Learn How To Take The Hurt Out Of High Heels

By Lisa Sigell

LONG BEACH (CBS) — It is the love-hate relationship women have stepped right into — high heels.

Just ask any woman to describe the feeling after wearing them for a few hours. Words like excruciating, painful and torture come to mind.

We know you are not going to give up your heels, but a new class offered by Foot Solutions hopes to teach you how to make them as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

“Esthetically there are lots of wonderful things about high heels, but biomechanically there is nothing good about high heels,” said Karen Widerynski, owner of Foot Solutions in Long Beach.

In her “Shooz Class” feet are imprinted with ink to find the points where pads can be placed to either add support or ease pressure.

Widerynski gave us these tips to keep in mind when buying heels.

  • Seventy percent of the weight is on the ball of the foot, so look for cushion and arch support.
  • Go a half-size bigger to give your toes more wiggle room (if you won’t compromise stability).
  • Steer clear of heels that make you feel like you are falling forward — those are five-minute, not five-hour shoes.

The bottom line is that you do not have to give up you heels, just find some “foot solutions”. The fix usually costs $10 to $30, but the pain-free heels you end up with are priceless.

Shooz classes are scheduled on select Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. at Foot Solutions in Long Beach. The fee is $20. For more information visit their website, www.footsolutions.com/longbeach.

While the class may be unique to the Foot Solutions in Long Beach, all Foot Solutions stores offer Certified Pedorthists, who understand how to make your feet feel better and how to add comfort to high heels shoes.

  • Jill Sharpe

    Very helpful information! I am a customer of Foot Solutions and have been very pleased with all of their services including their FREE foot analysis. I used to be in so much pain but now I wear stylish shoes pain free. Foot Solutions has a great selection including high heels but the best part is their expert shoe fitters who make sure you get the best-fitting high heels from the start. This is important for many reasons as high heels that don’t fit properly cause the foot to fly forward creating more pressure – and pain – on toes.

  • Karen Widerynski

    By way of follow up, just getting pads for your shoes “from the drugstore” is nt likely to be helpful if you do not know what to get or where to place them The staff at Foot Solutions understands how feet work, and can be very helpful in selecting the right shoe, or arch support or ven metatarsal pads to add comfort to heels. I will post “how to place met pads” info on our web site: http://www.footsolutionslb.com so you can better understand how this should be done in order to achieve pain relief.

  • Ligia

    If you were heels, learning how to improve their comfort is what makes the difference between keeping your heels on your feet or ending up walking barefoot in order to get home unharmed!
    Try this class!

  • Sam

    I had a terrible problem with getting High Heels to fit well enough that my toes didn’t fall off in the first hour! So I spent a year working on a solution…..if you want, check out the video on Youtube! Look up http://www.HeavenOnHeels.ca

  • bubble

    I enjoy checking your posts, this page was added to my bookmarks in chrome.

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