EL SEGUNDO (AP) — Lakers center Andrew Bynum has been suspended for the first five games of next season for his flagrant foul on Dallas guard J.J. Barea in Los Angeles’ final playoff game.

The NBA announced the suspension Tuesday, two days after Bynum was ejected for the foul in the two-time defending champions’ 36-point loss to the Mavericks in Game 4.

The NBA also fined Bynum $25,000 for ripping off his jersey while heading to the locker room.

Bynum hit Barea with an elbow while the Dallas guard drove to the basket in the fourth quarter. Barea wasn’t seriously hurt, but stayed on the court for an extended time.
Bynum expressed remorse for his actions Tuesday, saying his actions were terrible and unacceptable.
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Comments (12)
  1. Rick Hirsch says:

    The suspension should be without pay.

  2. ILLEGALS says:

    The Referees in that Series were against the Lakers. I’m not surprise if they Bet on the Games they Ref’d in.. Bogus calls & a bunch of no calls..

    1. Saber 1 says:

      No riots, fires or looting. Just you making moronic comments. What do you expect from a mudflap.

      1. ILLEGALS says:

        Moronic comments? What do you say about Phil Jackson’s comments during the series? He was complaining about no calls, bogus calls, & knee up the Ass of Lakers post up players..

        So you think Referees NEVER Cheat/Lie?

    2. Saber 1 says:

      Sore losers, can’t handle their getting old, losing their touch and the talent is going away. I hope the team is disbanded and the rest sold to an East Coast buyer.

  3. JUST SAYING says:


  4. kgoddess says:

    Should be more, there was absolutely no excuse/reason for that foul he wasn’t even trying to go for the ball.
    Refs had nothing to do with the Lakers losing that series…Lakers tanked.

  5. Frank says:

    Another ghetto millionaire !! $$ can’t buy class !!!

  6. Hunkie boy says:

    who in their mnormal state of euphoria would pay hard earned money to watch a pak of undisclipined ghetto bangers make millions playing hoop? i would never go to a NBNA game.

  7. BD mcGee says:

    Do they have negros in France?

  8. Sistagirl Young says:

    Twenty-five grand for removing his jersey? What is the social significance of that? I don’t understand. It is some NBA violatiion to do so? You can blatantly foul someone in the manner in which Bynum did and you get a five game suspension. Okay. Just explain how removal of his jersey is more of a violation–or whatever the heck it is. Why didn’t they give the 25 grand to Barea? That would’ve shown Bynum. ‘Scuse my ignorance but I can’t make head or tails of how removing a jersey on court is punishable by a 25 grand fine. All right so sue me.

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