LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Summer could come early for millions of California students if state lawmakers fail to place tax extensions on the ballot this fall to protect school funding.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports classrooms may shave off one month  20 instructional days from next year’s calendar if the cuts expire.

Failure to extend the tax breaks would mean that $15 billion will have to be cut to balance the state budget as some of the state’s largest districts — including the LAUSD and its $408 million shortfall — struggle to stay financially viable.

State law would have to be amended to lower the minimum number of school days from 175 days – a move that would also have to be approved by employee unions.

Republicans who have blocked putting the tax issue on the ballot suggest that Democrats are raising the possibility as a scare tactic to get the taxes approved.

Governor Jerry Brown is expected to outline deep cuts when he revises his budget later this month.

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Comments (16)
  1. TT says:

    Are you Serious ? Dont educate our children because people cant keep their hands outta the cookie jar? Soooo not fair – and if in 20 years we end up with people running our state that are undereducated – you will know why…..

  2. Annoyed says:

    Lawmakers!! Wake up!! You are seriously impacting our future! Cutting days off the school calendar creates waves of problems for all our students. Can you please put your petty differences aside and do your freakin’ job like the rest of us????

    1. TT says:

      agreed – we all have to come to work and do our jobs and if we just took off – we wouldnt get anything but fired – should be the same for Sacramento

  3. Tax Payer says:

    Good Let them cut the school year school they dont learn anything and 50%
    are children of illegals.

  4. Dr Oz says:

    It does not matter where the children are from, children are children.
    Racist fuxx!

    1. Derail Amnesty says:

      Where they’re from? You’re right. How they got in here, legally or illegally, that’s all the diff. in the world, however. CA taxpayers have no ongoing obligation to provide welfare and govt. services to the Have Nots from Latin America or anywhere else.

  5. A Father says:

    As a father of 3 children that graduated from the California public school system I can say they can chop off a month of school with no problem. The quality of the instruction they receive varies greatly with the ability and dedication of their teachers. If teachers were promoted and retained based on merit rather than seniority then children could be educated more efficiently.

    1. Annoyed says:

      As with most issues ‘chopping’ off a month might be ok for some kids coming from some socioeconomic backgrounds. Unfortunately, most of our children aren’t as lucky and therefore don’t have the benefit of being educated by the finer teachers. In fact, most of these kids come from parents who did not graduate school and who might barely be able to read or write. And no, I’m not talking about just the ‘illegals’. I work with plenty of families born and raised here with parents barely functioning at the 9th grade level. Cutting a month off of the school year not only affects academic progress but it also affects socialization, access to a positive support system, healthy food, structured and consistent schedules, the list goes on. We’re not talking about just book work.

      1. A Father says:

        “it also affects socialization, access to a positive support system, healthy food, structured and consistent schedules, the list goes on.”

        This is part of the problem with schools in California. We expect them to do all these things in addition to teaching our children. We should not expect schools to replace parents and families. If a parent or guardian will not fulfill their obligations then they should be held accountable.

    2. A Realist says:

      What merit would you use exactly to rate a teacher. Using test scores would only lead to what led to the lauded chancellor of schools in Washington DC to resign after going on Oprah for her pat on the back. After she was shown as a savior in the movie “Waiting For Superman,” it was found that the school she used as her role model for improvment based on merit pay (bonuses) based on test scores simply encouraged teachers and administrators to cheat on tests by erasing and changing answers on the forms. Also, this unfairly targets new teachers who often get stuck with classrooms of the least desireable students. Creating an education system based on teacher performance is a can of worms that if opened created more problems than it solves. Keep in mind that these are the future tax payers that we are pushing through the system, and their future earning potential has an effect on the taxes that are collected and put back into the system in the future. The main problem of funding lies in the colapse of the real estate industry that has been a relied upon and borrowed against source of tax dollars, and with the high percentage of abandoned/unoccupied/repo property, it is a source of income that has essentially been cut by 30-40%.

      If schools really want to change, they need to end the belief that all children have the capability of becoming 100% proficient and are capable of going to college. As a state, we should instead focus on getting the children that have the ability to go to college ready, and stream the others into schools and training to become part of the working class.

      1. Annoyed says:

        I agree 100%!!

  6. TheWindrunner says:

    How will this impact the 6 American children living there?

  7. Derail Amnesty says:

    This would be a bad thing? Given that the LAUSD has some of the highest paid teachers in the country, along with graduation rates that rival public schools in Louisiana and Mississippi, they can close most of the public schools and I won’t break a sweat.

    Let’s start being realistic. In CA, a large percentage of the people we are paying to educate are illegal aliens and anchor babies. Given the sanctuary city policies that are foisted upon many of us, why should citizen taxpayers cough up another dime?

    1. The Big Logic says:

      To the rational among us, they should’nt. However, because of the forced diversity mentality, those that were forced upon us have become the majority in the s**thole of LA, and we are now the undiversified minority.

  8. ernie123 says:

    Start charging non-tax paying illegals out-of-state tuition for attending our California schools. If the illegals don’t contribute anything in the form of income taxes, they shouldn’t receive any benefits.

  9. georgest says:

    Why should out of state American students pay more tuition than illegals that are citizens of another country? The UCs and Cal States, and community colleges need to revamp their tuition policies so both out of state students and out of country students pay the same tuition.

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