INGLEWOOD (CBS/AP) — Police say M-Bone of the Southern California rap group Cali Swag District has been killed in a drive-by shooting while sitting in a car outside an Inglewood liquor store.
The call came in at about 10:30 p.m. Sunday, said Lt. Michael Marshall of the Inglewood Police Department.
montae talbert Rapper M Bone Of Cali Swag District Killed In Inglewood Drive By

(credit: Charley Gallay/ Getty Images)

Authorities say “M-Bone”, 22, whose real name is Monte Talbert, was killed in the 400 block of north La Brea Avenue. Police say Talbert was shot twice in the head and was rushed to Harbor UCLA Medical Center’s trauma center where he was pronounced dead.

Talbert’s group, Cali Swag District, rose to popularity with their hit song, “Teach Me How To Dougie,” which reached number one on the Billboard Hot Seekers list. Talbert was from Inglewood.

cali swag district Rapper M Bone Of Cali Swag District Killed In Inglewood Drive By

(credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Police said the suspects fled the scene. Officials don’t know if the shooting is gang-related.

“Cali Swag District member Mante “M-Bone”Talbert was the victim of a random act of violence last night, Sunday, May 15th in his hometown of Inglewood, CA. As police are still investigating the shooting and untimely death we ask that anyone with information contact the Inglewood Police Department. Mante, aged 22, was the comedic entertainer of Cali Swag District (who helped launch “The Dougie” to mainstream audiences) and was an inspiration to his family, friends and fans. He was a hardworking, passionate artist and dancer that will be deeply missed,” Cali Swag Dsitrict’s management said in a statement Monday.

Anyone with information is urged to call Inglewood police detectives at (310) 412-5240.

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Comments (89)
  1. Anthonyd Smith says:


  2. Senator says:

    Why wasn’t he taken to Cedar Sinai….Why all the way to Harbor, UCLA ?

    1. Saber 1 says:

      Because when your broke and no insurance, county hospital all the way.

    2. ana says:

      Harbor UCLA is the best County Hospital for head/brain injury… The Neuro-surgeon TEAM are the best in the Nation….

  3. Marco says:

    Actually Harbor is probably better equipped to handle that type of trauma.

    Don’t jump the gun with judgements yet.

  4. armandol says:

    you can take theboy out the hood but you cant take the hood out the homeboy

    1. Cali Love says:

      How do you know he was a hoodlum some rappers that come from the hood are just trying to make something out of themselves doing what they love. People kill me with the negative talk but let it be aomeone in your family and see how those thought suddenly change.

  5. Vanessa B. L.A. Baby says:

    My prayers go out to his family and friends….we need to end the violence and unite as a Nation. Stop the Violence Increase the Peace. R.I.P. Montae

  6. Hllyrpt says:

    Oh well come with the territory with these gangatra rappers or hip-hop groups.

    1. Cali Love says:

      How do you know he was a gangsta dont believe everything that you hear on the radio people are not what they rap about they jsut say what people want to hear to get paid and make it from where they from. You realy sound like an idiot because this was a young man and dont know what the future could have had in store for him I hardly call a song about a dance gangsta rap.

    2. tevin r. says:

      yeah thats really foul of you to say that you do not know if he was a gansta or not you dont know him and you shouldnt judge a book by its cover teach me how to dougie wasnt even a song about gang violence it was a dancing song so how can you judge him by the way he dressed?? R.i.p montae

  7. Ms. Dougie says:

    Just because someone raps or is in a hip hop group does not give someone else the ok to shoot them. I hope the stupid idiot that shot him is found and charged to the fullest. RIP M-Bone. You’re going down in history in my books.

  8. Cali Love says:

    this is someone one son you are talking about, a young man at that you dont know what kind of life he lived all you know is what you see on tv and that’s nothing beyond a video. This was a young man tryng to make it so if you have nothing positve to say then shut up

    1. Alan C Rhine says:


    2. Alan C Rhine says:


    3. Loved says:


      1. Trish says:

        well said, may his soul rest in peace!!

    4. Roys moms lover says:

      Thug life is a short life

  9. TT says:

    obviously you are either under the age of 20, have no children – or just have no regard for human life whatsoever… this was someones CHILD – just starting his life, i dont know if he already had a family, but never got to see what the rest of it would bring – that was a pathetic comment.. – shame on you jim

    1. sasa1973 says:

      Shame on you JIMMY!!!!!!! I just feel if people don’t have anything positive to say don’t say anything at all!! Someone just had their son taking from them from some non sense!!! Just remember if you have kids or someone you love they can be taken away from you just like this. Be respectful of the family’s feeling. Truth do us a favor and keep your incoinsiderate comment to yourself

  10. Drea says:

    Such ignorance in these comments. Cali Swag District is about as far away from “gangster rap” as you can get. They’re apart of a burgeoning group of West Coast rappers aiming to make hip hop fun and more inclusive. I’m not a huge fan but I appreciate that my students are singing this music more than something more detrimental. I don’t ask that everyone educate themselves on hip hop but if you don’t know anything about the music you should probably reserve judgments before commenting on a young man who lost his life in such a tragic manner.

    1. Cali No More Swag says:

      And I quote from the song Teach me how to Dougie.


      Sounds like they are making hip hop more fun and inclusive. Good job!

      1. tevin r. says:

        ok yes but they also made a good version older fans do not just want to listen to non-cussing music some fans like music with cussing its making music for the fans and what they want to hear … im sure you curse on a daily basis does that make you a bad person.. or does it make it right for you to be shot and killed??

  11. Tracy says:

    I actually knew Montae he was a pretty good kid who liked to dance. Montae was raised by his grandmother who talked highly of this you man. Please save the negative comments if you did not know Montae don’t pass judgement you are not god only god can judge us. R.I.P Montae

  12. white and proud says:

    if you dont want to play the part, dont dress the part and dont hang out in the wrong parts. simple.

    1. Cali Love says:

      I hope that you keep that same comment if somethig happens to a family memeber of yours. Innoccent people get killed daily for being in the wrong place at the wrong time so be crefully what you say because it can very easily happen to you. Bullets dont have names on them

      1. cali truth says:

        apparently they do, and his name was m-bone. why was nobody else injured? you complain about other peoples ignorance, however it is you that wishes to hold the veil over truth.

      2. ignorance-isnt-bliss says:

        maybe because no one else was in the car? why am i responding to stupidity?

    2. VonB says:

      Oh, I can see how you are so right in your thinking; because every murder that has happened in this city happened in this neighborhood! You are brilliant!

  13. bone thug says:

    sux that he died, i lost a good customer. FACT. m-bone loved him some Tina

    1. Cali Love says:

      try a comment like rest in peace or prays for his family dont be ignorant with your comments.

      1. DMAN says:

        Cali you are the crazy one, if you continue to battle ignorance with logic. The people that post here, are to scared to do it public without the assistance of spell checc!

  14. timmy says:

    in agreement with jimmy

    1. Cali Love says:

      @Timmy if you agree with him then abviously you share the same ignorance

    2. timmy says:

      @Cali Love. you must be black. you use the word “ignorance” yet you fail to understand the meaning of the word. ironic.

    3. Just sayin says:

      timmy = jimmy hhmmm just sayin probably the same person. And I agree that you should keep the negative comments to yourself out of respect for his family. His lifestyle was clearly not the same as yours… or mine for that matter…My thoughts are with his family. Murder is still murder and it is wrong.

    4. DMAN says:

      Hello Timothy, I’m Black and I think I have a pretty good grip on the word ironic, or its root irony. Let me try. Isn’t it Ironic, that a particular race, while viewing articles on a wide array of topics, feels the undying impulse to say the most ignorant statements when the story’s content involves any race with more melanocytes; all the while, claiming to be “educated” and “civilized”?

    5. timmy says:

      i’ve got a dictionary and thesaurus too

    6. DMAN says:

      I don’t doubt it Timmy..You clearly used them earlier..

  15. rjsmitty says:

    Teach me some dirty

  16. BD McGee says:

    BFD- another brother gone- who cares?
    Rappers are just felons with a big paycheck.

    Buh bye

    1. ignorance-isnt-bliss says:

      dumb ass. i was prepared to write something profound, but why? not like youre smart enough to understand it anywayz…

      1. BD McGee says:

        I’m amazed you could spell “profound” boy, your momma help you write dat, yo?

  17. SNOOP DOOGIE says:

    Compton, Long Beach, you know where it’s at..

    Inglewood, Inglewood, ..up to no good..

  18. TD says:

    everyone is entitled to their own opinion and because u disagree is not for you to say how someone else should comment.

  19. TIEA says:

    @ Cali Love, I’m glad not everybody in this world is as insane as Mr. Jimmy and Mr. Timmy!!!!! What the hell is wrong with people now a days????? A person dies and before his family can grieve, you have foolish people making foolish statements. How sad, this is what the human soul has been busted down to. If for whatever reason, God see’s fit to let something soooooo painful happen to one of their loved ones……I wonder how much sympathy and or empathy will they require? I wonder how many times will they cry unto the Lord “WHY LORD WHY”? I wonder how will they want their loved one to be remembered? Oh yeah, @ timmy boy….WHAT THE HELL DOES “YOU MUST BE BLACK” SUPPOSED TO MEAN???? ONLY THAT YOUR VERY RACIST BY YOUR COMMENT AND YOU SIR PROBABLY STILL LIVE AT HOME WITH MOMMA, OR ALONE!!!! GET REAL BUDDY THIS IS 2011, OBAMA HAS BEEN ELECTED YEARS AGO AND BIN LADDIN IS DEAD……WHAT CENTURY DO U LIVE IN?????

    1. ignorance-isnt-bliss says:


  20. TD says:

    peope can say what they want. just say ur peace and be done with it.

  21. adolfo says:

    He was a Blood and got killed by Crips

    1. TIEA says:

      Does that mean something???? We all are part of something that has an enemy….so I was a little lost by the statement. Does the fact of him being a Blood mean he doesn’t deserve the chance to GROW UP AND OUT of the GAME???? For all the rappers, singers, actors, police officers, judges, city council members, activist (any kind) and more than 85% of the WORLD can say, that they too was in or hung around some sort of GANG AND OR GANG MEMBER. I don’t mean any disrespect to you personally, you just made a point I’m sure plenty of people will comment on.

      1. tevin r. says:

        I understand i do not not know if he was actually a gang banger my self because i dont go off of what others say but i get it if he was he shouldnt have been around there but we all make mistakes you do not know what he was doing out there, so you dont know if he should have been out there or not what if one of his family memebers were going to pass away and he wanted to just go visit her for her/his last days?? isnt that a reason to be out there?? yes soo you do not know if he should have been out there or not !

    2. DMAN says:

      Is this the Adolfo from lmao

  22. bendex says:

    yes he was a bloodgang banger, in inglewood california. he should have gotten out of inglewood. becouse he was on his way out. with his ticket to become some life. I was 22 yr old I left inglewood in 1989 I rolled with the raymond crips . man I,am 45 yr old now. dooing ok. so if you can try to leave inglewood. you can do better elsewere.

    1. TIEA says:

      That sounds like sound advice to our youth, through the truth. I too chose to leave my hood (PASADENA DLB), not because I wasn’t down…but knew i was on my way DOWN. Sometimes it’s hard, but we need more O.G.’S who got out, to keep it real with the kids about getting out and when is the best time. It’s terrible that some feel it’s better to die young for the hood, instead of living long enough to take care of the hood and the people in it. I thank you for your truth.

  23. bangindman indabutt says:

    it is truly amazing to see how blind all these people are. ITS QUITE POSSIBLE THAT HE WAS INVOLVED IN THINGS HE SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN INVOLVED IN.

  24. Cali No More Swag says:

    Just a thought people. If you don’t want to get shot in a drive by shooting, don’t head out to a liquor store at 10:30pm at night in the middle of Inglewood. Milk and Eggs can wait till the morning. Most gangsters I know are sleeping at 8am, so you should feel quite safe. As for people who are saying “this is someones child” yes he is but guess what? He’s an adult and he makes his own decisions. Unfortunately he made an awful one by going to a liquor store that night. Life goes on, deal with it.

  25. thereal says:

    lets face it he didn’t do anything positive

    1. Cali No More Swag says:

      @thereal I agree with you. With his “Hip Hop” influence, he should have strived to make the streets a better place instead who knows what he was doing at a liquor store at 10:30pm at night, liquor, drugs, gang banging. Good things don’t happen on the streets at night, I’m sure anyone here can agree on that.

      1. tevin r. says:

        he was in the hip hop game for a year he was barely getting started with his career how can you expect him to make all the big moves i know one thing he contributed too jerking which helps kids because instead of going out and commiting violence they were dougliing to teach me how to dougiee !

    2. The Real Deal says:

      Wow, hopefully you’ll never have to experience what this young man’s family and friends are going through right now. If you do, I hope random people on the internet don’t berate his/her memory out of sheer ignorance. Odds are that someone from your family will die anonymously, without touching a fraction of the people “Cali Swag” did with their “Dougie” song. That song made people dance and smile., You on the other hand seem deprived from joy. Thats the real..

    3. Heather Lynn says:

      he teached me how to dougie… jimmy and timmy go hide behind ur big screen tv’s while u watch NASCAR… m-bone. RIP

  26. cindy says:

    the crime needs to stop & we miss you r.i.p

  27. greg says:

    Oh well, I’m sure there will be 8 other brothers ready to take his place, just need bad skin, a gold toof, the ability to scream B*tch and N*gga and Ho and you get an album deal, and oh yeah, pants 3 sizes too big

    1. tevin r. says:

      damn ur racist noo comment on that note thats hella foul !

    2. NON OF UR BUISNESS says:


  28. just me says:

    The truth is from the way a person carry themselves can possibly attract the wrong type of people or attention the same way a prostitute would to someone with a well paid job and a flashy car people kill because of hatred envy jealousy some do it to feel bigger than the world they live in it doesn’t make it right but any human life should be respected no matter what there walk through life was like for those that speak so negatively about someone they never had an opportunity to meet I pray for you because you may not gang bang doesn’t actually mean that you lead your life according to his word God is a forgiving God no matter who you are some people need to have a little compassion and respect for the dead and for the family who mourns the dead

  29. Bug says:

    Well that’s sad he was an awesome guy I live the song teach me how to dougie dougie

  30. Who Cares says:

    Whatever. Everyone wants to be a gangster until they get whacked.

    1. kristyyy says:

      yep thats right,

  31. j says:

    @jiimmy your such a stupid man!

  32. Jesus in Me says:

    Everyone remember this:
    “For God so Loved the World that he gave his only begotten son. (JESUS) That whosoever shall believe in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.”

    God is real. The Holy Ghost is real. Death is Real. Jesus is the answer. He overcame death so that we can have life eternal. We will all die one day. But the question is for us all? Where will you spend eternity?

    Except Jesus Christ as your lord and savior. Repent now, for the kingdom of god is at hand.

    God bless the soul of MONTAE. (M-Bone)

    1. James says:

      Go away, Jesus Freak. Thump your Bible elsewhere — maybe on South La Brea at 10:30 P.M.

      1. Jessica Sands says:

        That’s horrible that you would say that! Wow, get a life!

    2. Ashley says:

      yes, but you have to have the holy ghost.and be baptized in Jesus name to make it to Heaven. This man wasn’t. He chose the wrong life to live. Right about now, he would definately change it if he could.

      1. James says:

        Shut up, Jesus Freak #2.

      2. USArmyOverLord says:

        How do you know that he did not know God. Did the thief on the cross get baptized? Romans 10:9 is all you need to get to heaven. Unless you are the one at the gates of Heaven, how do you know who is getting in or not.?

    3. mexigogue says:

      Jesus might have been cool and all but anybody coming out of the ground after three days is getting the back end of a shovel. Down with zombies!!!

  33. Lillith says:

    If someone chooses to be a part of a gang they have to expect this as an end result.

  34. kristyyy says:

    You are right. yes, it was someones kid, but he chose that life. Maybe these people who are disagreeing with you, need to stop being ignorant THEMSELVES and look at it as, he was on this earth for a purpose. And definately didn’t live it for God.

  35. Shocked says:

    The fact that you guys are being so RACIST and IGNORANT astounds me. None of you knew him, you didnt know what his lifestyle was. Every rapper is not the same. You cant say that he was a gang banger because he was a rapper. He wasnt a gang banger, he was all into his music. And for you guys to pass judgement and say such mean things about him, while some family, and a bunch of friends just lost someone that they love, is really a damn shame. You guys need prayer. Bless your hearts.

    RIP M-Bone

  36. L says:

    To all of you preaching that he is somebodies son and to respect his life choices-would you be saying the same thing if a Police Officer got shot and killed in the line of duty? Ya, didnt think so. Hypocrites.

  37. orson welles says:

    you know when someone says “oh my god, this song is so horrible, i wish i could go back in time and shoot the person that made this song!”. well it looks like somebody finally made a time machine.

  38. Al says:

    Good career move! It’ll triple his sales. Rap uses violence as a sales pitch. So, you got what you peddle to everyone else. ENJOY!

  39. Jonathan Dark says:

    i’m a dj, teach me to dougie is a great song that goes over very well at my shows, i don’t know if this individual is a cop killer rapper but the dougie isn’t that kind of song, i feel bad for the kid and his family, he had a good future in music if he could have kept dougie kind of songs coming, god bless him…

  40. USArmyOverLord says:

    What a tragic end to a promising career. It a shame that people are still so quick to shoot someone. RIP.

  41. hkdppl says:

    you can take the nig outta the streets, but you can’t take the streets outta the nig. Simple as that.

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