ONTARIO (CBS) – Ontario police are investigating a bizarre case of child endangerment after a toddler became trapped inside a running washing machine Thursday.

KCAL9’s Nicole Gonzales reports that the people who witnessed the incident said it was incredibly traumatic to watch after the 1-year-old was apparently put into the machine by his aunt.

“I saw it tumbling and it was the sickest thing I ever saw,” said Jeff Holquin, a customer who was in the Laundromat when the child got into the machine. He yelled for help, and two construction workers came running.

“When I saw that they were trying to use a crowbar here, and the other guy was on this side, and then finally I thought, well we better break that glass,” he told KCAL. “We couldn’t stop the machine. There was no safety button, no way to turn off the electricity and it was just chaos.”

Ontario police said the toddler was only in the machine for seconds, but one can imagine the damage. Witnesses described the horrific incident to KCAL.

“He was crying, there was blood all on his face, the poor baby,” said Frances Durrett, another customer.

“All you could see was the baby’s chest going up and down really fast and every time the baby would open his eyes, his eyes would literally roll in the back of his head,” said Jennifer Pena.

Officers said the child’s mother, grandmother, and 15-year-old aunt were washing clothes together when apparently the aunt was playing with the child and placed him in the washer.

“Once you close the door it automatically starts cycling into the spinning and the wash mode and the door automatically locks,” said Ontario Police Sgt. Robert Freire.

Police are now launching a criminal investigation for child neglect.

Officers said the child is probably alive because of the quick thinking of some good Samaritans.

“This is a situation where I think just a few more seconds and it would have been a very tragic result,” said Freire.

The toddler is currently in stable condition at Loma Linda Medical Center.

Comments (44)
  1. Todd says:

    Who ever the idiot is that closed the door and started the machine should be prosecuted. You dont just close the door and the washer starts. You have to put money or a debit card in to make it work and make all the selections. This is a case of stupidity. The parent at the laundramat should be prosecuted for failure to watch their kids. The laundramat I go to is load with little kids running rampant and parents turna blind eye to them climbing on counters and running across the tops of the machines. When are parents going to get a grip on raising their children?

    1. JerryV says:

      You’re not a parent. Not a question, I can tell.
      You can’t make suggestions regarding an issue you know nothing about.
      Unfortunately, even the best parents, sometimes, have a hard time controlling their children. A rant and rage is not valid without knowledge of the subject and the whole story. It takes a split second for a child to get into a situation like this.
      You are probably going to make suggestions like, “leave them at home,” or “don’t have them if you can’t control them,” or any other usual comment a none-parent makes regarding parents. If the requirement for bringing a child into this world was being a perfect human, and 100% vigilant, none of us would have ever been born, including you. I’m sure you have done something that others were quick to judge without knowing the whole story. Just chill, give the parents a brake and lets find out the facts before we crucify anyone.

      1. Jenny W. says:

        If you’re a responsible parent then these accidents wouldn’t happen. You as a parent is responsible for your child’s welfare. It’s not an excuse that you can’t control your children. If you let your kid’s control you then you are not a good parent!

      2. JoeN says:

        Jeez, Jerry… Even someone who is not a parent can tell the difference between a safe and unsafe situation for a baby. I love how parents today believe that having a child imbues them with some special knowledge of common, everyday situations that anyone else without a kid can’t possibly comprehend. That being said, it would be interesting to hear you explain how you think a *baby* can end up sealed in a washing machine that locks from the outside and can only start with someone older at the controls… in a “split second.”

      3. lee says:

        its easy to go on and on about non parents judging people who have children but the facts are the mother was not paying attention to the child or her irresponsible sister, yeah you can turn your head for a second and your child can get into trouble but this child was PLACED inside a washing machine and the machine was closed on him!! im sure it was all very cute till the machine turned on!
        This was not just an oh oh moment or a “lucky one” that we often get as parents.
        get off your high horse!

      4. Liz says:

        I say CRUCIFY THEM!! How STUPID can they be??? Putting a child in a washer machine if they are going to be this dumb then they SHOULDN’T be having KIDS!! A good parent would NEVER put a child in this kind of danger.

      5. Ruben Grolet says:

        Must have pressed the wrong button.

        I will state again that you are very wrong. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE AT ALL TIMES FOR YOUR CHILDREN. AT ALL TIMES. Such a lame excuse. And no one expects you to be the perfect parent just responsible. You need to know where your children are at all times just for the reason that this happened. ARE YOU IMPLYING THAT A TODDLER SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIER OWN ACTIONS.

        If you cannot be responsible then you should not be a parent. You are not ready to be a parent. This is not like a child playing and getting hurt or running and tripping and falling. Yes, children get hiurt all the time. This insident is in no way to be comoared to the day to day ways that children normally get hurt. How many times do you hear of a child being locked in a washer.

      6. Ruben Grolet says:

        Also Jerry V, I am a parent. I know better. I still to this day when there are children around do not close car doors until I verify that they have their feet and hands completely inside and understand that I am about to close the door. We have children playing in the back area where I park and I tell tham that I am backing out to move away. Then as I back out I have in my mind where every child is. If I loose sight of them I stop. It is not that hard Jerry…..

      7. HP says:

        I am a parent. I have 3 of my own children and one I have “adopted” (he was in a bad situation at home). I have left stores, restaurants, and so on because my children were misbehaving. I would never subject others my child’s tantrum or unacceptable behavior. I am appalled at how some people parent their children. They allow them to run around a restaurant, impairing the wait staff. I have seen them climb the outside of the netting at McDonalds, or climb up slides even though the rules clearly say not to. The parents sit and chat with others, read a book and generally pay no attention to their “angels” misbehaving. On more than one occasion I have told my kids loudly “I do not care what other parents allow their children to do, the rules state no climbing” Some parents are shamed into telling little Jimmy to get down, but most give me a dirty look. I could care less. It is our JOB as parents to teach our kids rules and manners. Yes, every child has an off day, but again, it is our job as parents to teach them. Walk out if you have to. Explain the consequences of actions and follow through.

        Now, for the record: I am a single, working mother. I also attended school at night. I have one special needs child who requires more attention as well as black and white rules. My kids are now 19, 18 , 16 and 12. All are well mannered. All are doing well in school. Two are in college on scholarship. My6 special needs child will graduate High School with a skill to be a productive member of society. All played sports. All had or will have a job. All do community service.

        Discipline, manners, rules and consequences can be taught and learned. Letting your kids run willy nilly unsupervised is unacceptable. Not giving your children rules is unconscionable. Not training them with manners is sad.

      8. Dave says:

        If your raising your child appropriately, they will listen to you,and you can control them. So don’t make excuses about not being able to control your children> Maybe you need to take a parenting class!!!! Control them now before you create criminals

      9. NP says:

        Look up the definition of ad hominem. You’ve lost any respect you’ve attempted to gain from your argument.

      10. David Huffman says:

        I am a parent and i agree that the parents should be prosecuted and then DEPORTED after they’ve served their time.Todd is most likely talking about illegals that let their ANCHOR BABIES run amok,and it’s not just in the laundromat it’s everywhere.!!!My wife and i have never let our children get out of hand ANYWHERE IN PUBLIC let alone at home.Now our children have their own and they make theirs behave too,there is absolutely no excuse for parents to let their children run amok,that’s what your local parks are for.!!!!!

    2. Chris says:

      That’s why everyone needs to understand and read ENGLISH! it’s written on the wall and on the machine!! “Dont let Children play around machinery”! “Door locks automatically” “Machine starts automatically” etc etc!! READ the WARNINGS on the LABELS! Geeeez! They list the aunt as being 15 years old? Well Shes too young to take the responsibility of an “Aunt” and the baby should have not been in her care….Epic fail on the Mother!

    3. T.Wilson says:

      It was the 15yr aunt who probably didn’t realize that the machine starts up when you close the door. Can’t you read? Loaded with little kids that you obviously don’t like and yet you continue to go there. Who’s the idiot?
      It was an accident.

    4. Saber 1 says:

      I wonder if he washed behind his ears.

    5. Kuini says:

      Todd you are right I agree with you some parents just don’t care about their children they leave them loose unsupervised. I will not be surprise they will sue the laundromat where it happened just watch. The grandmother should be in jail.

  2. Thomas Forcade says:

    “There was no way to turn off the machine.”..Umm,have you tried to un-plug it?

    1. Jeff says:

      I wonder if they sent over a cute plumber.

    2. Joshua says:

      did you bother to read the article? if you did perhaps you would notice that they DID try to unplug it but there was no way.

    3. Karen says:

      If you read the article, you would have noticed that “there was no way to turn off the electricity.” Ergo, the plug was not visible or accessible.

      This witch needs to be locked up for some time. The crime is a felonious assault on a minor.

    4. RICK says:

      thomas if this was the INDUSTRIAL machine its most times built into a wall and therefore not so easy to get to the cord plain and simple 15 yr old aunt MESSED UP BIG

      1. Marc says:

        I agree, most industrial machines don’t have a plug, they are hard-wired like electric ovens. Shutting off the main circuit breaker is an alternative, but I can’t and won’t judge the actions of those that came to the aid of this child, they did something and it worked. Who could ask for more?

      2. Sarah says:

        I’m glad I’m not the only person who noticed that it was the 15 year old aunts doing and not the *mother*’s granted I do believe the mother should have been watching her child while her sister was being watched by HER mother, but I do firmly believe as a parent, watch your child especially around dangerous machines. Anything can happen, that’s why you MUST keep an eye on them. Don’t let a 15 year old watch YOUR child when you are perfectly capable of doing it yourself. As for punishment, I’m torn, because honestly their names and pictures should be posted everywhere so everyone knows when they are around, to watch out for that baby because no one else will….

  3. Nick Ohooligan says:

    Canadian washers …

    1. Joshua says:

      it was ontario, california…NOT canada…thats why its on the local news……

      1. Chris says:

        I believe he means…the washer was manufactured in CANADA, they don’t make shut off switches on their machines!

    2. Anne Robinson says:

      Nick Ohooligan, you are the weakest link…goodbye!

  4. Lee Lewis says:

    I have noticed that many parents do not control their children. I remember my dad would not alow me to run around, in a restaurant I sat next to my parents. It came home when a child was hurt by running into a waitress and spilling a bowl hot soup on him and badly hurting him. Restaurant managers in many cases would tell the people to control their children or leave the restaurant, I agree that children are fast in getting into trouble (I raised 4) but our socierty has become more tolerant of bad mannered children and who is to blame but us (parents, schools, and society as a whole) for putting up with it.


    Hellooooooooo it was the 15 year old Aunt who put the child in the Washer, Inteligent right??? Im no phys. doctor but something tells me theres more going on then any of us know…we were not there, we really dont know the whole story. Its tragic, lets just pray this type of situation doesnt happen again. Oh yeah !!! there are parents in the world, that dont give a hoot what there child is doing, some do run ramped through stores etc. with no control help from parents…but this again was a 15 year old Aunt who placed the child in the washer…lets look at that and see what happens from there

  6. BabyCleanNow says:

    is a one year old considered a “toddler”? I thought that was still a baby, barely walking…

    1. What? says:

      You mean “toddling?” A 22 month-old cannot be called a two year-old, but it can still be called a one year-old. No one would call a 22 month-old a baby.

  7. She's a dumb aunt.. says:

    Just watch — they’ll probably still sue the laundromat.

    1. Another Mex Saga says:

      Mexicans always do…….

  8. greg says:

    why do folks always call little ones..(born or unborne..) “””IT”””.? this is a life!!!!!!!!!!thanks for the quick thinking of those good people another tragedy is avoided….come’on people, wake up out there!!!

  9. Jeb_BMWLover says:

    It’s not a “tragedy.”

    It’s criminal

    1. jaided says:

      its a trajedy. the 15 yr old aunt made a mistake, and im pretty sure she knows and feels really bad about the situation. u wanna lock a 15 yr old for that……….society is full of ignorance.

  10. Suz says:

    I remember putting my teenage cousin in the dryer and turning it on as a joke. But not the washing machine, that’s crazy!!

  11. HooDatIS? says:

    That little wench!
    I would beatthe living heck out of her
    I dont like mean bullies, she knew what she was doing she needs to go to jail
    visit my blog

  12. Robert S. says:

    Stupid is, as stupid does! She should get a $10,000.00 fine, 6 months in community srrvice, and 2 years in jail for being a bully!

  13. Harun Williams says:

    any updates on this story?

  14. Sarah says:

    The “parents” aren’t the only ones in the case here. I don’t think people need to attack the “who” or the “how”[[how he got in or they got him out either]] but what does need to be questioned is what happens now?! Seriously, accident or not, look at both sides. Side A: Dude, she freaking put her damn nephew in a washer and it turned on, regardless if it was on purpose or not she needs to be punished. Side B, dude, she freaking locked her nephew in a death trap to die..and he lived…she gets to live with that for the rest of her life that SHE did that to HIM…So I think she should but should not be legally punished. Because honestly, if my sister put my almost 2 year old son in a washer, I’d kill her in less that 1 second in a well lit public place. I wouldn’t care who saw me do it, that’s my life she’s sticking in a washer to drown to death and be shaken alive in either freezing cold water or scolding hot. Regardless, it’s hard to say what that little 15 year old girl deserves, but “Jaided” if you think society is ignorant for feeling this girl deserves to be punished for breaking the law, not being able to read a sign that is clearly posted on every machine, and endangering a baby, I think you are the ignorant one. No disrespect intended, but on a serious note, how does she not deserve to be punished for THAT KIND OF “MISTAKE” ?!?! Sorry about the rant, just my opinion.

  15. Darrell Nelson says:

    they didn’t give a clue as to what race she was but i am giving it 9 out of 10 she was mexican. i goes to the laundromat soon as the door open cause 30 minutes later…the place is full of mexicans and they seem to bring the whole family, they always let their kids,babies,whatever run & climb all over the place.and the manager who always mexican do not say anything. go wash as soon as the door open and watch your car cause they let the kids push the carts around too. they seem to care about nothing at times.

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