopter with two officers aboard prompted the pilot to make a precautionary landing in a Home Depot parking lot about 2 a.m. That chopper landed near Western and Slauson avenues.

The LAPD requires pilots to land and have the helicopter checked out whenever a warning light comes on, Sgt. Mike Daily of the Air Support Division said.

Air Support Division Officer Sandra Villa said a mechanic was en route to the soccer field from Van Nuys. If the helicopter cannot be fixed at the scene, it will be put on a flatbed truck and taken in for repairs.

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Comments (8)
  1. California will be part of Mexico by 2025 says:

    The LAPD laying off their experience mechanics or what?

    The other day they landed at a Walmart parking lot, today at a field.

  2. Dave says:

    And if the helicopter cannot be removed from the field, it will make for some interesting soccer!

  3. Regg says:

    Why is this news?

  4. Stan says:

    A chip light. No big deal.

  5. mitzi says:

    it would only be news if the chopper had crashed

  6. brown pride says:

    it would of been some great news if the helicopter would of crashed and officer UTOPIA from newton division would of been on it and would of died burned alive.

  7. Mark says:

    Yeah no big deal Stan until you ignore the chip light and have a major failure of the tailrotor or mainrotor transmission, the warning lights are there for a reason and the POH says that the aircraft should land as soon a practically safe to do so and check the component. Most of the time there is not a problem but the one time you deviate from the standard operating procedure your going to burn. Whats up with brown pride so much hate, you know talking like that the probability is that officer UTOPIA’s helicopter would probably fall on your house or someone you love and they would all burn up, so lets not hate so much.

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