LAS VEGAS (AP) — After 45 years, Jerry Lewis is retiring as host of the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Labor Day telethon.

The 85-year-old comedian and Las Vegas resident issued a statement Monday through the Tucson, Ariz.-based Muscular Dystrophy Association calling it time for a “new telethon era.”

He says he’ll make his final appearance on the six-hour primetime telethon Sept. 4 by performing his song “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

Lewis says he’ll continue as the association’s national chairman, a role he’s held since the early 1950s.

Lewis’ first Labor Day weekend telethon in 1966 was broadcast by a single New York City television station and raised more than $1 million.

Last year’s Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon raised almost $59 million to fund research to find a cure for muscular dystrophy and ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

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  1. Dennis says:

    He is and was a great spokeman and fund raiser but his retirement is about 10yrs to late.

    1. Martin says:

      That’s exactly what Dennis means.

      Dennis just wait until you’ve got a few more years to you. Then you won’t be so willing to write off good people going out of their way to help others.

      1. Len says:

        Didn’t help is first wife.

    2. Lute says:

      Wow. That was amazing how you read Dennis’ mind. Now for your next trick guess what finger I am holding up.

    3. Mike in SC says:

      Dennis, thank you for sharing your OPINION. I’m sorry some people have grown accustomed to attacking people for voicing their thoughts. I suppose the anonymity of the Web gives some people a little extra bravado I stopped watching and volunteering at the tel-a-thons years ago. I appreciate the tremendous good the MDA accomplishes, but I got tired of the very strange “pat-yourself-on-the-back” culture that pervades the MDA. They will continue to do wonderful things without me or JL. (get ready for the hate….)

    4. RonnieReagan says:

      Please ignore Lute. He’s too ignorant to have any hope at understanding Jerry’s contribution to sick children and their families across our nation.

      1. Lute says:

        Wow. You just read my mind now. Amazing!

    5. SourPuss says:

      OMG!! Who gives a s#!t? Try to read what the user is saying instead of playing spelling cop you @$$.

    6. sistaelle says:

      You’re just p.o’d cause in 100 lifeitmes you’ll never approach the magnitude of great charitable works that Mr Lewis has. Thanks for working so tirelessly Jerry. You’ll be missed.

    7. Gene says:

      Wow, a guy raises hundreds of millions of dollars over 45 years
      time, and THIS is the thanks you give him?

      Come on, don’t hold back. Tell us how you REALLY feel.

    8. nomatter says:

      If anyone knows Jeff and can get to him please remove all sharp objects from his proximity, make sure his helmet is on and double the padding on the walls in his room.

    9. Tomas says:


      About 75% of all celebrities are “foul-tempered narcisists [sic].”

      The left is notoriously skimpy when it comes to giving of their resources to help needy people. Jerry puts his money where his mouth is. For that – and for his tireless work behind the scenes with MDA as national chairman – he is to roundly commended.

    10. Jeff says:

      I think theres a place in hell waiting for you. And thats from this Jeff.

    11. SABU TAGE says:

      age discrimination!


      1. Debbie Kipp says:

        I agree with you I have watched the telethon for as long as I can remember I even took donations as I was growing up,and as an adult contunie to donate,The only telethon I ever watched Love you Jerry you will be missed

    12. Dakota says:

      WHAT ARE THE ODDS – that Lou Gehrig suffered from Lou Gehrig’s Disease?

    13. sharon from Ontario, Canada says:

      sorry Dennis but Mr. Lewis’s retirement is not 10 years to late.

      Mr. Lewis is an ICON….he is truly a generous, caring individual! He has put his own family and more recently his health issues aside for the kids and the annual telethon.

      He is a man of honor, integrity and he will be missed but his continued desire and drive to find cures of MD will never go away.

      Kudo’s Mr. Jerry Lewis for your endless laughter and devotion – you are and always will be a hero to me sir.

      Canadian viewer!

    14. Rocky says:

      Simply stated; GOD BLESS you Jerry Lewis. Your tieless effort and relentless work has done more than anyone in recent history to aid those afflicted with a horrendous disease. As you retire understand that many pray for you and that your work will continue. I hope you are able to appear on the 50th telethon if only as a guest host to receive the acclaim that you deserve. Again may God Bless you as you have surely blessed those children your work touched over the decades.

      1. beth ryker says:

        dear jerry i agree you true god send to the mda kids and there family.i have watch the mda teleton as i can remmer you be miss have always made laugh and cry.i never sene in one who cares so deaply about your mda children you are truely a great person. i hope you try to rest more and injoy being home with wife and daughter in joy me home with your family and let them take of you. you deseve the best.hope make guest vist on the show once in while. god bless!

    15. Kim says:

      He’s a guy who doubtless means well, but (unfortunately) what will stick most with me about his association with the telethon is his unfortunate choice of song; singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” to kids too young to see the metaphor in that (and its inappropriateness to the situation regardless of listener age) *every year* at the END of the telethon was a sure way to go out on an incredibly bad note. Just, yuck.

      1. alan says:

        I hope you are kidding otherwise you are an idiot

    16. Greg in Washington DC says:

      He has never received a Kennedy Center Honor nor the Mark Twain Award nor even an award from a US President such as the medal of Freedom. He has given so much and has never asked for anything in return except a donation to his kids. It’s about time that President Obama and the Kennedy Center Board wake up and honor this man for his efforts and talent through out his life. The French as least did.

  2. Keith says:

    Jerry IS the telethon!!!!

  3. HumbleGenius says:

    In other news, Jerry Lewis is still alive.

    1. harper1 says:

      I thought he died

    2. Gene says:

      You’re not humble and you’re certainly not a genius.

  4. BigBoa says:

    Stop knocking him. The guy has given tirelessly to this cause. No doubt more than any of you have ever given to anything or anyone but yourselves. So just knock it off.

    1. MikeG says:

      Man, they slander and mock Mother Theresa, so they’ll surely mock Jerry – free speech is wonderful! Too bad we have to put up with the haters and ungrateful creeps. Thank you so much Jerry. We love you.

  5. Michael Libman says:

    Jerry Lewis = mensch!

  6. Crenshaw says:

    That’ll be the most watched telethon in years.

  7. Pat Nash says:

    With all due respect to every foundation or research board. How do we know that the only thing they have discovered is many, many, millions of dollars will roll in to them whether they find cures or not?

  8. Frederick says:

    Thank you Jerry!

    You are a “Man” in the finest sense of the word.

    Because of your love and dedication to this cause you have made the world a better place.

    PS, I absolutely loved all your movies when I was a kid. In fact, I think I will watch some again. You’re the best!

  9. stephen g says:

    Thank you Jerry. You are a good man.

  10. Frederick says:

    A lot of good has been done and a cure is in sight for some types of MD. Members of my family are afflicted by Muscular Dystrophy and the funding Jerry’s Telethon has raised has been very helpful in making their lives better.

    Bravo Jerry!

  11. Raymond B. says:

    Jerry Lewis has given back much more to society than he has taken = Winner!

    Thanks for all your hard work Mr. Lewis.

    1. Dahnoo says:

      Great comment – this hits it right on!

    2. Brenda says:

      When a cure does come I’m sure he will get NO CREDIT from the Big Wigs!!! So Unfair. Jerry devoted his life to this now they discard him as trash!

  12. Jim Steckel says:

    May God forever bless this giant of a man. He did so much for so many, especially in this endeavor, that he will always be considered their main benefactor.

    Let’s hope that he can have a long, comfortable and thoroughly enjoyable retirement.

    1. Deb says:

      Deb Blond;Have Always Truly Enjoyed watching & listening to,Jery Lewis, &,Labor Day Telethon!!!My Friendly suggestion to you,Jerry;Please cut off your swearing,Dear Man!I’ve heard you Cleanly speak,&,you do wonderful!HAVE A REAL MAGNIFICENT RETIREMENT,JERRY!!!GOD BLESS YOU FOREVER!!!Mon. May 30/11.

  13. Tex says:

    WE’ve also spent billions of dollars on the war on poverty with no results. lets end that as well.



  15. bill h says:

    wow, I can understand someone not liking jerry but some of the remarks are off the charts. As someone who came from the same neighborhood I like jerry and am proud of his ceaseless support of this disease. labor day will not be the same

  16. Pete says:

    Where has all the money raised gone?
    I have friends with MS and it’s still going strong!

    1. G Kenson says:

      It only mentions muscular dystrophy and ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease. Did the article fail to include MS?

    2. awm says:

      Point is, all of these years and all of that money and still no cure. Because they don’t want to find a cure. It is too much of a cash cow. They find a cure, they are out of a job. That is a fact of research.

    3. RonnieReagan says:

      As the father of a little girl with neurological issues (though not MD) who has and is living through the nightmare of trying to help our daughter, I take issue with the thought that they are quelching a possible cure. Many of the professionals we deal with would literally trip overthemselves to be “THE ONE” to figure out how to “cure” or rationally address this disease.

    4. LSB says:

      this is the telethon for MD not MS so I guess thats where the money goes… jeez

  17. Alan Reiter says:

    God bless Jerry Lewis.

  18. Ruth says:

    I have watched Jerry do the Telethon for many, many years. God Bless him and I wish him well. “Job Well done Jerry”.

  19. Ruth says:

    These people who make the rude remarks probably wouldn’t get of their arse to help anyone. Jerry put his whole life into trying to help these kids. so, If you don’t volunteer your time to help others, Shut Up!!

    1. truth says:

      i have MD and i can tell you JERRY IS A CROOK as is the foundation all they do is fund then selfs not much of the money goes to look for a cure

      1. Consequences says:

        …if you have MD, then Harry Truman was a Hottentot…

      2. Well Seasoned says: gives MDA a two-star (out of four) rating.

        Organizational Efficiency
        Program Expenses 77.1%
        Administrative Expenses 7.9%
        Fundraising Expenses 14.8%
        Fundraising Efficiency $0.16

        and compares it (the numbers are scores) to these organizations:

        Muscular Dystrophy Association – AZ 42.60 (2 stars)
        Can Do Multiple Sclerosis – CO 55.31 (3 stars)
        American Academy of Neurology Foundation – MN 59.67 (3 stars)
        Hunter’s Hope Foundation – NY 60.32 (4 stars)
        Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance – PA 66.06 (4 stars)

  20. Chris says:

    They are remodeling the MDA center in Tucson. Time for another telethon for more renovations. $59,000,000 well spent.

  21. KILLJOY says:

    Ryan Seacrest your phone is ringing….

  22. hal says:

    dbs: With you having no heart nor tinge of conscience, it would be impossible to “lay a guilt trip” on you. You obviously know nothing about muscular dystrophy. It is not just one disease but many different ones. And lot of research is done with the help of MDA funding. Many treatments have been developed for diseases under MDA’s umbrella. I’ll speak for them because I am one of the beneficiaries of the research, and the treatment for my extremely rare disease wasn’t discovered until 2007.

  23. Hal says:

    Pete: You’re confused. MS isn’t the same as MD. MS is multiple sclerosis.

  24. JamieK says:

    All that money raised and still no cure. Wonder how much out of each dollar actually goes to where its needed.

  25. Rocco Henderson says:

    He’s a class-A guy who is extermelly likeable.

  26. Hal says:

    How much have have you committed to these “millions”? I doubt if it’s one red cent.

    1. Hal says:

      the above was in reply to dbs.

  27. Robin says:

    The money is freely donated and is not from the Feds. You have the gall to tell people not to donate THEIR money as they see fit? Let me guess, you’d rather the money were used for the treatment of a certain disease that is spread through degenerate activity as opposed to a disease suffered by innocent children, right?

  28. George Stampoulos says:

    Mr. Lewis:

    Salutations and Congratulations. Your dedication and perseverance is a role model for generations of Americans, the most generous people on the Earth.
    God Bless You.

  29. Gerry says:

    Typical snotty trolls who have never done anything roam the Internet I see…..
    Bless you Jerry and have a comfortable retirement.

  30. Walter says:

    The light of one small candle can set the world aglow. God bless you Jerry and all your kids.

  31. Parent of MD Kid says:

    A lot of the telethon money goes to research – but a ton goes to the summer camps, helping families with expensive equipment, and running the clinics that provide free services.

    Been waiting for the “big day” for 22 years – but it will come and my son will walk again. Thank you Jerry Lewis – you made a difference.

    Thanks Jerry Lewis – you have really made a difference.

  32. H. E. Vincent says:

    Jerry Lewis – Danny Thomas – Who can replace either? I truly hope someone cn, but, those will be shoes very tough to fit into.

    1. Debbie says:

      how very true

  33. Richard says:

    Jerry didn’t have to EVER get involved in The Telethon. I am “in the middle” as far as my appreciation of his work, but he DESERVES RESPECT for his DEDICATION to MDA Research.

    There was never any GUARANTEE when th $$$ would turn into RESULTS….

    But JERRY gave it his ALL….He and He ALONE Decided to devote his time for all these years…

    GOD BLESS JERRY LEWIS for all he has done for MDA!

    SHAME on ALL OF YOU criticitizng him that have done LITTLE OR NOTHING for the SAME CAUSE!!


  34. moriah says:

    A lifetime of doing good.

  35. onkey says:

    A good rule of thumb….If you can’t say something nice….don’t say anything!

  36. John S says:

    AGoyim …
    Get it straight. Take away the Ara bs’ guns, there would be no war. Take away Israel’s guns, there would be no Israel.

    1. Mike says:

      Get rid of israel and we have world peace!

      1. Weasler says:

        Get rid of liberals and all they support and we’ll have Heaven on Earth.

      2. HarlanR says:


  37. Bernadette says:

    I bet you wouldn’t say this if you were, God forbid, paralyzed,or had ALS! I am paralyzed, and I am proud to stand up and cheer Jerry Lewis for everything he’s done to help people who are desperate for help! Do you think that just because you’re tired of telethons that sickness and misery magically vanish? I hope you are always healthy, friend, because there are so many of us who aren’t!

  38. Doug Rose says:

    Obama would make a perfect Replacement for Jerry !!

    “Yes We Can” Hope and Send that Change” !!!

  39. William Nielsen says:

    Mr Lewis. I am sure you have played tough crowds before. As for yourt efforts and conviction, as I see on the TV” I thank you for what you do. I am a believer that if, any one can over come an affliction it is their own conviction. In this case, children do not have a clue; and for that mtter any idea. Again, thank you for your endevours and tireless support of the children and the afflicted.
    PS, whos gonna mind the store?

  40. Walter says:

    Jerry Lewis did good, and people love to hate him because he did something for others and not himself. Dean Martin drank him self to death, and Jerry fought to keep kids alive.

  41. TL Thompson says:

    What a brilliant comedienne! His classic movies w/ D. Martin are genius!

    And, what a brilliant philanthropist, indeed!

    Three cheers for Jerry Lewis!

  42. sailordude says:

    Soon Obama and Pelosi and Democrats will control all of this research so relax,


  43. Br549 says:

    Exactly! He has cast a giant, POSITIVE shadow on this world for as long as I’ve been alive…God Bless you Jerry, and Thank You!!

    Makes me wonder what I will be remembered for….

  44. Stacy Harris says:

    A former telethon volunteer (a one-time experience due to an unethical fundraising tool of the WTVF-TV trade), I also had the good fortune of meeting Jerry Lewis at a Nashville news conference many years ago in advance of that year’s MD telethon.

    As someone who has always missed the humor in Mr. Lewis’ slapstick brand of comedy (and who has found Lewis ethically-challenged in terms of what little I know- or have read- about his personal life), I ws surprised to learn how sharp, smart and informed Jerry was at that time with respect to the work of the MDA.

    The TV station that sponsored Lewis’ Nashville visit stopped carrying the telethon several years ago so Lewis’ decision to no longer put his health at risk with the long hours probably only underscores that all good things must (eventually) end.

    I salute Jerry Lewis for his service to his fellow man.

    Stacy Harris
    Publisher/Executive Editor/Media Critic
    Stacy’s Music Row Report

    1. Mike says:

      Never said he draws a salary! He does make a great deal of money through the back door of MDA! CHECK YUR FACTS !!!!

    2. HarlanR says:

      Good job, Mike. Thanks.

  45. Jo says:

    May God always keep you in his care Mr. Lewis. You have been an inspiration to millions in your tireless work for MDA, which is ALL year long, not just on Labor Day. Your dedication, hard work and belief in MDA finding a cure shall not go without our respect and love to you in all your efforts and hard work.
    Thank you for your many years of being the beacon of light to so many-May God
    Bless You Always.

  46. sergio m says:

    How much does Jerry get paid to host the telethon…or does he do it for free as a good Samaritan?

    1. Debbie says:

      Jerry gets nothing for hosting the show nd either does his guests They do this to help people with MDA and the camps and the research . They do it from the boyyom of there hearts. Everything is donated the Hotel in Vegas and all the other stuff I am glad that Jerry has done so well He will be missed

  47. Tim in Miami says:

    God bless Jerry. Anyone who disagrees I will FIGHT!

  48. Dave says:

    I always knew he was a quitter!

  49. gigg says:

    he should have done this years ago

  50. ghghg says:

    he was a loveable putz and deserves a rest at 85

  51. Maxwell says:

    Like him or not, he’s done great work for the MDA over the past 45 years.
    He’s made a huge difference is many peoples lives, how many people can say that?

  52. al bogrease says:

    Thank you Jerry Lewis for making millions laugh for decades & also for all your efforts regarding the MD telethon. You’re a good decent man who has made a positive difference in his life. We need more like you sir.

  53. SueK says:

    Because, Doug, Big Pharma knows there’s too much money to be made by pushing drugs and keeping people sick. Cures=no profits for the drug companies. Think about it.

    Also, Lewis was paid *handsomely* for his telethon appearances; he never volunteered his time for ‘the cause.’ Just another showman for profit.

    1. Gene says:

      Tell us exactly how “Big Pharma” – whatever that is – has prevented us from finding a cure and “keeping people sick”.

      While you’re at it, list for us all those wonderful places with socialized medicine and no “Big Pharma” who are curing MD out of their own good-heartedness every day.

      What a moron.

    2. Wilbur says:

      How much money is he paid?

    3. JohnT says:

      Before you post stupid comments perhaps you might want to check out snopes…Mr. Lewis and all others receive no compensation. All do in fact volunteer. But why let facts get in the way.

    4. Sumner Lymburner says:

      Sue, I have wondered for a long time how much of the $59 million went to the TV stations, how much to Jerry and how much for research. Does anyone know the truth?

  54. Ciarrai says:

    My Dad worked the Telethon since the beginning up until his retirement.
    Jerry is hard to deal with and the crew nicknamed him “God”. BUT- his heart is in the right place.
    Jerry always said he would reveal why he had worked so tirelessly for MD for so many years just as soon as a cure was found.
    I guess we’ll be left to wonder why.

  55. henry says:

    I was surprised to hear that the telethon was still on the air. I had not even heard anyone mention it in more than 10 years.

    1. really? says:

      come out from under that rock.. the weather is fine out here

  56. dbs says:

    Out of all the comments, I see mine is in “awaiting moderation status”.

    That tells me that even though my comment was polite and respectful, .. it just didn’t matter. — Because it doesn’t agree to your opinion shouldn’t mean a deletion of my comment.

    Jerry has done wonders with this program but I think things have gotten out of hand. — We lost the meaning of CURE and replaced it with spreading the money in all different directions. — In other words, it lost it’s base.

    Time to move on while Jerry retires.

    Thank You for reading.

  57. keleb says:

    I worked with Jerry Lewis in 1968 when he hosted the Tonight Show for Johnny Carson. During rehearsal, he was foul-mouthed, rude, profane and a great big disappointment. The crew hated his rude, crude and bossy style. I was an admirer of the telethon until then and never watched it again, nor his movies. It is just a personal opinion of mine and not meant to dissuade anyone.

  58. SourPuss says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I find this very, very sad. I grew up watching the Jerry Lewis telethons and they were a very big part of my life. Jerry has been an angle in disguise, working his butt of for this charity. I am deeply saddened by his leaving the telethon. I guess it had to happen sooner or later. I’ll be sure to watch this years telethon, just to say goodbye to Jerry. God bless you Jerry!!

  59. Steven says:

    Thanks for all the years of hard work, Jerry.

    Now, will you FINALLY release “The Day The Clown Cried?”

  60. He's a jerk says:

    Met him years ago at the Horton Plaza Mall in downtown San Diego in 1991 and he was the biggest jerk you could ever meet.

  61. Joe says:

    Gee 2 Billion dollars and no cure…makes you wonder where all the money really went…………

  62. Johnnygto says:

    Thank you for everything Jerry!
    You are a true American hero!

  63. tapcity says:

    I just want to be there when Jerry sings his last note, to salute this great American. How do you get tickets?

  64. Will kane says:

    Come September it will be another piece of America gone!
    As they say in show business – thanks for the memories.

  65. EricGray says:

    As the father of a child with Muscular Dystrophy I know first hand what all that money goes for. No family with an MD kid has to take bankruptcy because of the medical costs associated with the disease. MDA pays. Kids that would otherwise never know what a summer camp experience is, get to have the time of their lives at camps provided by MDA. People with MD kids know that MDA is there to help. Great advances have been made in disease treatments because of the focus and research of MDA on this group of diseases.

    Thank you Jerry Lewis. God bless you.

  66. tapcity says:

    I just want to be there when Jerry sings his last note. What a great American! How do you get tickets?

  67. Jsmith88 says:

    I’m going to miss him. This is the end of an era.

  68. cajunprofessor says:

    I have great memories of being 10 or 11 in the early 70s when all 24 hours were televised, and I was allowed to try to stay up all night watching it. When we’d visit an aunt out of town there were no other kids, I’d watch Jerry Lewis movies on WGNO.

  69. DeeDeeL says:

    Many who have benefited from MDA will tell you that it is more than just finding a cure. Monies go to pay medical bills and expensive testing for a multitude of muscular diseases.that fall under the MD umbrella. I have a child who received care at the MDA clinic for a muscular disease that is still undiagnosed. We paid nothing for the testing the doctor visits or any followup. They even froze a tissue sample for future testing. Thay do wonderful work and it is all paid for through donated money. Thanks to all who give and Jerry Lewis for his dedication. They money does not just go to finding a cure…the money helps families every single day as they deal with taking care of a sick child…equipment, testing, doctors visits, it is all paid for through MDA.

  70. htowntrucker says:

    Katie Couric and Oprah are about to have some free time on their hands, Maybe they can do a Tag-Team Telethon

  71. Mike Bites says:

    Poor angry Mike…I guess the prison library is open late. Now run along like a good little redneck. Dinner time. You’re having baloney sammiches and a whole apple! And I hope Bubba enjoys you for dessert.

  72. Antoinette Caruana says:

    Thank you Jerry. You are a great man.
    God Bless You!! Always Loveed You!!

  73. bonzai says:

    Thanks Jerry. I appreciate all the hard work you did to raise money to fight this disease. Too bad so many younger stars get involved in stupid causes like PETA.

  74. picomanning says:

    I’m 60 and grew up in Southern California. Who my age didn’t grow up watching the Nutty Professor genre of Jerry Lewis?
    His telethons were just what that word was meant to convey, a marathon of television to raise money for a very worthy cause. God Bless Jerry Lewis. Part of the America that was I think greater than it is now.

  75. kathryn says:

    Jerry I will always be grateful to you for making my childhood much better than it was. I was fortunate not to have any health issues as a child but my parents divorced when I was three. I grew up with my Grandparents and your youth and vitality helped me more than you will ever know. You were the craziest guy I had ever seen. Laughter is the best medicine and you had the best prescription. Jerry’s kids are so lucky to have had you for all these years. Hope your retirement is filled with all the things you love. What a wonderful heart you have!!!!!

  76. noseitall says:

    Jerry, you are a giant of a man, and you never asked for any glory for yourself. You would never say this, but you are such a contrast to the few druggie, self-indulgent celebrities with egos many times the size of their talent (though there are also other celebrities who also do good deeds).

    You will be a tough act to follow. May God bless you.

  77. John Cowan says:

    It had to happen eventually. Everything changes, everything ends. I just pray to God they don’t get Ryan Seacrest to replace him.

  78. Daniel Morgan says:

    Jerry Lewis did the telethon to help one person only, Jerry Lewis. He makes my skin crawl.

  79. Tim says:

    My brother died from MD when he was 18. I will forever thank Jerry Lewis for helping raise the money needed to help Rod live more comfortably and for giving him hope for a cure. To all researchers working on a cure, God Bless and keep working hard. You can beat this disease.

  80. BooBots says:

    After raising zillions of dollars over all those many, many years:
    Where is the cure???

  81. Louis-Calmat says:

    This is NOT a “flame” comment. It’s an honest reply. The reason (14 years in healthcare) that there hasn’t been a cure is that the lion’s share of funding goes to TREATMENT. We have grown accustomed to an “after the fact” mentality, with respect to healthcare issues. It stands to reason that the IMMEDIATE need is the sufferers. The problem with this – obviously – is that, what was intended to be a telethon to find a cure has become a funding source for treatment. Can you imagine the fire-storm that would result if the telethon proceeds were NOT given to current sufferers? But treating isn’t curing, or preventing. Band-Aids never prevented injury – but everyone needs them.

  82. zagwee says:

    No way man, its not gonna be the same without him!

  83. Wondering says:

    Thank you Jerry for all the work you’ve done! With that said, I have to wonder, after 45 years and billions of dollars raised over those years, why a cure hasn’t been found yet???

    1. Harleygent says:

      Wondering, we all wonder those things because there has not been any real Medical cures from our wonderful Medical Industrial Complex for over 50 years. That community wants you to believe so much so you and I keep the research and development charity and government welfare going for those elite. Things never change for the highly paid and highly educated people. It a closed knit group whose status need to be maintained. Stop wondering and start appreciating the world of no real change!

  84. Staph says:

    Does Jerry still carry his white shag carpet piece with him? (look it up). Jerry Lewis is one of the nastiest, meanest, and unfunny jerkwads around. Won’t miss ya Jerry.

  85. Neil says:

    God bless the cantankerous Jerry Lewis. I pray the MDA telethon will continue to go on.

  86. Harleygent says:

    Wow, people are still not liking this man because of their parents dislike when he split with Dino I guess. He was funny in his acting days and comparing someone today that would be similar, it would be Jim Carey. He looked terrible a few years back and I think his better health has brought some good nature back. I enjoyed the Telethon for many years and it too has changed but Jerry was an excellent spokesperson and did a great job of entertaining too boot. Have fun and enjoy your successful life in retirement Jerry. Hope someone of your stamina and caliber will bring MDA to new heights. See you Labor Day!

  87. Richard says:

    Labor Day will never be the same without Jerry. He has done so much for so many people. It is so sad that we don’t have more celebrities lending their names and a good name so publicly. It will be a long time before we have someone else like Jerry Lewis if at all.

    Thanks for everything Jerry. Hate to see you go.

  88. Joel says:

    As a grandfather of a child with a genetic disease, Emanuel Syndrome. One of about 300 cases known. I can appreciate all the good that has come from Jerry Lewis’ support of MDA. Although no money is going to the study of Emanuel Syndrome, I believe that it is from MDA research that my Children and grandchildren that are genetic carriers can have their embryos tested to see if they have the disease. What makes some of the commenters here think that finding a cure for a genetic disease is even possible? Jerry Lewis will be be revered by all
    that have had a family member with MDA

  89. Real Rick says:

    He’s still alive?

  90. Tim Ritchie says:

    As the father of TWO sons with Duchennes Muscal Dystropy I had years of experience with MDA.

    Less than1% of 1% of all money raised, goes to helping the children or people living with any form of Muscular Dystrophy.

    Most of it goes to the salaries of those at the MDA headquarters in Tucson AZ.

    They used to be in Connecticut but built a new headquarters in Arizona and moved on your dime years ago.

    Why? So they could golf year round!

    ESPN is located in the facility they abandoned.

    Most of them drive luxury vehicles purchased on your dime.

    They have free child care in the headquarters for their employees.

    Paid for on your dime.

    A fitness center is there too on your dime.

    Biggest charity fraud in the history of the country.

    What you do not know and no media will report is that during each telethon there are protesters outside the venue.

    Who are they?

    People living with MD that know the truth of these fraudsters.

    The bid majority of the break through that have came about in muscle disease has came out of Canada and Australia by government funded medical researchers.

    If one were to want to donate money that would help the people and their families donate to Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation in Indianapolis,Indiana.

    I found out about these fine people by accident.

    They help families buy vans to transport wheelchairs and ramps to get “chairs ” in and out of their house and any other changes to the house to accommodate wheelchairs.

    A small office that they rent with three full time employees.

    More information can be found at

  91. Carrieann says:

    Well done Jerry — you’ve done so much for the MD Assoc. — you deserve a rest! Your important work will continue thru these coming years!

  92. Rob says:

    When I young I thought as a child, regretfully when grew up I realized MD is for what it is. MD is a genetic decease that is humanly incurable. I salute Jerry for all of his efforts but I sure he has known this for many years, I hope the kids get some comfort from the money raised. Love the children

  93. seesay says:

    An iconic entertainer whose talent has given pleasure to millions and millions and whose caring nature and sincere efforts have most certainly advanced the fight against this miserable disease, and yet some here so graceless, so poor in spirit as to need to hurl unpleasant aspersions to compensate for God-only-knows-what personal deficits.

  94. Barak Obama says:

    We have to face the facts, a patient cured is a customer lost.

    That $59 million would be money sorely missed by the medical community.

    Some diseases are just too profitable to be cured.

  95. MrDuffy says:

    Thank you, Mister Jerry Lewis. You are an inspirational institution and the wise will never forget you. Thank you for your dedication, your compassion, your love, and your life.

  96. how2fish says:

    Jerry best wishes going forward and thank you for all you’ve done.

  97. MichaelEdits says:

    45 years of telethons is simply amazing. Heck, so is living to reach 85, never mind still being physically and mentally active at 85.

  98. Christopher S. Garguilo says:

    There were many comments that he was a jerk in real life; I believe that was when he was younger and began receiving fame when he left Dean Martin. I believe later on in life he softened up a bit and wasn’t that rude. But his life’s dedication for this cause, I believe, was his penance.

  99. Smegley Wanxalot says:

    after 50 years of half-way curing chickens in videos and making no progress with humans it’s about time this pathetic comedian gave up. Only idiots gave to MDA.

  100. Gene Splicer says:

    50 years later and Muscular Dystrophy still plagues the world. Kudos to you Mr. Lewis for trying. Unfortunately, it all seems to have been a giant waste of time, effort and money. The telethons were fun to watch though.

  101. Jerzey Boy says:

    May the sun shine on you Jerry as you make your way into the sunset, good job and you brought me tons of silly laughs as a young boy in the 60’s, thank you!

  102. Bruce says:

    Mr. Lewis, thanks for giving so much. You are a star from my parents time. In my time we have Charlie Sheen. What a contrast.

  103. Chris says:

    Oh sheesh…for all of those saying that Jerry was a jerk, I have a news flash for you…we’re ALL JERKS. Don’t believe me? Anyone who has worked in any service industry can attest to the fact that most people are rude and obnoxious. The average joe on the street is a jerk. So…he’s human after all!!!

    Who cares if he was a jerk…he was a jerk that devoted much of his life’s work to a humanitarian cause!! That makes him an “A” in my book. He’s no slouch. In fact, he’s a hero and an icon.

    God Bless you Jerry!! 🙂

  104. SuzanneL says:

    I’ve been a huge huge Jerry Lewis fan all my life, but at some point we have to wonder how so many millions, even billions, of dollars go into researching cures for major diseases, and no curse are ever found!

    Then the light bulb goes on in our heads — because the money is in the research. Finding a cure would end the research. OOPS!!

    So I opened my eyes, put my ear to the underground, and found whole communities of people who have been curing things like cancer, AIDS, renal failure, etc — for decades!

    I just did a google search and found probably more info on curing MD than the research industry has ever delivered to our beloved Jerry –

    It makes me want to cry, he’s been robbed so horribly.

  105. Pat Pulvino says:

    May God Bless Jerry Lewis and lead him to a peaceful rest when his time comes. He has done more than his share and we all love him for what he has done. A great man, a great cause and a great career.

  106. Wheelchair Blues says:

    Where’s Jerry Lewis when you need the man?
    Where’s Jerry Lewis when no one gives a damn?
    And there’s my man up on the stage
    And with the children about four in age
    They’re crazy, they’re crippled, but they’re lovely
    And young, and wild, and lovely (and crippled)

  107. Bob Nichols says:

    I’ve been a on-air Host-Emcee of the local portion of the annual Labor Day Telethon for the MDA since 1970. I know Jerry Weinberg, and of course I know JL. The late Chuck “Skipper Chuck” Zink and I worked closely with these two great men, who are trying to accomplish something which has been so far out of reach for so long. That reach is closer now because of the dedicated work of Jerry Lewis and Jerry Wienberg, and the millions of volunteers and contributors world-wide. That includes the doctors and researchers who use the millions of dollars raised by the telethon to search for the answers which are now beginning to lead us to certain cures for neuromuscular diseases. I’m so sorry there are those of you who feel embarassed by your lack of concern or caring which causes you to say hurtful things about those of us who do care. JL has been a loving father, grandfather, husband and friend to many. Don’t ever fault this great man for being outspoken and sometimes brash in is dealings with some people. He is a brilliant, creative man who has limited patience for those who don’t cooperate with what he knows to be right. He is so lucky because for every one of those of you who criticize because you don’t know the facts, there are ten thousand others who support this this man who has given so much of himself to others without asking for anything in return. The Lord knows what this man has done for others in his life, and will treat him accordingly! I suggest that every other human being should treat him with the dignity and respect he deserves. We love you JL, as much as “your kids” do, and we pray that we’ve learned the lessons you’ve taught us, and hope we have just a little of the endless devotion you’ve shown for so long. No one can ever properly replace you. I pray that as we go on with the annual teletion, we will continue to go in the direction you set for us which is the one that will lead us to cures for neuromuscular diseases. Then we will truly solidify your legacy! God Bless you JL.

  108. Tracy says:

    Mr Lewis..Thank you!!!!… for all you have done and for all you will continue to do
    I wish you well.

  109. RJ says:

    You’re right on Weasler……My thoughts exactly.

  110. RJ says:

    You’re right on Weasler. My thoughts exactly!!

  111. bridg12 says:

    I started a Facebook page to show Jerry our support, and possibly get him back as host. Click ‘like’ when you get to page if you support the cause. Thanks.!/pages/We-Want-Jerry-Lewis-to-Host-the-MDA-Telethon/185616864823686

  112. Jay Squillace says:

    We will miss you.. since I was a teen you have been there every year on Labor Day for your kids ..You have earned a long and happy retirerment..God Bless you..

  113. John says:

    How can we send a thank you note to Jerry Lewis for all his efforts over the years?

  114. Unlearned Hand says:

    I vote Jerry Lewis as the least talented performer in the whole of show business. I know he is the least talented I have ever seen, and I used to watch Ted Mack’s Amateur Hour and Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts.

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