WESTMINSTER (CBS) — While many were celebrating his death, at least one person was not, using graffiti to honor Osama Bin Laden.

The memorial to the slain terrorist was first reported by the Orange County Register. It was found early Monday along the 405 Freeway, just south of the Springdale exit in Westminster.

The graffiti read, “R.I.P. Osama …Forever,” accompanied by an upside down American flag and the word, “un-American.”

The message was removed Monday morning by Caltrans. The California Highway Patrol is investigating the incident.

Comments (36)
  1. Thomas Bleming says:

    Viva ‘Che’ Guevara!
    Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

    1. Saber 1 says:

      Another dead moron killer Communist.

    2. Rick says:

      CHE GUEVARA was a A-hole terrorist himeself. Glad the Hispanics have a real HERO to rally behind, LOL.

    3. Saber 1 says:

      Where are the Scout/Sniper teams when you need them? Spread brain matter all over the wall and leave that. I bet it was some ILLEGAL ALIEN trying to pi$$ off the general public of AMERICAN CITIZENS, at least those of us who are still here.

  2. mark says:

    I think they meant to say Obama Forever… as for the upside down flag, maybe he inhaled some of the fumes from the can and got disoriented.

  3. Kandyk says:

    I think this graffiti incident is evidence of the fact that Al-Qaeda is interwoven in the United States and that retaliation can come from within our country, not necessarily from outside. We must remain, from this point on, super-hyper-vigilant at every facet of life.

  4. Chris Folgate says:

    Wow, that’s majorly F’d up!

  5. Really! says:

    I think reporting this type of nonsense is stupid! It only adds to the problem. The media has become the stupidest group of folks in this country. It’s probably some lame kid who just set up a you tube channel to try and profit from the hits. Who F**king cares, he’s dead…end of disscussion.

  6. I See! says:

    Comedy at its finest.

    Whoever did this obviously intended for laughs.

  7. Trump says:

    Buried at sea? I smell a rat.
    We all wanted his body brought back to the U.S.
    Something is fishy. (yeah, I know, pun)

    1. Jeff says:

      There is such thing as respect. Even though it was not given to us, we can be the more significant party here and do the right thing. WHy would you want his body here? Personally I would have rather seen his remains burned. but throwin in the ocean is just as fine since he will just become chum.

  8. El Chepo says:

    He should be happy he did it here in the USA because once they find him, he’ll only receive a slap on the wrist however if he were in an Islamic country, they’d cut off that hand of his and then probably behead him.

  9. it's me says:

    That’s what we get for letting all these damn foreigners into the US.

    1. Shame says:

      Who is the foreigner? Study history!

  10. Jim Gates says:

    we have some very disturbed people if they are honoring a terroist by writing graffiti on the wall

    1. shane says:

      should read Bin Laden rest in HELL

  11. Peter says:

    Obviously its just a joke!

    1. Ely says:

      They really meant Rest In Pieces lol

  12. Bill Fraser says:

    A 15 year old white kid probably wrote that while wearing his “Che” t-shirt.

  13. Joe says:

    Yea…This is just some dumb kids trying to get on the news. It worked!

  14. Al-Qaeda says:

    OBL/AQ worked for the Mossad.

  15. CHAKA says:

    I doubt this is a terrorist tagging on the walls. I think it’s just a dumb juvenile tagger who decided to write something as a prank in light of what had happened. This person is a MORON!

  16. Thomas Bleming says:

    Some people still regard Bush and Cheney as “patriots”.
    This is frightening, when you consider all the lies they used to get us into this war that THEY said would last into the next century.
    Hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi’s and Afghan’s that have been killed. It makes me sick, I am (at times) ashamed to say I am an American.
    Oh, before you right-wing, flag wavers jump and scream “traitor”, I want to let you all know that I am a Vietnam combat vet.
    Who’s going to fight for lies?
    A real shame on this nation, to make up lies, to go off to kill people, have our resources (both human and material) wasted.
    This was the same that was done to get us into the Vietnam quagmire and we all know that was a mistake.
    We’re a bankrupt nation, without any sort of cultural values, our own country is being subjected to criminal terrorists (gang-bangers) however we fight 15,000 miles away (for the oil and gas big-whigs),from our shore, all the time being fed the line “We’re fighing for our freedom”.
    This is the height of absolute stupidity.

    1. Ed Rooney says:

      Boy, someone needs a nap.

  17. MR, Time says:

    Bush isn’t safe from the World Court. Just because Ben Laden is dead. And Gadhafi ISN’T SAFE from ” OUR LENT TO US AMERICAN AL-QAEDA FREEDOM fighter’s.” FROM BEN LADEN. IS BEN LADEN really DEAD? Where’s the BODY…..

  18. Bill Brumner says:

    America was built on terrorism. We just didn’t have planes then

  19. Rosa says:

    If he’s DEAD WHERE IS HIS BODY?!? WE ALL WANT TO SEE THAT WAY WE R FOR RELA IN PEACE! HOW COME THEY THREW HIS BODY INTO THE OCEAN?!? that’s bull!! I THINK IT’S FAKE! cuz when the other dude form that was like Osama when he died they showed his body ect… How come they are not showing his?!? HIS BODY IN THE OCEAN WILL JUST CONTAMINATE IT MORE! I THINK IT’S A FAKE HE’S ALIVE AND JUST PLANNED THIS SO HE CAN CHANGE HIS FISCAL LOOK & be another person or so…

  20. azuresees says:

    It should have read: R.I. H. instead of R.I.P

  21. Русский Ваня says:

    Американцы – тупые пидорасы и сосут славянский хуй.

    Слава Руси, смерть пиндостранцам!

    14 слов

  22. icecream says:

    Osama bin Laden: Rest in Pieces !!!

  23. TT says:

    that individual musta been desparate for attention –

  24. SPAIN says:

    It was the O.S. Boys!!!

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