Man Dies After Being Tasered In Traffic Stop

SAN BERNARDINO (AP) — Authorities say a driver has died after a sheriff’s deputy shocked him with a stun gun during a traffic stop in the San Bernardino Mountains.

The county coroner says 43-year-old Allen Kephart of Crest Park was stopped in the Rim Forest area Tuesday afternoon. San Bernardino County sheriff’s spokeswoman Jodi Miller tells the Riverside Press-Enterprise that the driver ran a stop sign.

Authorities say Kephart became combative and was Tasered during a struggle. He blacked out and was pronounced dead at a hospital about an hour later.

His death is under investigation.

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  • warrk21

    Please go to departedngone and Let The World Know that we have lost a Good Life.
    Departed N Gone

  • RUSH

    All our Law enforcement here in WYOMING ( WILL ) use their TASER’S only upon request., As A lot of US ( LIKE FEEL THE OUR BLOOD ON FIRE., ) IT’S A GREAT FEELING., Everyone in America should Demand ( FREE TASER CENTER’S.,) I’m sure the law enforcement would have no need of .40ty’s after everyone get’s addicted to the RUSH…….

  • Regg

    Rush… your grammar is horribly confusing.
    Prayers to the victim

    • RUSH

      Is that why you ( R ) the set behind the CBS screen Reporter Regg ???

  • Big John

    for running a stop sign? wow i hope it was just a accident that this person died & may god bless his family in this tough time. it is a shame that we have misgivings about our law enforcement officers, but when so many do all kinds of crazy things you just can not be sure. so many cops & even a few firemen have really let down their office & oath to protect & serve. there was a time when a cop was a cop & not some thug with a badge. now you just never know. but i truly hope that all of you get a good cop when dealing with them.

    • Duh!

      Big John – did you read the article??????
      He was tasered when he became combative. He was not tasered for running a stop sign. He was pulled over for running a stop sign. This was no thug of an officer.

      It is very simple. Do what the officer asks you to do. Then you don’t end up hurt or dead (like that idiot who ran away from the police and was killed when he tried to run across a freeway).

      • Brian Andres

        Yea, it’s really that simple. Sure seems to be a whole lot of people “accidentally” dying at the hands of cops these days. If it’s just “shut up and obey like a sheep” why don’t we just hire robots to do the job then? Maybe if cops had any credibility anymore your point would have some merit.

    • Karen

      Big John

      Why in the world did the fool RESIST a traffic ticket? A MEASLEY TRAFFIC TICKET? By the way, a person who refuses to sign it is brought to jail. He resisted. He could have signed the damn thing and told the judge his story and let the judge decide if he was right. Now, he is dead and it’s his own damn fault over a stupid TRAFFIC TICKET.

      • Katie

        Karen and Duh!,
        Allen – the man who was killed – was a service oriented person in our community. Always willing to help. What has happend here is unfortunately, more of what Big John was describing. Allen was a kind and gentle man with slight mental disabilities. He would puff himself up when confused or confronted, but never was he combative. What the media misses here is that Allen was tased EIGHT times by TWO officers, excessive for running a stop sign and pulling over at the nearest available place to stop, wouldn’t you say? What it appears to us in his community is that he was murdered by thugs with a badge and a power trip.
        I know it is easy to call some one in a news story a fool, but there is a mother who is without her son, a son who in all his history, never was combative. The officers are just covering theirselves – understandable – but wrong.
        The loss of this man you call a fool has left a hole in our community.


    Did the Deputy use the 50,000 volt stun gun or the 1 Million volt stun gun? Was it a department issued stun gun or aftermarket stun gun?

    There are so many type of stun guns available & if the Deputy used an aftermarket stun gun, i hope it is a recommended proper department voltage.

    There are various voltages to these stun guns, 25,000.. 50,000.. 75,000.. 100,000.. 200,000.. 500,000.. 1,000,000.. 2,000,000.. 3,000,000… & ultimately 5 Million Volts stun gun.

    Even if proper VOLTAGE is being used, how many times did he shock the “California Roll” driver? How long did he use the stun gun on him?

    • Duh!

      Voltage really isn’t the issue here. It is the amperage that was applied. You can easily survive 1 million volts if it comes through your body at 100 pico-amps. Different story if it came at you at 1 amp.


        if you leave it on someone long enuff, they’ll die from it too. Besides amperage, we also need to know how long the stun gun was applied to the “California Roll” driver.

    • Karen

      Why would POLICE use an AFTER MARKET stun gun. This idea is preposterous.

    • Katie

      Allen was tased eight times by and X26 gun. I don’t know how many volts that is, but eight times!!!


    I need to practice using my stun guns so if i ACCIDENTALLY ran a STOP sign, i won’t die from a Shock by Deputies!

  • jkeyner

    How amny deaths from Tasers so far in the Free Country of America?

    • Duh!

      Not as many as the violence in the border towns of Mexico have caused.

  • Gunny1

    Hey don’t pass judgement without knowing all of the facts. the guy was combative. The death affects many people including the officer (s) involved and their families.

  • 1stResponse

    If he would have complied with the officers directions instead of being a jerk and fighting with them when he knew he was wrong in the first place, he would still be here to complain about it.
    It just doesn’t make any sense to me why people think that being angry and argumentative is going to help any situation. It only make people defensive and turns them against you, even if your right. Try being nice about it and you will get your way every time and can walk away knowing that you came out on tiop by using your brains.

    • gunny1

      Thank you for the vote of confidence. Law enforcement does not have it easy. We morally pass judgement without the facts. Let’s not jump to conclusion and cruxify all concerned

      • 1St Response

        You’re Welcome!

      • Brian Andres

        Well, at least we’re only passing judgement morally. Cops these days are acting like jury, judge, and executioner more and more often.

  • bletch

    I know that we dont know all the facts, but, was a stun gun needed?
    Dont all these Cops have handcuffs? They should only stun gun someone if it is really needed. I have personally seen the mis use of these by officers. . .ALOT

    • gunny1

      how do you know that they didn’t try to handcuff the guy? Again you are making judgements on things that are very vague at this time. have you ever been helped by an officer in a bad situations and were you not thankfull that there was some one there to assist you? Again guys hold off till the facts are all out!

      • bletch

        I said we dont know the facts, and No, I have never been helped by an officer in a bad situation. Where I live, its seems they only show up afterwards to take names. I know the majority of them are good guys, but we all know there are badguys that wear the badge as well.

    • Duh!

      Have you tried putting handcuffs on someone that is being combative (which means physically fighting)? I would think it would be quite hard to do as he is throwing punches at your head.

      The use of a stun gun is to subdue the person so that the officer can put the hand cuffs on. You don’t do it the other way around of putting hand cuffs on and then stunning someone.

      • Brian Andres

        Ummm, have you seen cops? The word “combative” is thrown around pretty damn loosely…it does NOT, NOT, NOT necessarily mean physically fighting.

  • MS-13

    The Deputies were trying to meet their Ticket Quota to look good on their portfolio & get his/her promotion.

  • Mexican Mafia

    if the Deputies were close enuff to use a Stun Gun, then why not use their service provide batons?

    • Gunny1

      Yeah right! Then every body screams police brutality and become another Rodney King!

      • Teufel Wolf

        Its only police brutality if the perp is not white. The police can beat white people all they want.

  • 1stResponse

    Nothing will get you a ticket faster than trying to deny your guilt and arguing with an officer. You want to get out of the ticket -Smile:>) – admit that you made a mistake-tell them you won’t do it again-and thank them for doing such a great job. they will be so blown away, just maybe they will give you, that friendly warning that they are so famous for.

    • Duh!

      Accepting and signing a ticket is not an admission of guilt. It says so right on the ticket.

      Guilt is decided in a court of law. That is where you get to give your side of the story as to what happened.

    • Teufel Wolf

      More and more police cars have audio and video recorders – so admitting you broke the law is STUPID. You should not be rude, but you shouldn’t be a chump also. The main job of the police is “revenue enhancement” – they have a quota to make.

      • Karen

        Who said he had to admit he broke the law? All he had to do was sign the damn ticket and go to court. TSigning the ticket IS NOT AN ADMISSION OF GUILT. The judge is the only person who can decide guilt after the ticket is issued.

        The police’s job is TO CATCH CRIMINALS WHO BREAK THE LAW.

        Because we have so many illegal aliens who don’t know our laws, we need plenty of cops in So Cal.

  • KKK

    Would it be more effective if the Deputies Wet the suspect’s clothes before electro tasing him?

  • dean

    my friend was killed with a stun gun, ive never needed a police officer in my life, they just cost me money, FTP

    • gunny1

      Maybe you should be a better law abiding citizen

  • anonymous

    I bet the county will still issue him a citation and send to claims court if not paid.

  • Avenues Rulz

    Taser gun & stun gun are both different things. Most Taser guns can shoot effectively withing 12 Feet. On the contrary, Stun guns are for close proximity to the suspect.

    If the Deputy was within inches from the driver, why not wrestle him or call for backups??

    How long did the officer use the stun gun on him??

    Normally it takes 2 or 3 seconds to bring a Man to his knees.

  • California will be part of Mexico by 2025

    What happened to old fashion take downs? The new breed of Cops are trigger happy.

  • California will be part of Mexico by 2025

    “His death is under investigation.” which means police business as usual..

    They’ll find the evidence inconclusive & entered cardiac arrest on his death certificate.

    I wonder if the Sheriff’s department will try to collect $$$ for this ticket, i’m sure they will..

    Sorta like Hitler sending the Cost of a Bullets to the victims families..

  • tmec

    one in a million death. The cops can’t shoot people or use a baton or it’s excessive. The guy had a weak heart. Oh well, if you follow directions you won’t have trouble with the cops. Don’t be stupid, it’s pretty simple.

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  • ken2007c

    I live in the community in which this happened and this is an outrage! The cops around here take it to the extreme because we live in a very small town with not a lot of crime, so any opportunity to tase someone is just more action for them.. I understand a taser gun may have been appropriate for apprehending the guy but the amount of time it was used is the real question here. Sounds like excessive force to me.. I mean the guy ran a stop sign, combative or not, he didn’t deserve to die. You just don’t hear about people dying from being tased every day, so whats the real story here… of course we will never know, the sheriffs department is great at covering up their scandals.. .. My sympathy goes out to the victim and his family. You will be remembered, Rest Peacefully.

  • gunny1

    Outrage! Read the news today, three dead in Riverside, a elderly woman mugged, etc. etc. etc. You are a very lucky person to live where you live. You get up in the morning and actually view a beautiful place and have clean air. Where are you when there are town hall meetings? I presume that you are enjoying the peace of your community.

    Death is a tragedy to all concerned. Yes, if you are interested you will find out what happened, but I assumed you rather enjoy the peace of your
    small community than be involved!

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  • KMA367

    Amazing how many people thing that it should be a fair fight between the law breaker that wants to fight and the cop doing his job. He wants to fight, he gets schooled with an unfortunate end. Sad that the cop that puts his life on the line every day, even for you haters, has to live with the loss of life and also get scorned. One on one “Tasered during a atruggle” that was started by getting combative over a ticket. Your fight is in court instead of a physical one on the street.

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