91-Year-Old Grandma Sells Suicide Kits To Help Terminally Ill Die With Dignity

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Meet Sharlotte. Like a lot of grandmothers, she likes to keep busy. But while some grannies sit and knit scarves and afghans, this 91-year-old has a decidedly different hobby.

charlotte suicide hood 91 Year Old Grandma Sells Suicide Kits To Help Terminally Ill Die With Dignity

(credit: CBS)

She makes suicide masks.

Sharlotte started making and selling these suicide kits out of her cozy Southern California home after watching her husband die a slow and painful death from colon cancer. She blames doctors for keeping him alive.

“It was terrible to treat people that way… To make them suffer to the bitter end,” Sharlotte said.

Sharlotte, who sells her controversial kits for $60, demonstrated how they work in front of our cameras.

“To die with this helium just takes you a couple of minutes and [you] die peacefully,” said Sharlotte, who only wants to be identified by her first name.  She also didn’t want her face to appear on camera.

A loophole in California law makes selling the kits legal, but the ethical controversy remains heated. (For the record, what Sharlotte does is not illegal because she is not present when the person takes their own life.)

Sharlotte insists she is no Kervorkian-in-the-making. She told CBS2’s Sharon Tay that she just wants the terminally ill to be able to end it … on their terms. When they are ready.

She wants to make sure no one has to suffer like her late husband or the people he left behind.

Sharlotte sells the kits to people all over the world. She insists she is also not doing it for the money. “I do it because I care for people.”

Three states have enacted a “Death with Dignity” law.  In California assisted suicide is still illegal, but proponents of the suicide mask are trying to change all that.

Opponents to changing the law point to one of Sharlotte’s clients, a 29-year-old Oregon native. He wasn’t suffering from a terminal illness. He opted out because he was tired of dealing with his chronic depression. His suicide touched off a major controversy.

And now, a group called Californians Against Assisted Suicide wants to stop Sharlotte and her masks.

She is not deterred. “Whatever a person wants to do with their life,” she says, “is their right. They need the right to make that decision.”

  • http://losangelesforme.com/2011/04/grandma-91-sells-suicide-kits-to-allow-elderly-to-die-with-dignity/ Grandma, 91, Sells Suicide Kits To Allow Elderly To ?Die With Dignity? | Los Angeles for Me

    […] Meet Charlotte. Like a lot of grandmothers, she likes to keep busy. But while some grannies sit and knit scarves and afghans, this 91-year-old has another hobby. More from: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com… […]

  • Angel from above

    @JeanneB….very sorry to hear that you have been fighting cancer for so many years….theres a reason your still amoung us….live free…live hard…and enjoy what here today…why…because tomorrow may never come………God bless

  • steve

    kalina kitty, please don’t believe it’s hopeless. I promise you, if you reach out to God you will find him there. Get yourself a Bible, read the Gospel of John and you will see Jesus Christ for who he is, the one who created you and lo9ves you dearly. Please be well.

    • anthony

      I’m 41, have suffered serious mental illness for 15 years, and have been suicidal. I believe in God. With the passage of time I have come to understand that all I have been through has been a great gift. God loves us and wants us to live. We cannot always discern His purposes but just the act of faith in Him helps ease suffering. I always tell people, it’s worth the struggle. Tough it out and you will have great happiness in the end. Please, don’t give up!

      • bob

        Delusions often accompany serious mental illness. God is a delusion, so there you are.

    • Dolores Marotta

      Steve–apparently you’ve never be in pain that is so severe that death comes as a friend. How can you pray when you’re screaming out in pain–besides, no imaginary being is listening to prayers.

      • Sharon

        Dolores, Yes, I have prayed when I have screamed out in pain…I am a 51 year old with severe chronic back pain. and I KNOW that GOD (not an imaginary being) is listening to my prayers.

    • Curtis

      The same people that want to force others to continue to live who have NO HOPE of ever living a normal, pain-free life, oppose things like marijuana which has been proven to be extremely helpful in many instances without the toxic side-effects of similar pain medications. That is slowly changing, but not fast enough for those who suffer daily.

      Just because the bible says suicide is a sin doesn’t necessarily make it so, and it certainly doesn’t give you the right to support legislation based on that belief. It’s my body and I have the fundamental human right to choose what happens to it, not you, or God. You and I can’t fathom what it’s like until we’re in that situation. We treat our pets better than we treat our families when it comes to end of life decisions. And the motivation is entirely illogical.

      • RJ OGuillory


        Plant me, tend me
        Wet me, feed me
        Light me, weed me
        Grow me, groom me
        Splice me, mate me
        Hide me, help me
        Want me, take me
        Hang me, dry me
        Piece me, price me
        Sell me, roll me
        Smoke me, feel me
        Plant me, love me

        RJ O”Guillory

      • Don Glen

        Curtis: My wife is in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s. I visit everyday and ask why is God making all these people suffer. There is no logical answer.
        Since the “Terri Schiavo” fiiasco, and Sarah Palin’s Death Panels, Dying with Dignity has been given a bad name. Is the medical profession’s objection to assist for profit or religion. Either way they are wrong.

    • dootise

      do you also believe in the tooth fairy? mother nature? father time? fire and brimstone.? bog daddy in the clouds with a big deep voice? all superstitions and nonsense

      • Markustee

        No, not superstition, and not nonsense. Superstition and nonsense is believing that man evolved from ooze that spontaneously became alive. Check out the odds – God has the bet in Las Vegas by several trillion trillion to one.

      • Sparrow

        “Superstition and nonsense is believing that man evolved from ooze that spontaneously became alive. ”

        Clearly you don’t know anything about evolution. Please get informed before you open your mouth and spout nonsense.

    • JM in San Diego CA

      I stopped believing in God when I realized that Creation is rife with mistakes. Take the earth’s crust: Do you think God intentionally created tectonic plates so Mankind would have earthquakes? No, neither do I. God didn’t create anything. Man created God. Every civilization has a god or gods — and they’re all different.

    • Greg H

      Yes, because Jesus created this situation, and he’ll be around shortly to make it all better. I’m sure a lot of older people are comforted by these simple lies. Not.

    • Bob

      God only “loves” us in the sense He saved us from eternal damnation – here in life we are on our own with the pain and suffering – Dearth opens the door to be with God !!

    • Susan See

      Humm, I don’t think this advice is really applicable to someone who is not a Christian and could be offensive to, for example, a Muslim or someone of the Hindu faith.

    • Jim

      God only has left an empty unloved feeling in my life.

  • Babd

    @Reality66 – People determined to take away one’s right to die with dignity will try to do so, no matter what. However, they should first volunteer with hospice and see how even that estimable organization cannot always keep the terminally ill comfortable and how much pain those with terminal cancer can sometimes suffer.

    • andrew

      im not so sure about putting “hospice” and “estimable organization” in the same sentence.

      • JM in San Diego CA

        Andrew: My sister-in-law is a hospice nurse. She is a lovely caring lady who accepts that her patients are probably not going to get well. (Only a rare few leave Hospice alive.) She makes their last days or weeks as comfortable for them as her skills allow.

        Hospice has not touched me through any friends or relatives — yet. However, of the many things I have heard about them over the years, your statement is the only one I’ve ever heard to cloud their image. I really want a retraction or your horror story. Any chance of that?

      • Moe

        Andrew, Volunteer at Hospice. Then you can be sure, OK?

      • chris

        So what exactly do you know about hospice care? Did you or a family member have a bad experience? I think that maybe you are not informed or aware of what hospice does.

  • Testicus

    why not have a public suicide booth. like a phone booth, or whatever. and people going in are painlessly dispatched.

    • JM in San Diego CA

      “Soylent Green” was a major motion picture starring Charleton Heston. “Soylent Green” describes something similar. It’s not a booth, per se, but a place for people who wish to end their lives.

      • Steve Hollar

        I always thought that was the best part of the movie. When Edward G. Robinson had enough, he went to a beautiful place with caring people helping him and just peacefully died. Made sense to me. Oh and just so you know, I’m not a liberal, I’m as conservative as you can get.

    • flo

      now you’re talkin’

    • Hairy Herry

      ONLY, and I repeat, ONLY after we can view lethal injections from Death Row can I agree to that.

  • http://vigilaunties.wordpress.com warrior2429

    let’s see….. she’s sad because her husband died a slow death, so now she is helping in the self-murder of other elderly folks? She sounds pretty sick to me.

    • JM in San Diego CA

      It’s not “self-murder,” you dunce! There’s no such thing.

    • headjazz

      Let’s wait and see how YOU will feel when you are 91 years old, alone and fragile.
      Your heart must be made of cold granite!

      • dimview

        Hey “head”, the person who is cold as ice is the little old granny who wants to “ice” others. People don’t need to be offed, they need people in their lives who care, who will be there for them, and will not push them off a train. A great mind once said”it is in giving that we receive”. Ok, this 91yr old woman says: you’re not worth the additional care and attention, and you shouldn’t put yourself or anyone else through extra pain, so, don’t be a pain, just drop dead. Wow. Thats compassion, isn’t it? ALL HUMAN LIFE IS PRECIOUS!! It serves a purpose, even if it is meant to help someone else grow to be a more loving person as they care for them if they are that dying, depressed, or sick person. And, the same goes for a baby. YOU may not want that little new person in your life, but there are thousands of heartbroken folk out there who have empty arms who would gladly give all they could to have a baby, even if it isn’t related to them!

      • Randon Taylor

        You murder cause you care? All those that suffer come to kind headjazz he’ll kill you cause he’s such a nice guy. You’ve such a black soul.

      • http://vigilaunties.wordpress.com warrior2429

        you can choose to live, even at 93

      • Jim

        Thats why end your life with dignity. Don’t live past 70.

    • j r

      Yeah, keeping dying people alive in horrible pain just to make a profit off them or because of someone elses’ belief in fairy tales isn’t sick.

      • April

        worked in geriatric nursing for over 25 years. Very well said.

      • Sandra

        Well said.

    • JM in San Diego CA

      I disagree. Suffering is bad. Suffering with no end in sight is very bad. Intentionally prolonging the suffering is very, very, bad.

      What, exactly, is to be gained from prolongation of suffering when one has abandoned all hope for a favorable alternative outcome?

      The answer is … NOTHING!

      • dimview

        You are WRONG JM. Suffering is not bad. It has redemptive purposes, for self, and for others. For those who care for and love the suffering people, there are rewards that cannot be measured. Should Mother Teresa have just grabbed a machine gun and mowed down the suffering and sick and dying people to “put them out of their misery”? What a throw-away, culture of death society we live in. Humans aren’t important, just get rid of them if they are unwanted. Eugenics at it’s finest.
        You can look at life as just one long chain of sufferings, so why bother with it at all? The kids at St. Judes hospital, they suffer, some might not have much time left to live, but, if you asked their parents, they wouldn’t let go of one precious moment with their child. There are drugs that take care of pain and suffering, and can ease those last days, without robbing the patient or the family of those last precious days, hours, moments they have left to share.
        Thhs old lady wants to be a one person “humane society” for people via the mail. This is goulish. It is worse than inhuman, it is diabolical.

      • UCDsurvivor

        Dimvview suffering is valuable. Hogwash!! As a person with a chronic genetic disease, you are full of tripe. I lost my job, my money and will loose my home. Would you care to step in and provide full monetary support and find a way to remove all the daily pain?

        You comments are those of a brainwashed individual from a so called religious POV. Lets dangle you on a rope without a knot over a freeway and then tell me suffering is valuable to your experience while we say go with it baby!!

      • Bruce

        Suffering has redemptive value? What rot! Only if one is a sadist. You think a god gives a damn if you suffer when you die? If so you are deluded. There is no evidence for any such magic god, talking snakes, holy ghosts, pixies, or big foot. Why do we in the civilized world put animals down mercifully? Because intentionally allowing or causing an animal (any animal) to unnecessarily suffer is ethically wrong and twisted. Do you enjoy a good dog fight? Something tells me you might be that kind of sick person.

      • RN in CA

        Dimview, have you ever watched someone suffer on their death bed? How about ones suffering while family refuses to let go… who are kept alive by the decision of their family? It is horrible to watch. Until you look someone square in the eye who knows they are about to die you should hold off saying suffering is not bad. That look is something you would never forget.

        We have prolonged life so long with modern medicine. What’s so wrong with someone saying I am ok with how I have lived my life, and am tired of the suffering I have and will continue to endure?

      • You Must Be Joking

        you are so wrong Jim! There’s TONS of money to be made from keeping people like that alive. Sheesh. Where’s your head at, dude?

    • Henry Bowman

      Perhaps she was simply being respectful of his wishes. We don’t know. She has no right to take another’s life, and she seems completely aware of that. Her last statement

      “Whatever a person wants to do with their life is their right. They need the right to make that decision.”

      seems to encapsulate her feelings.

      • Hairy Herry

        You simply don’t “get it” do ya?
        Are you that type of person who thinks nobody should have guns except the law enforcement and TSA goons? Whose life is it anyway?? Oh, I forgot.. There was a movie made decades ago with that exact subject and title..

  • Testicus

    let people make their own kit. what she should do instead is print out the information with a material list and such. if she is the caring person she claims, perhaps she would consider posting that information online for free?

    • Babd

      In fact, all of that information is available online for free already. Likely that’s where she got it. Some people, however, may not have the necessary manual dexterity or natural ability to craft such a thing and would prefer to simply order it already made.

    • biff biffington

      She is providing a valuable service for people who want such a service provided, as evidenced by the fact that she has customers. How about you butt out, and let let people buy the things they want to buy?

  • Corinne

    Animals should not be “euthanized.” They are killed, and it’s horrible. If we don’t do it to people we should not do it to animals. Live and let live. Thou shalt not kill.

    • ronhcole

      Corrinne, should we kill insects? How about killing living Germs?

    • Frank

      Shut up Corrine. Religion has no place in law and animals don’t have rights no matter what you animal rights crazies try pushing off on the dim witted public with your tired old ‘abuse’ video, most of which is taped during illegal raids of the mentally ill.

      Where’s the compassion in that?


      Sorry Corinne, but that scripture does no apply to animals. The Bible uses the word “murder”, which can only apply to “human” beings. Euthanizing animals is much more caring than you give it credit for. Furthermore, please don’t place animals and humans on equal plains. Humans are the higher species. Since you want to use what the Bible says, then use ALL of what the Bible says. Man is given DOMINION over all living creatures!

      • dimview

        True, true, true Cash. I just can’t get over how little human life is cared about in this line of comments! Unreal! I DO feel like I’m living in the time of Soilent Green!! Certainly is macabe to say the least!

      • artemis133

        Frank and CASHMETY, you are both idiots. Animals, as well as humans, and other beings, are all sentient and deserve compassion. What Corinne posted is commendable. And I’m a Buddhist! People like you are the ones who stand to learn something about the world!

      • Loolz

        Suicide isn’t murder either, genius.

    • JM in San Diego CA

      Corinne, you vote, too, don’t you? Br-r-r-r! … a chilling thought.

  • N/A

    Obviously you have not dealt with depression. I would never have received help if it were not for the fact that people who cared about me forced me to. To live every moment of every day in complete and utter misery, fighting the ever growing desire to end it all, is far more powerful than you could imagine. It is people like you that give those with depression that final push over the edge, and I’m sure you are proud of it.

    • Enola

      Very well said, N/A. Thank you.

    • Go Granny!

      Thank you! You truly hit the nail on the head! I suffer from severe, disabling depression too. It’s uneducated, judgemental people, who’ve never *experienced* severe depression, who don’t understand. They don’t understand depression is like a mental illness, that can hurt just as bad as a physical illness. It causes others around them, to suffer as well. Until someone has walked a mile in anothers shoes, they have no right to spout off. It IS because of people like that, that DID push me over the edge. My son saved my life.

  • Jen

    It is a slippery slope and I don’t think assisted suicide is a good idea. Pain is a part of life. If you are ready to go stop treatment and your body will take care of the rest. As for those with mental illness ( I worked in a mental facility) we need to help and support them not “put them down” this is what the Nazis did.

    • J

      Death is also a part of life. A person’s body is his or her possession, and as such being able to choose when, where, and how the physical body dies is a fundamental human right.

      • ronhcole

        J, I too feel that I am the only one who should make the decision on how I should die. Unfortunatley, there are people that beliive only God can make that choice. The reality is that few people get to make that decision for themselves because of accidents, murders or other reasons. Still, if I am faced with a life threatning situation, I want the choice on what to do..

      • Esther Whitfield

        I totally agree and wished people saw it more like this. People keep talking about human rights on this article, but don’t realize that by denying this act is to deny our human rights. It’s really disgusting to see what other people’s views are on this subject. Everyone that disagrees with this practice needs to understand that the individual is the one making the choice for THEMSELVES.

    • Sanjose Mike

      While I acknowledge your “slippery slope” argument, I think your post is extremely naive. You are discussing mental illnes. The real issue here is the suffering from terminal cancer and ALS. You don’t understand the pain from terminal cancer. The Media describes “death with dignity.” There is no dignity in the pain from terminal cancer. It is beyond descrition. You obviously have been shielded from viewing this. Therefore I think you are very naive. When you see this directly, you will change your mind.

    • JM in San Diego CA

      The Nazi Argument usually ends all discussions, but not with a win for you, I’m afraid. It’s a pathetically lame approach to a problem that requires critical thinking. Associating her with last-century war crimes gets us nothing.

      Granny’s suicide kit leaves the choice to the individual. She doesn’t pick and choose whom to put down, like some racetrack veterinarian — or a Death Camp Commandant.

    • YML

      I disagree with you partially. I DO agree that it is a slippery slope and pain is a part of life. But not everyone is equipped to be able to stop treatment. Since you worked in a mental facility, I’m sure that you can understand how some people don’t have the ability to express exactly what they want. On top of that, BECAUSE of the fact that they are in an assisted living program, they would just be thought to be having psychological episodes, of which they would be restrained and drugged so they wouldn’t be able to inflict harm to themselves or to others. My grandfather has alzheimers and complete kidney failure. He is also AMS all of the time, and pulling out his feeding-tubes and IVs. He is currently living in a nursing home. My grandmother is wasting away worrying about him. She’s losing her house, is unable to eat and can’t sleep. My father is going broke paying the nursing home bills every day, and when my grandfather (who is 92 years old) finally has some peace, it will drag my grandmother and quite possibly my father along for the ride. Now, let me ask you. If it was YOUR father in this position, would you want to see your mother going through this carnival of medical mayhem? Or would you rather that he go peacefully without pain and suffering? I think that what YOU want makes no difference. What makes a difference is what your FATHER would want. Unfortunately, we are living in a day and age where everyone believes that they know best and that suffering proves a man’s worth. I say that by the time I’m 90, if I start to lose it… PULL THE GODDAM PLUG

    • YML

      Oh, and one more thing: ALL of my grandparents went through Auschwitz and let me tell you something… They did NOT “put them down” they SLAUGHTERED THEM like PIGS. There was NOTHING humane about what they did and there was NOTHING proper about it. They did it for the purpose of genocide, not assisted suicide, you twit.

  • headjazz

    You are not alone, please keep fighting the good fight! Each day alive is a victory for the human spirit.

  • Rufus Severus

    “A coward dies a thousand times before their death and a brave man dies but once” Killing yourself to escape pain is the ultimate in cowardice and surrendering to pain is beneath. What an odious wicked old crone. Hell awaits thee tarry no over long.

    • Sanjose Mike

      Do you like excruciating pain? Why on earth would you suggest that humans go through this. You are extremely naive. You have no idea what the pain from terminal cancer is. It is beyond description. Probably you’ve only seen this in the movies. Trust me, the movies are not accurate. Cancer death is not dignified. The level of pain involved is hell on earth. You are a very cruel person.

    • dimview

      It is indeed cowardice but more than that it is a rejection of the graces given to a person in their last hours/moments. It is a saying of an ultimate “NO” to the Creator when one ventures to take one’s own life, or someone elses. It is saying “I don’t believe in a Higher Power, and this is their way to put an exclamation point on that “NO”. People, you didn’t create yourselves, you didn’t create the universe or the stars or anything else, and it didn’t all just majically happen from nothing, and you won’t be going to a nothing when you leave this world. I have indeed been present with a family member dying of cancer. I have lost 3 children. None of you know me or anything about my life, and for you to project that I am this, or I am that is narrow minded and judgemental, and lastly but not least, is hateful.

  • Brian

    Spare me the Jesus freaks and the lines about a patient deemed terminally-ill by a panel of doctors ending their life as being an “act of cowardice” — tell that to an elderly person who’s been bedridden for years, who has no choice but to deal with the indignity and “care” of nursing homes that bankrupt their families, where they may or may not be treated with the respect they deserve. Live in the “lives” of any number of those people who have been suffering through terminal illness for a day, and then come back to me with the Bible-thumping nonsense about staying alive because “God loves you”.

    • jax

      Very well said I hope others read your post…

    • dimview

      Spare us your hate-filled language towards those who are Christian, Brian! “Jesus freaks” and “bible thumping nonsense”. Nice, Brian. You’re just feeling lucky to be living in a day when it’s ok to bash Christians and Jews, makes you feel “better than others”, now doesn’t it. People who believe in God no more want anyone to suffer than the next man. We just refuse to see that there is nothing good in suffering, as you and other pagans are touting in this line of comments. We saw the redemptive suffering of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and we know that to follow Him means to pick up the cross too, and follow Him until He takes that burden from us.

  • philip

    If the doctors were keeping him alive, why not just stop treatments?

    • mgreen

      that’s what I can’t figure out. I’ve yet to hear of a patient who was forced to receive chemotherapy or radiation treatments. I have relatives who went the treatment route, and I have another who was diagnosed, refused treatment, and died within a month. I don’t know the particular situation in this article, but it sounds like a widow who is trying to assuage the guilt that she feels from watching her husband suffer. Assisted suicide is completely unnecessary, but round after round of treatments are sometimes counterproductive as well. Both are popular in our consumerist-driven society, and both would have been foreign concepts 150 years ago.

  • ssk

    Just a thought for those thinking about suicide….Do you know what’s going to happen after you kill yourself? Don’t assume that this life is all there is. What if there is consciousness after death. And what if suicide is the doorway to a much worse pain that never ends. Would you commit suicide then? Why jump off a cliff and not know where you’re going? She’s an idiot for doing this. I would find out the truth before doing such foolishness as committing suicide.

    • Mortimer

      RE:what if suicide is the “doorway to a much worse pain that never ends.”
      You “would find out the truth before doing such foolishness as committing suicide.” Uh, please tell us how one might do that?

      • dimview

        Well, Mort, ssk is pointing to the fact that you need to “find out the truth before doing such foolishness as committing suicide.” If I can help you out a little here by translating to you what this intails, the key word here is the word:”truth”. Find out the truth Mort. Find it out now, before you travel down a road of no return. Seek truth. As Pontius Pilot said : “Quo Veritas?” What is the truth? He didn’t know when it staired him in the face. I wonder, would you?

    • ronhcole

      Trust me, life after death is just as it was before you were born!

    • Esther Whitfield


  • William

    This is not a values issue for we own ourselves and have the right to do with ourselves what we will. I am not your business! You are not my business! We do not need to explain, defend, or have validated ourselves, our spiritual beliefs or our philosophies.

    There’s a misconception that we all have the ultimate goal of extending life by any artificial means necessary at any cost, financial or otherwise, and that it is a good thing to do. That is why the world is overpopulated.

    Some of us want to live and die naturally, others prefer more definite control. Point is – MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

    • dimview

      Or, William, as someone else said (only backward to how you’ve put it), “Am I my brother’s keeper?” The moral to that true story is;”duh, yeah!” No man is an island, Willy.

  • Steve

    Oh and I am not depressed anymore either… other than an occasional siezure and losing my drivers license… it has all been good.

  • Jacquelyne

    It isn’t anyone’s business but my own should I want to live or die.

    • dimview

      At 60 bucks a hit, Jacque, you too can become a business owner! Just re-package, re-name it, leave off her butterfly, but add a pretty flower sticker, and there you go! The new and improved “not anyone’s business but my own, choice included, no questions asked if not completely satisfied” “choose to die home kit. Ta-da!

  • CMS

    Thanks Sharlotte, you are a true patriot!

    Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

  • Joseph McLinden

    Put a 50% State sales tax on the device and you will get a sellers permit tomorrow.

  • Joseph McLinden

    Soon you will receive one of these kits free with your income tax forms, if you are a Tea Party member. “File and Die” in that order. They will however, be illegal for sale to or use by voting minorities.

    • dimview

      True dat.

  • Robert Westcot

    I really don’t see the need for a “kit” to commit suicide.

    • JM in San Diego CA

      The kit is neater than, say, a bullet. My cousin, a retired big-city cop who had responded to numerous suicides in 26 years, had to see his own son after his son killed himself — gunshot to the head. Nobody should have to see that — especially a relative.

      Choose the sleeping gas, please.

  • http://biginfotainment.com/?p=39 Grandma Sells Suicide Kits!! | BIGINFOTAINMENT

    […] wants to be identified by her first name.  She also didn’t want her face to appear on camera. Read More This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. ← Mass hysteria! Science […]

  • k_k_k_kat

    Didn’t Jesus commit “suicide by Roman”?

    • Esther Whitfield

      excellent point!

    • dimview

      Christian hater.

  • Susan

    Gee, I guess that approach will work. Obviously you know absolutely nothing about real depression, severe intractable pain or just getting old and ending up not having a life anymore. Religion has a lot to do with some of the opposing opinions here and those rules should not enter into any legislation that is supposed to cover people who are not of their faith.

    • andrew

      if religion shouldn’t be used as a basis for laws covering those not of the same faith, then I dont want secular laws to apply to me. oh what? we cant pick and choose? many laws based on religious principles are good laws. so because somebody doesnt agree with a law, it shouldn’t apply to them?

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