LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The FBI and Homeland Security say al-Qaeda had planned to target trains in the United States on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

New intelligence from the May 1 raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan is being now being disclosed to local law enforcement agencies.

After killing bin Laden, Navy SEALs took computers, DVDs and other documents.

CBS News sources confirm al-Qaeda memos referenced attacks against Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C.

The terrorist organization was considering tampering with unspecified rail tracks, so trains would derail over valleys or bridges.

LAPD Deputy Chief Michael Downing, who heads the department’s counter-terrorism bureau told KNX 1070 the information is alarming but not at all surprising.

Los Angeles has been a terrorist target since the so-called “Millennium Bomber” failed to hit Los Angeles International Airport in 1999.

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  1. LOL says:

    This is not new news,

    The talking heads are at it again.

    Please oh mighty one,
    Give us some real information, so that we can prepare for whats sure to come.

  2. Norma says:

    Tallk is cheap. Show me the proof.

  3. Sweets says:

    Tallk is cheap. So is talk.

  4. Mr , Time says:

    Come on CBS; This IS old Hollywood news, Besides Hollywood make’s REALLY GOOD GRUESOME PICTURE’S that us Americans go to the THEATERS OR FILM FLICK’S US OLD GUYS CALL THEM, to pay $12.00 or 15teen dollars to watch. It’s propaganda for what reason ? I haven’t fingered that out yet. Be side’s what can Obama show us American’s what we haven’t already seen here in our own country America on the NEWS NETWORK’S ? So tell Obama that he’s not going to get my VOTE unless he show’s those so called photo’s and film strip of Ben the terrorist. I wonder how many Americans will vote Holly Wood PHOTO’S???

  5. thatguyjoe says:

    The stock photo used to illustrate the story is amusingly inappropriate. How can you tamper with the tracks of a subway car to make it fall off a bridge or into a ravine?

    Modern train tracks have built in safeguards to prevent an intentional derailing by removing tracks. A train has been derailed by defeating the safeguards, but it takes expertise. Other reports described these “plans” as just aspirations. I doubt these derailment plans got very far.

    1. Mr , Time says:

      You are out touch Joe; You didn’t take agood look at the Photo’s or you wouldn’t be asking about wet tooth pick’s; Some time’s CBS slip’s up in showing photo’s. But you Joe CAN GO TO ANY ENTER NET SIGHT SEARCH ENGINE AND ASK ABOUT SUCH THINGS.

      1. Not a Moron says:

        Hey Mr , Time –
        How about using a search engine to look up proper punctuation? Didn’t your 5th grade teacher tell you that an apostrophe /s/ after a word is used to show possession? For example: Mr. Time’s punctuation errors; conversely, if you want to show a plural (more than 1) you simply add an ‘s’ (no apostrophe) to the word, such as ‘apples’ or ‘dogs’. Happy trolling!

      2. Mr , Time says:

        Sorry I didn’t know reporter’s could read passed the THIRD GRADE;That is grade 3 to you Joe.Ha, Ha, Ha; I really hoping for a ET or D.O.E., Hay-lo at 100 clicks the old days PAL.

  6. Mark Richardson says:

    The U.S. gov’t did 911, along with the Israeli MOSSAD.

    1. Not a Moron says:

      Dear Mr , Time:
      I think you want to use the word ‘past’ for ‘past the 3rd grade’. ‘Passed’ is used in the following way: “I passed by the English class and went outside to smoke a cigarette.’ Also, you need to insert the word ‘was’ in order to complete your sentence: ‘I really hoping…’ should read ‘I was really hoping…’ Also, when using an article such as ‘a’ or ‘an’ before a word, if the word begins with a vowel you should use ‘an’ such as ‘…an ET…’. You would never say, “How about a apple?” Or…maybe you would. Happy trolling!

      1. Mr , Time says:

        The U.S. government ( DID NOT DO 911.) Bush J.R., DID. ” That’s why there is a warrant of arrest for Bush J.R., By the WORLD COURT. Don’t you tune into the news net work’s? The only reason you haven’t seen it on C.B.S., It’s not news wordy …

      2. Mr , Time says:

        Now you sound ok Joe…

  7. Thomas Bleming says:

    I don’t believe this.
    First of all there are enough books on the market that show how to do a variety of things which are, believe it or not quite easy for anyone who really wants to cause mayhem on a large scale.
    Just look at how much C-4 is stolen each year from the military, along with other very dangerous items such as handgrenades, etc.
    The .50 caliber Barrett semi-auto rifle is another great tool for anyone wanting to reach out to do mass destruction.
    With the armored piercing ammo, that’s readily available in various types, such as AP,API (incendiary),
    APT (tracer), it would take little effort to do whatever the shooter wanted to do.
    I don’t worry about Al-Quaida.
    My guess would be that some of these drug cartels or our own home grown gang-bangers would decide to try out some of their arsenals on various targets of oppurtunity, so as to further intimidate the cops.
    This, I believe will eventually happen, a lot sooner then later.

    1. Teufel Wolf says:

      A gangsta shot down a LAPD helo last week. I’d worry more about the cartels and gangs – dozens are people are killed every month by gangsta terrorists just in LA. Many of the victims are children. The gangs also use rape as a terror weapon against women in LA.

      1. jaided says:

        are u serious. gangstas are not crashing planes into buildings. they are not planning to harm innocent civilians. u cant compare such organizations to each other. Keep in mind cartels keep operating because the U.S is addicted to their product right? enough said. im out.

      2. Mr , Time says:

        Us Old Americans have a saying when I was growing up; When the Police can’t handle it the crime against it’s own country men; Then it’s up to people to do what the paid off; Or look the other way enforcement will not DREAM of doing . Remember people there are a lot more people then there is enforcement; I would bet my eye teeth if I had any that the people of CA could rid them self’s of those pest’s drug gang’s, drug addict’s, dope runner’s, COP KILLER’S, over night on any given night….

  8. TheWindrunner says:

    Sounds like a plausible possibility. The 10th anniversery would make sense, but I think that would be too obvious.

  9. Michael J. McDermott says:

    Oh, then Los Angeles was one of them.

  10. David K. M. Klaus says:

    Where is al-Qaida getting their ideas, Republic movie serials from the ’40s? Blowing up bridges while trains crossed them was a Republic special effects staple, always done by Nazi spys or aliens from the Moon or Mars.

    Sounds like baloney to me.

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