WALNUT PARK (CBS) — A 5-year-old boy was fatally struck by a suspected drunk driver in Walnut Park Sunday, according to the California Highway Patrol.

The accident occurred in the 2500 block of Poplar Place just before 6 p.m., in an area north of South Gate, the CHP reported.

The boy, whose family lives in Montebello, reportedly ran into the street and was hit by the SUV, according to a camera crew at the site.

Police arrested the 25-year-old man motorist who faces charges of driving under the influence. He reportedly lives in Huntington Beach.

The child was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Comments (51)
  1. jaydee says:

    My heart goes out to the boy’s family. I’m just curious as to how is it that a 5 year old boy manages to run into the street. Was anybody watching him? Why did the driver get arrested? so many questions unanswered.

  2. rick says:

    if the kid ran into the street why is the driver arrested what fault is it of the driver that the parents are morons??

    1. OMG says:

      Do you have any children, rick? Apparently not. You’d be AMAZED at how quick children are. Once you have your own children and have taken them out and about and have experienced how they are at your hip one moment and the next down an opposite grocery store aisle, THEN and ONLY THEN come back and say that it’s the parents’ fault their boy is done. How completely ignorant of you to say! THE KID GOT HIT BECAUSE THE DRUNK FOOL HIT HIM WITH A 2,000+ POUND VEHICLE!!!

      1. rick says:

        OMG i have 5 kids rangeing from 2 to 16 and NON have ever been able to get past me or my wife because we always keep them in our sight its called GOOD PARENTING and yes i did miss that the driver was DUI my bad but still THIS kid would not have been hit by THAT DUI if the parents kept their eyes on their kid its that simple

    2. Judie says:

      Thank you!! seriously I live in Walnut Park all my life and let me inform you. This place went to s#it. SOME parents around here leave their kids running around the street. I understand that parents do work but some dont and are stuck into NOVELAS or Gossip. I feel bad for the 5 year old boy may he Rest in Peace =-(

    3. Saber 1 says:

      Because he was a $pic drunk and driving. Pour anti freeze down this guys throat.

      1. allan rivera says:

        you dontt even know the story so just stay quite

  3. ESB3 says:

    DUI idiot and the parents are morons.

  4. Shanin Ayala says:

    I witnessed when the child struck was on the street dead. It was a horrific thing. My heart goes out to the child parents. I know that the parents are the ones whom are mainly responsible for the child death. Of what I have seen anyone who drives through Poplar Place is always driving too fast. People should be aware that this is a residential area. Speed limit is 25 mph. Also not just hispanic kids get run over. Accidents happen everywhere and to everyone. Parents please be aware that your child does not know any better. Take care of your children. Drivers be aware of your surroundings and speed limits.

    1. CM9 says:

      I agree. I also live on the block of Poplar and people constantly drive through here like if it was a freeway. The parents are out of state and i can only imagine what they will feel once their told about their son. It was not the gaurdians fault either. The child slipped away after throwing a tantrum because he wanted candy… Its such a shame that something like this had to happen in order for parents learn that our street isnt safe,

  5. larry says:

    poor little kid. stupid ass drunk.. dumb ass parents. sad sad sad

  6. OMG says:

    FYI to the world….. Parents are not always at fault…. Just some food for thought….

  7. Shanin Ayala says:

    @ CM9… Yeah we should try and get speed bumps on our block. People drive crazy! It is sad that his parents aren’t even here. I don’t have children but I know that it is not the guardians fault completely. Drivers should always be cautious. Pedestrians are always around.

  8. Shanin Ayala says:

    @ Rick…. Stop being inept and ignorant!!! Accidents happen. Be thankful that your children are well. Be thankful that you don’t have to mourn the death of one of your child. No matter who’s fault it was, for this horrible tragedy,have a bit of compassion. Do something to help your community. Stop judging without knowing!

    1. rick says:

      i do not belive ACCIDENTS HAPPEN i belive they are CAUSED the driver didnt ACCIDENTLY get drunk and the child did not ACCIDENTLY run in to the street the driver CHOOSE to drink and drive thus causeing his/her part of this and who ever was in charge of the child CHOOSE not to hold his hand or in someway keep him from running into a street i lived on rosemead blvd when our first child was born 16 years ago its a very busy road when we had him outside either my wife or I put our self between him and the street at all time incase he ran for it thus putting our self in position to stop him maybe im narrow minded but my ways have kept 5 very active kids alive so i will continue to see it my way

  9. Shanin Ayala says:

    @ Rick… Well its great that you are the perfect parent. Glad that there are people out there like you. Unfortunately not everyone has parents like you. Still the way you express yourself just shows that you are a bitter person who only judges and doesn’t use his ideas for good. Get up and do something to change other communities who are in need. I am sure your a wonderful person. Just that situations like this ignite anger. Use that anger to help and not just to judge without action.

    1. rick says:

      your right i am angry my five kids son 16 son 12 daughter 8 son 4 and daughter 2 are my life along with their mother. so when something like this happens i ask WHY
      WHY was this dumb ass driving drunk
      WHY was this child not with his parents who someone said were out of town
      WHY was he not somewhere other then that street at that moment
      so i accept your statements and do appologize im just a person who has always be bent on takeing credit good or bad for my actions if i mess it up im the first to admit it if i do it well im the first one smileing because i know in my self i did well and i again ask WHY especially in the case of the driver some people choose not to take responsibility. im far from perfect non of us are perfect but when it comes to my kids i work extra hard to make sure nothing happens to them

  10. Shanin Ayala says:

    @ Rick…. Its great that you care for your children. I have a niece and nephew. I am always looking after them and even our neighbors kids. It is the saddest thing in the world to see a child dead on the street and think that it could be someone you know. I didn’t know the child but just to see him there lifeless made me sob and think of the pain that his parents are feeling. Blaming themselves for it. What gets me mad is drunk driving. I didn’t know the driver was DUI. What’s worst is that he had his whole family in the car. His wife and three kids. Very traumatic situation for these children. So again Rick know that your doing your part of being a good parent and understand that we can’t change how everyone else parents their children. Teach your kids how to be great parents. If you can talk about it with your community or in your childrens schools.

    1. rick says:

      i am glad i did not see it i would have wanted to hurt someone my kids and kids in gen are so special i just get so ticked when one gets hurt

      1. Pat Robertson says:

        Hey dude, you have any pics of your kids? Possibly without clothes on?
        I would pay for them….

  11. Judie says:

    I was in the W.P. area about 4 pm prior of the incident occurred. All I see is freaking people drinking/smoking standing around Pacific Blvd. Idiots are cheering show-offs that are screeching tires, busting donuts, speeding & cruising. All I have to say is that it does not surprise me of an innocent boy being killed by an inpatient person.
    Many parents around here also leave their children run around the streets.

    Inpatient Driver + unsupervised Boy = Tragedy that could have been provented

  12. Tony Clifton says:

    Drunk drivers should be executed on site!

    1. TC no smart says:

      Thou art a scholar.

  13. chuck u. farley says:

    ricks sons are mommas boys… virgins forever..

    1. tyron says:

      hey Chuck you are a moron

  14. BrianChatsworth says:


  15. BrianChatsworth says:

    Something smells 100% hispanic on this one !…They love, LOVE, love to kill one another. It’s a right of passage.

    1. Big John says:

      wrap your lips around a big black one

  16. Big John says:

    even if the guy had not been drinking that in it self dose not make it a sure thing the out come would have been any different. may the lord take this boy close to his heart. but that being said the person who hit him did not run & i am sure he feels real bad about what happen to the kid. but so many people saying this guy was drunk. D.U.I. is not the same as drunk , it just means that he had been drinking. every time you have a couple of beers are you drunk? i do not drink but i know that there is a difference between drunk & D.U.I. the law say what that limit is but since the limit is different in other parts of our country you can not say this guy was drunk!

    1. Gilotine says:

      Well said,’Big John’.

  17. DENISE says:


  18. JebbieBoy says:

    More family values from south of the border?

  19. TooYoungToGo says:

    Many comments posted are very ignorant and prejudged without knowing the facts. I can confidently say a few things about this.

    The man arrested WAS a DUI. That is a fact. Booked. Done. No argument on it.

    This story a perfect example to everyone that demonstrates the risks, outcomes, and tragedy that come with DUI driving. The parents aren’t to blame. The kid is not to blame. The man that decided to drink alcohol and get behind the wheel of 6,000 lb. truck is the one who is to blame. Because of his selfishness and inconsideration, a little boy has passed away and left his family and friends torn to pieces.
    I only hope that people will take this tragedy, and next time think twice about getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.

    May the young, innocent boy rest in peace.

    P.S. For those talking about the “values” of a race, maybe you should show some respect and look inward at your own values for pre-judging a race to blame. Let’s see here, #1- “south of the border” values caused this death, or #2- a drunk incoherent driver caused this accident. Hmm.. hard to decide.

    Shame on those who blame a race over a drunk. A freakin drunk.

    1. GetOverYourself says:

      How’s the weather up there on your high horse?

      1. TooYoungToGo says:

        Go to bed little kid. These conversations are for grown-ups.

  20. other says:

    sorry to say but its not all latino parents i live in a community were its mostly african american and they just have their kids running around alone up and down the street. so dont just blame latinos….people just need to learn how to take care of their kids better and know where they are at all times.

  21. nina says:

    My condelence goes out to my friend n her family may ur lil cousin rest in peace

  22. sylsilva says:

    This young boy’s grandmother works at my job. When I saw the news yesterday I had no idea who the boy was, my daughter was struck by a truck 3 years ago she was crossing the street with my mother in law and the truck turned the corner at a high speed struck her didn’t bother to stop she flew 10 feet had major head trauma and was in a comma for almost a week I am so thankful to say she survived and is doing well. There was never an arrest and this didn’t happen because of bad parenting the truck came out of no where! Our office has been somber all day because of this news and it is very sad to have to bury a child. Our prayers go out to this family and to this grandmother that comes to work everyday very humble but always with a smile…

  23. sadie says:

    the kid ran into the street because his dad was in the car across the street, and there was a car doubled park so the man that had dranked a beer . he showed low level . he whent around the car and the little boy came out running, both his parents witnessed everything. his mom was with him but he ran awaay from her. poor little boy may he rip

    1. RW says:

      Who cares
      One less latino Chimp to molest our children in the future

  24. suzette :( says:

    everything bad u say will come back at u. oviously know one knows what really happened unless they were there. all the stories are different but what happened to the little boy or how it happened he didnt deserve it. he was an innocent kid. it doesnt matter what kind of race he was. but people are so mean and oviously they never have anything good to say. but if u were the parents of someone that was killed u wouldnt be saying stuff like that.no parent is perfect. u just say u are.

    1. TT says:

      When they move into your neighborhood and run over your children then you can talk all you want.But don’t be misguiding people right now. Hispanics and Blacks moves in,if you are smart.You Run.

      Your children’s life are at stake.

  25. I says:

    Those animals left another child laying in the middle of the road.

    How do those Hispanics gets money and jobs anyway?How do they exist

    Who’s child is going to be next
    Can’t anyone do anything about this

    1. TooYoungToGo says:

      By the looks of your writing, their English is better than yours.

      You’re probably a low life that goes about life putting others down to make yourself feel better. Don’t blame others for what you see in the mirror.

  26. linely says:

    nobody wants there kids killed but when u live in the neighbor hood like that with so many people and so many cars passing fast through there. i lived there for 20 years and it was never like that. it was more quite but its the people that live there that make it like that. poor parents that whent to the wrong neighborhood. the boy didnt deserve this.im just glad i left and live in a better place.

  27. hphater says:

    may the little boy rip.

  28. Terrie says:

    It’s a tragedy, but equal fault goes to the boy’s parent or whoever was watching him and the driver. It is not the driver 100%. I have kids and I know how quick they can be, it was an tragic accident. If driver is cited, so should the parent..

  29. lis says:

    What’s wrong with you people? have you no heart? a child here was killed. He was my nephew. We just buried him yesterday! It was a heart breaking day. He had just turned 5 years old. A mother and a father lost their child to a drunk driver. And some of you say that they should have been watching him? I love how the news gets the facts straight too. Yes he did run into the street, but his father was not out fixing the truck when it happened they were getting ready to go home. His mother was holding his hand, and the dad crossed the street first to get to their car. We dont know why he did it, but Christian let go of his mother’s hand and ran after his dad, at the same time the drunk driver came speeding in a RESIDENTIAL street where the limit is about 20-25 mph.. He hit him, and because he was going so fast he could not stop and dragged this poor baby with him. He died in his mother’s arms. His parents witnessed the whole thing. Maybe some of you should think before you post things. This was a tragedy. Stupid comments should not be allowed. If you had suffered such a loss, you would not like stupid people coming on here and leaving such stupid comments. Have respect for the families that lose their loved ones, they are not illiterate they can read.

  30. Denise says:

    My heart goes out to Christians family may god bless you. My son is one of Christian’s classmates and I would see him and his mom and she did not look like a irresponsible mother I would always see her volunteering at school. Ever since I hear about what happend I can not stop thinking of how hard it is for her i can not even imagine what she feels I pray alot to good to give her strength.. People next time you pick up a beer and think about driving intoxicated please think twice about what harm and hurt you bring to a family. I’m sure the drunk driver is gonna have think for the rest of his life what he did to this family and his family and that it wasent worth it…. My son will always remember Christian and with that being said Christian RIP you little angel

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