By CBS2’s Greg Mills

RIVERSIDE (CBS) — A boy Tuesday stood accused in the fatal shooting of his neo-Nazi father in their Riverside home early Sunday morning.

The father, Jeff Hall, was a neo-Nazi leader, who headed the California chapter of the National Socialist Movement.

Police responded to Hall’s home in Riverside Sunday morning at 4 a.m., where they found him dead from one bullet wound. They believe Hall’s 10-year-old son fired the shot.

Brian Levin, a teacher from the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at Cal State San Bernardino, described Jeff Hall as the biggest hater in the region.

jeff hall Boy Accused Of Killing His Neo Nazi Father In Riverside

Neo-Nazi leader Jeff Hall. (credit: Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism)

A neighbor, who fearing for his safety did not want to be identified, said he had issues with Hall’s white-supremacist colleagues. He was not alone.

“I am very concerned, actually, because I had no idea. I mean living here for school and everything,” said a neighbor, who has lived in the area for about a year.

She echoed the feeling of others in the neighborhood when she found out Hall was dead.

“I guess [I’m] relieved, but at the same time, for the time that I was living here I had no idea. So it’s just all of a shock,” she said.

Hall’s son was in juvenile hall Tuesday, expected to report to juvenile court on Wednesday.

Comments (21)
  1. Luis says:

    In the end, we’re all the same color. White, pale, dead. Life’s too short to hate.

    I feel bad for Mr. Hall and his son.

  2. John Doe IV says:

    VEry poorly written article. Did son kill father because of beliefs? If so he should not be prosecuted

  3. Mad Max says:

    Thank God! The family taught the boy how to shoot a gun.

  4. The Big Logic says:

    With such a ridiculous comment, your moniker should read> John Doe pi x radius squared x height as your lack of IQ is quite obviously infinitesimal.

  5. Thomas Bleming says:

    In the 1970s there was a guy (Joe Tomassi) who headed up the California branch of the American Nazi Party (which had their office in El Monte, California at that time).
    Tomassi was assassinated by a fellow member of the group, right in front of the building that served as its headquarters.
    I don’t remember what they did to the guy who shot him.
    In 1967, George Lincoln Rockwell, a former WWII U.S.Navy pilot and commander (who by the way was highly decorated for his combat actions against a German U-Boat in the south Atlantic), in 1958 started the American Nazi Party.
    Many of his supporters and members had served in United States military.
    He (Rockwell) was shot by one of his men (John Patler).
    Patler served several years (I believe 5 or 6) in prison.

    1. Courtney says:

      Super new oinpots for my blog, but I failed, I always throw this message: "Template is not possible to analyze because it is not well-formed. Make sure all XML elements are closed tightly.Error message with XML: The value of attribute "alt" associated with the element type "null" must not contain '<' character.Error 500 "Please advice and help!

  6. GC1008 says:

    Greg Mills said he was “murdered.” What if it was self defense. Who knows what went on in the house. Maybe next time the term “killed” could be used, so you don’t convict the kid before the courts?

  7. TheWindrunner says:

    It seems that America isn’t really the land of the free when one gets killed for their views. We are no better than any other country in some ways, and worse than some in others. In the last 4 decades we have become the drainage pit of the world without a release valve to empty ourselves, and now that which was to have been drained, is drowning those who should be doing the flushing.

    1. ConstantOne says:

      America isn’t the land of the free? A major Nazi was running around, not in jail for his beliefs, not shot by vigilantes or by the state but by his kid with (presumably) his own gun – which no one kept him from having, though he’s part of a group that seriously attempted to carry out the extermination of groups it didn’t like – but we’re intolerant! He never had it so good.

      Perhaps – being a Nazi and all – he failed to teach his kid tolerance. (ironic, if it weren’t so sad). So rather than America, maybe you should take this up with the Nazi Party – maybe they need some sensitivity and tolerance training.

  8. LuvYa says:

    “described Jeff Hall as the biggest hater in the region.” Obviously wrong since someone hated him enough to kill him, and reading these comments, there is a lot of hate going around his neighborhood. .

  9. Bruce Wilson says:

    So, a ten year old shoots his dad to death with a single bullet?

    While I agree it is very good shot placement, and while I feel no loss over the death of a Nazi, I doubt that this shooting was the result of a disagreement over political ideology.

    Guess what? According to this article, our Justice system has not yet determined that the boy actually did it! That will be determined through further investigation, and possibly, a trial.

    Jumping to conclusions without solid evidence, much less a trial, makes us all look like Nazis.

  10. drozone69 says:

    Killed by a semite,who works for the goverment.Poor Kid is under heavy sedation and “counseling” to ensure a scapegoat.

  11. ginny says:

    For a 10 year old child to kill a parent tells me something very bad was going on under that roof. Just my opinion.

    1. kim g says:

      Agreed. Other articles have stated that the mother suspected abuse and tried to have her children removed from the house.

      Seems as though the “neo-nazi” aspect is blocking out the major details of the case. I seriously doubt this boy killed his father because of a difference in beliefs.

  12. SW says:

    A National Socialist is killed. The words are correct. A Neo-Nazi like the original Nazis are portrayed as right-wing, but they in fact call for bigger, more powerful government AND hold to socialist political notions. In WWII many National Socialists were killed for having lost their war. A nation wide or a family small, the ideology of socialism comes to crush others and then itself. Let us re-double our devotion to freedom and liberty, that ever fewer National Socialists can find homes for their insanity. Thank you, Greg Mills, for writing the truth of this evil named National Socialism and properly equating it with racism.

  13. Osama Bin Dorkweed says:

    Praise Allah!

  14. Ben says:

    i think that is aethonr gross disrespect for human rights and freedom of speech- this requires being addressed as well as all the other “infringements” against our rights to know what is going on around the world- by the way they already have a big records as we all know- it’s too late for them to hide who they are- their very actions and censorship shows who’s signature this is-

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