New Self-Service Kiosks Debut At Southland DMV Locations

CULVER CITY (CBS) — Say “So Long!” to long lines at the DMV. The department is introducing self-service terminals at several locations across the Southland.

The new self-service, touch-screen kiosks will are designed to get vehicle registration stickers and cards into customers’ hands in a few minutes or less. The terminals are available as of Tuesday in 25 field offices throughout the greater Los Angeles/Orange County area.

“These machines bring that same connectivity to customers who do not have access to the Internet, need registration immediately, or need to use cash,” said DMV Director George Valverde. “Our customers will leave holding their new registration and sticker without an appointment and without waiting in line.”

Customers will be able pay with cash, credit or debit card and electronic check. Directions will be available in both English and Spanish.

Self-service terminals with no wait times have been deployed at the following offices:

Orange County

  • Costa Mesa: 650 W. 19th St.
  • Santa Ana: 1330 E. First St.
  • Westminster: 13700 Hoover St.

Los Angeles County

  • Arleta: 14400 Van Nuys Blvd.
  • Bell Gardens: 6802 S. Garfield
  • Compton: 2111 S. Santa Fe Ave.
  • Culver City: 11400 W. Washington Blvd.
  • Glendale: 1335 W. Glenoaks Blvd
  • Inglewood: 621 N. La Brea Ave.
  • Lancaster: 1110 W. Ave.
  • Los Angeles: 3615 S. Hope St.
  • Montebello: 424 N. Wilcox Ave.
  • Newhall: 24427 Newhall Ave.
  • Torrance: 1785 W. 220th St.
  • W. Hollywood: 936 N. Formosa Ave.
  • Winnetka: 20725 Sherman Way

For more on the new kiosks, visit the DMV online.

  • Its About Time

    This has to be 1000% better than those stupid, lazy so-called-workers that are there now.

    Now lets get all those lazy, ghetto workers out of the city jobs and put these kiosks there also.

    • Whatwhat

      Lol I can just see it now, 3 kiosk standing around a hole while one is working.

    • Ron Barrett

      Tell us how you really feel…………

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  • lala63

    Please … like the people “who don’t have access to the internet” will be technically savy enough to figure out a self serve kiosk. Dream on. Most of them can’t even figure out how to take a little pill once a day to prevent procreating.

    • Saber 1

      Good point, but the directions will be in about 100 languages. Because we let everyone in to this Country, push 1 for English.

      • Para Instrucciones en Espanol, oprima numero dos!

        It won’t be “Push 1 for English.” English will probably be the 9th option!!

  • allenkephart

    I went to the link provided by this story. CBSLA left out that one is being installed at the DMV office in San Bernardino. Go figure- list all the ones in Los Angeles and Orange county but forget San Bernardino. There were also listings for some in San Diego County, but there are TV stations in San Diego as well as other news outlets that can report on that.

  • Lyn Woo

    My cousin works for a DMV office and this is the REAL scoop on these machines…they only work for people that could have renewed their registration on the internet but these idiots come to a DMV office to do what they could have done at home or even on their cell phones. What the media should tell people is that these machines will not process your transaction if you need to smog your car, if you need a set of new plates…the list is HUGE. POINT BEING, IF YOU GO TO A DMV OFFICE AND ONE OF THESE MACHINES PROCESSES YOUR TRANSACTION AT THE END OF THE TRANSACTION THE SCREEN SHOULD STATE…”YOUR AN IDIOT FOR NOT DOING THIS AT HOME”. Oh! And sorry to burst anyone’s bubble but DMV employees wont be replaced by machines….maybe 100 +years from now with robots but not machines.

    • So Long So Called Workers

      And sorry to burst anyone’s bubble but DMV employees wont be replaced by machines….maybe 100 +years from now with robots but not machines.

      They will be the next to go real SOON!

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