COSTA MESA (AP) — The Costa Mesa Employees Association has filed a complaint with an Orange County Superior Court judge in an attempt to stop the possible layoffs of more than 100 city employees.

The union announced its action Monday. It is asking for a restraining order against the city and long-term injunctive relief.

The association contends that the city’s action to outsource the jobs is against state law and violates an agreement between the city and the employee association.

City spokesman Bill Lobdell told the Orange County Register the city hadn’t received a copy of the complaint.

More than 40 new layoff notices were issued last week.

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Comments (5)
  1. Talega says:

    Why should city employees take an elitist position when thousands of non-government employees are losing their jobs? Perhaps if they experience the angst that 20% of California’s workers feel, they might wind up doing a better job.

  2. upyours says:

    Where’s that slimy greaser union leader Berardino been? Must be hard to run his sh!t talk when he’s pulling in well over $200,000/year.

  3. alan hart says:

    City, county and state jobs should all be outsourced. There is no reason any of these entities should have employees.

  4. ginny says:

    If the City followed all contract requirements, that may exist, when issuing the layoff notices then why should there be any way that the union could call upon the courts to stop them from happening? Cities, states are broke, there comes a point when even union workers have to face the cold hard fact that their jobs aren’t any safer then the non-union workers.

    1. Ron says:

      Ginny, it’s a fact of CALIFORNIA life. If the UNION can’t IMPOSE their will on every governmental agency, grocery store, trash haulers, construction company, etc., etc., etc., then they take it to the courts, where the judges are already in their pockets.

      JUST remember at election time, DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY DEMOCRATS, unless you like what the UNIONS are DOING to YOU. DEMOCRATS = UNIONS = CORRUPTION = HIGHER TAXES(in order to support their PENSIONS, their union JOBS(while you are unemployed).

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