HACIENDA HEIGHTS (CBS) — We’ve all put a letter in the mailbox without a stamp…or the wrong address…or maybe you forgot to seal the envelope and all the contents of your letter got lost along the way.

But when it comes to all-time mail gaffes, Anjelica Castaneda might win the prize. Hands down.

The money’s in the mail…literally. And it shouldn’t be!

Castaneda accidentally mailed $3,200, in cash, in a bank deposit envelope last Friday when she mailed some bills at the corner of Green Drive and Gale Avenue in Hacienda Heights.

She had been saving up for new dentures…”they can be pretty expensive,” Castaneda says. And the pair she has now doesn’t fit, they’re uncomfortable and they hurt. But after discovering her mistake, more than her teeth ached.

Castaneda didn’t discover her big blunder until the next day…making tracing the envelope that much more difficult.

A Wal-Mart greeter by trade, Castaneda had been saving up for some time. And as KCAL9’s Ann Sterling reports, Castaneda is incredibly embarrassed. “How could I be so dumb?” she said, with a sigh.

She’s hoping someone will come forward and return her hard-earned dough but if not, she’s ready to start saving all over again. “I will save up again,” she says, “if that’s what I have to do.”

Comments (5)
  1. diosdado1001 says:

    The money is somehow safer at the bank

  2. Marco says:

    Unfortunately we live in a time where you need to show a bank statement that you actually had an withdrew that amount of money.

    This could be a media scheme to provoke sympathy to get donations.

    I’m not saying this could not have happened…..but if she can’t produce bank statements you have to question credibility and integrity.

    Unfortunately this is what our society has come to.

  3. Sorry Lady says:

    You know it was the mailman-what no stamp-no address-feels like money bills ! Payday ! So sad for this woman. There are lots of crooked postmen. Just ask the banks….Racks of credit cards sent for mailing turn up with entire sections missing.

  4. Cindy says:

    maybe there can be a relief concert for this lady at least it will be for someone who lives here ha ha ha

  5. nek says:

    So Sad. But the tooth of the matter is most likely you will never see that money again.

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