RIVERSIDE (AP) — A white supremacist from California who ran for a Riverside water board has been shot to death in his home, and investigators say his young son may be responsible.

A coroner’s office news release says 32-year-old Jeff Russell Hall died of a single gunshot wound and was “shot by a known assailant.”

The Riverside Press-Enterprise reports police were called to Hall’s home at 4:04 a.m. Sunday. There’s no information about the child suspected in the shooting. Hall’s wife and five children were home at the time.

Lt. Ed Blevins says it’s unclear if the shooting was intentional or accidental. The local leader of the National Socialist Movement lost his November bid to replace incumbent Tom Evans on the Western Riverside Municipal Water District board.

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Comments (12)
  1. AJ Morgan says:

    SPOT ON! Tired of this kind of white filth!

    Oh, before the flames begin, I’m a white guy

  2. Marschyll Hobbs says:

    I’m a honkey and a cracker but, in all sincerity, i’m opposed to and against all forms of racism. White racists like that give us a bad name. White supremecisits, call yourselves stupid, but don’t say you represent all white people.

  3. PL says:

    They come in 3s
    Need one more, hear that ghadaffi ?

  4. Blunky says:

    Hah. Teach hate, receive hate.

  5. James Griffin says:

    Damn his kid got tried of the bs and took his life… SMH….. Nvr understood why race is such an issue especially now… Stupid is stupid regardless of color… A person’s character has more merit then skin color IMO… I hope everything works out for the kid……

  6. obbop says:

    As long as it is “politically correct to murder either white supremacists or separatists all is OKAY in the USA.

    I noticed how little reaction there was and barely any media coverage when the ex-Marine Corps guy I knew lost an eye when the illegal alien shot him during a robbery.

    And my friends 12-year-old daughter, groped by an illegal from below the border who was forced to move to a new area school district for DARING to report the offense to polices.

    Local Chicano gangs targeted the girl AND her family.

    Vandalism to vehicles costing HUNDREDS of dollars.

    The girl suffering repeated beatings the school did very little to stop…. “Well, we talk to the offenders.”

    Yep. NO double-standard in the USA.

    NO “protected species.”

    Intelligent honorable people are discovering that separatism MAY be needed just to SURVIVE!!!!

  7. mark says:

    This reminds me of American History X…

  8. I See! says:

    Thats a sad way to go.
    My condolences to his family.
    Hope his younger kids don’t grow up with that hate.
    Why cant we all just get along.

  9. Untitled says:

    “Intelligent honorable people are discovering that separatism may be needed just to survive”? You speak as though segregation is a newly discovered concept and nothing you have said indicates that you know a thing about intelligence or being honorable. I hope that you are aware that many and more white people have committed similar crimes and it is laughable that one could you possibly insinuate that minorities are a “protected species” here in the United States.

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