Pistol Packin’ Granny Robs Pregnant Kohl’s Shopper In Fontana

FONTANA, Calif. (CBS) — A robber on the loose in Fontana turned Mother’s Day into a frightening experience for one local woman, who said the criminal was actually an elderly woman packing a gun.

Fontana police confirmed that a woman believed to be in her 80s held up another woman who was waiting for her husband in the parking lot of Kohl’s. The victim, who is nine months pregnant, said the robbery occurred in broad daylight, around 11:00 a.m. Sunday.

The alleged victim, who only identified herself as “Shelly,” talked to KCAL9 reporter Nicole Gonzales.

“When she approached me. She seemed like a nice old lady that might need directions, that’s what I was thinking,” she said. “I just thought, I’m dead. I kind of froze, and freaked out a little bit.”

The alleged perp is described as a white woman, 5 feet 2 inches tall and about 140 pounds. Shelly said the woman was wearing black sunglasses, blue jeans and kept a pink flowered scarf over her face. “She pointed her gun at me, said ‘Excuse me, ma’am. I need your purse.’ She pointed the gun at me and took off.”

She made her getaway in a black sedan, possibly a Dodge Neon, with tinted windows and a missing hubcap.

The elderly assailant got away with the victim’s purse.

Shelly and her baby are both fine, but, she said, “It’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened in my life.”

  • Dan

    The title as well as the tone of this article
    dimishes the seriousness of what occured – I am for certain that the victim is greatly traumatized and affected by this offense (hopefully not beyond repair)

    Having a gun held to you as your being rob is
    terrifying! Doesn’t matter if the offender was elderly – this is nothing to be light of – Please, out of respect of the victim, change the tone of the article…thanks

    • R

      Being her friend I can attest that she is traumatized. Having a gun held to your head is life changing.

      • http://monozygotic.wordpress.com eskillian

        Not life changing. Maybe week changing from my experience.

  • Rachel

    Well said Dan! Just because the suspect is an 80 year old woman does not lessen the severity of what happened- this woman was robbed at gun point! And the suspect is still out there! I don’t care how old she is…take this seriously!

  • Mack

    Hard times for grandmothers. Despite the severity of the crime, there is something endearing about an 80 year Bonnie taking matters into her own hands.

    • Lily

      Matters into her own hands? What matters? She held a gun up to a pregnant woman and robbed her. That is endearing? WOW! She collects Social Security, has Medicare, and can qualify for assistance through programs for seniors. I don’t have it that good and I am half her age! I don’t go around taking what doesn’t belong to me. I certainly wouldn’t rob someone at gunpoint.

  • bob

    Maybe the ‘granny’ is younger and in disguise?

  • You think?

    “The victim wanted to be known as “Shelly” and not have her face shown.”…then they show her face on video….hmmmmmm….

    • For Real!

      Read it again, The alleged victim, who only identified herself as “Shelly,” this just means that they didn’t confirm her identity, not that she wanted to remain anonymous. Just saying!

  • That Guy

    This article is obviously mistaken, LA has gun laws too strict for this to happen.

    • kjb

      This happened in Fontana which is in San Bernardino County not Los Angeles County! Don’t be so lame. This is serious and the station is making a joke out of it.

    • Tom

      I agree, must be propaganda.

  • Htos1

    I had a gun in my face when I was 18,still not scared and I nailed the f****r to the wall and pressed charges.

  • Tarzan

    How about that Hope and Change? They now have your change and I am left with No Hope!

    • bddd

      Remember when Ronald Reagan was president?
      At that time, we also had Bob Hope and Johnny Cash.

      Now, we have Obama and no hope and no cash

  • rational discourse

    I believe you need a refresher course in Constitutional law. In particular, check out the youngstown sheet metal co case.

  • truthteller

    Does this site always identify the race of the perp?

  • Chuck

    A good reason to carry a gun of your own. This is why I no longer spend any time or money in California, the politicians care more about criminals than victims.

  • Snarf

    Fontana – The anus of Kalifornia

  • Snarf

    Fontana – The A-N-U-S of Kalifornia.

  • Amos N. Andy

    I caught onto it a long time ago, the media has little to no compassion for a victim ever.
    The microphone in the face of a mother who has just lost a child “how do you feel they ask”.
    Using code words like YOUTHS for young black thugs.
    Exposing the victim through their story to retribution and future problems. They could not care less, they do not deserve to be called REPORTERS because they are not. They don’t report news, they make it up.

    • sothinbelle

      Whenever DRUDGE links to a story, it does not take long for the racists to come out. You people make it hard for black conservatives to defend the conservative movement.

      • JustAGuy

        Well, this is how I see it. Conservatives criticize liberals because they’re wrecking the country. Racists criticize other races because that’s who they are. Heck, if Herman Cain became president, the same racists who criticize Obama would start criticizing Herman Cain.

      • Steve

        Except that Amos n Andy is totally correct.. white people (and smart non whites) recognize the PC speak when we see/hear it, and we know why the cover up is in full gear.. the plan is to keep white lemmings ignorant of the real racial crime stats

        This sort of white on white crime is super rare, percentage wise, whereas black on white and black on black crime is rampant.. just google “The Color of Crime” for the facts. facts cannot be racist, they are facts. Fix the problem, stop complaining about us exposing reality

      • InTheBubble

        All THREE of them, Sothinbelle? Why that’s just awful! Actually, we realists (not racists) are the ones you’re talking about, and it is you, one of the pie-in-the-sky, equality-loving, freedom-hating, left-wing loons, and your ilk, who WE see invariably responding to Drudge stories by calling all us non-loons “racists.” We realists just wonder what you’re smoking, injecting, or drinking that could so totally mess up your thinking. Or maybe it’s just a genetic disease. We certainly do reject your “ideas” and take offense at your vile remarks, but we also feel sorry for you since your minds are seemingly in a permanent hallucinatory state and not under rational control.

  • jan

    These blacks will rob anyone at anytime.

  • Mr. Reality

    This has been happening for years. It’s called Social Security and Medicare.

  • Robert Samson

    @jan, perpetrator was white numbnuts..

  • sailordude

    Maybe another mission impossible mask was used, like the white guy robbing banks with the black real looking costume mask or Chinese man looking like a 80 year old white man to sneak into Canada.. Grannies driving Neon’s with tinted windows is not in character, nor are armed ones robbing people.

  • JustAGuy

    Maybe the granny became desperate because the Obama economy is taking it’s toll with her ability to make ends meet.

  • Holland

    Probably a METH freak..who just looked 80. Crime and Narcotics can prematurely age you. Maybe she was 60…and looked 80.

  • eeriemoon

    I think we are going to see a lot more of this being that we gave away all our money and can no longer afford to take care of the elderly.

  • The Mayor

    hunt the old bag down.

  • ZagYee

    lol, times are tough. A granny has got to do what she’s got to do I guess

  • Daryl

    The elderly in the US make a living off of robbing the younger generations. The AARP has turned them into a bunch of leaches that think they are entitled to everyone else’s hard earned income.

    • Steve

      Reality check.. yes currently that is the situation but many of them dutifully paid in to the SS fund all their lives only to see it totally raided/stolen in the Reagan era. What do you want them to do now, volunteer to starve because they were ripped off first? I think there’s blame enough to go around for every person who looks in a mirror

      • Klaus

        If you pay $1,000 dollars into an investment and then scream because you only get $50,000 in returns instead of the promised 500,000 dollars, what right do you really have to complain?

        They’ve received 10 times what they paid into social security, I won’t feel sorry for them because they didn’t receive 20 times what they paid into it.

        Social security is a ponzi scheme and needs to be ended.

  • Society is CRUMBLING

    The real issue is why a woman of that age (an estimate) would resort to something so low? This really says something about the trajectory of the country and how we are discarding people like trash. You have to be very desperate to do what this woman did. She chose a target that seemed like she had something to lose. Not sure what she made off with because that wasn’t addressed. It was probably very little cash and a bunch of maxed out credit cards anyway. This woman was certainly a victim to have this happen, but it’s of course focused on herself and her family.

    Why can’t people address the larger social issue here? Now lets suppose this old woman is caught. How much expense will be involved in incarcerating her and having a trial, etc. It’s such a monumentally failed system anymore that it’s hard to even have a conversation with anyone that won’t acknowledge that simple FACT!

    • Teufel Wolf

      Age is no barrier to crime. A lot of the gangs in LA are run by matriarchs and patriarchs who are grandparents and mass murders. The Mafia on the east coast is mostly run by senior citizens also.

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