Calif. Debates Taxing The Wealthy To Save Schools

SACRAMENTO (AP) — Taxing the rich more to benefit others isn’t a new idea, but it has emerged in recent weeks as a potential solution as California tries to salvage its public education system from deep budget cuts.

The Public Policy Institute of California released a poll in April showing that 62 percent of California adults want to save schools by slapping higher taxes on the top earners.

Democratic Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner of Berkeley has a bill that would tack another 1 percent onto the tax rate of any taxable income over $500,000, applying to single and joint tax filers. Skinner estimates it would bring the general fund an extra $2.3 billion each year.

Public schools have been threatened with billions of dollars in cuts in the coming year.

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  • SD

    no more money to LA Unified until they cut their ridiculous waste!! Too many employees at 333 Beaudry who do nothing!!

    • Saber 1

      How about getting paid for what your worth? That happens in the private sector. No set pay rate, your own merit. The worthless Unions protect the lazy and the ones who really work go unnoticed.

  • Sam Sindaha

    The wealthy probably pay to send their kids to private schools and pay to send every one else’s kids to go to public schools, now they are going to be squeezed for more, thats not fair. Schools should tighten their belts like everyone else.

  • wayne

    FACTS: The teachers union owns the state. There are more than 500 teachers making over 100k a year in the L.A. school district alone. The highest income tax bracket in California, “the rich”, starts at 47K a year.

  • Everyday Guy

    There are not enough wealthy to do this. What ignorant “progressives” forget is the wealthy can leave the state.

  • Harley_Rider

    Privatize the schools and oust the lethargic administration and educators.

  • wb

    This is not a news article. This is a re-print of bullet points from the teachers union. How about giving us the REAL story. Not this one sided re-print of a news release.

  • Dork

    Instead of raising income taxes (which are already absurdly high – 10% for anybody making over 47K a year), why doesn’t California start looking into modifying its property taxes (which are among the lowest in the nation)?

    • john

      there is a HUge amount of people already having a hard time paying their property taxes, how about if the LAUSD did not have to spend 650 Million on that new school downtown LA.

  • Stubby

    No more tax money. Stop the wasteful and self-serving spending. Close our borders, deport all illegals, and enforce our immigration laws. These parasites are destroying our state with the support of elected officials. Just disgusting.

  • dee

    how about trying to collect the costs of educating foreign nationals from their native countries?

  • save the kids

    republicans are “shltbags”

    • Borsia Novak

      Democrats have been in control of CA for decades and are responsible for the out of control spending that has ruined CA.

  • sat

    O stubby, what a smart solution! Let me guess and these “illegals” “parasites” that you talk about would be of brown skin Hispanic origin right? Let me guess you will send them all to Mexico correct? Even dough. They might from another country. This a typical answer with no solution from haters like you.

    • Borsia Novak

      Sat; Funny that you are the one injecting race into this. OS only said foreign nationals. No mention of nationality or race. While it is you trying t get away from the question of allowing illegal immigrants to leech of of our school and other systems.
      They come from all over the world and from every race. But you think pulling the race card will somehow fix the problem or at least get people to look the other way. We have looked the other way for far too long.

    • Lou

      Interesting interpretation of the post. Stubby didn’t just talk about you.

  • diosdado1001

    Remember, nobody has ever seen or read any news about the California Lottery money, which is supposed to go to schools. Also, there are many employees at school offices who don’t do much but tell others what to do.

  • Cruiser

    This is stupid. Tax the rich, raise the property taxes. It’s not going to hurt anyone.

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