LOS ANGELES (AP) — The California Department of Managed Health Care says health insurance rate hikes slated to go into effect Sunday are unreasonable, but the regulator has no power to stop them.

Spokeswoman Lynne Randolph says a rate hike affecting 120,000 Anthem Blue Cross individual policyholders was reviewed and found to have higher rates than plans with similar benefit levels under the jurisdiction of the state’s other insurance regulator, the Department of Insurance.

Randolph says a review showed products filed with her department are charging policyholders 3 percent to 4 percent more.

Anthem spokeswoman Kristin Binns said Friday that the insurer plans to go ahead with the rate increase, noting the regulator had previously approved it.

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  1. Hank says:

    Anthem/Blue Cross is so big even the Dept of Managed Care and Dept of Insurance are afraid to regulate them appropriately.

  2. AMYB says:

    I hate how Anthem Blue Cross is increasing premium costs without notice. Mine is almost $1,000 every other month to be paying. It is getting too expensive to pay out my own pocket until I get a full time job with benefits. Especially since I’m very healthy and only see the Dr. once in a while in years.

    1. Ron says:

      I left Blue Cross many, many years ago, the first time they increased my rates. I checked around and found Kaiser Permanente to have the best rates for the coverage I needed. I had to go with one their HMO plans. It was much cheaper and I was very happy with them.

      I only left them when I discovered that I could get my medical care through the V.A. at Long Beach, Calif.

      Do yourself a favor, leave Blue Cross NOW and NEVER look back. You will save money and be much happier.

      I hope this helps.

  3. Bryan Conover says:

    You are all MAJORLY confused…Rates are not going up and according to Obama they are actually going down as with all health care cost. Even an idiot knows that Obama care is about saving everyone billions of dollars in much needed medical services. So just stop your whining and get used to the idea of 40% higher premiums, 25% Higher Co Pays with less benefits, And most importantly, greater net profits for the health care industry as a whole…You are blind if you have not notices an across the board increase in everything from Pharmacy goods to Preventive Health Doctor visits…??

    This was never about protecting or helping Americans…Its was about organization like Anthem Blue Cross cashing in on DNC campaign contributions that got Obama and others elected.

    Its impossible to find one indication that Obama care has brought down the cost of medical services.

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