[worldnow id=5772684 width=420 height=315 type=video]LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Grocery store workers at Southland area markets are voting Wednesday whether or not to authorize a strike.

Approximately 62,000 union members employed at Vons, Ralphs and Albertsons are scheduled to vote at 8 a.m. A two-thirds vote is needed to authorize a strike. A four-year labor contract between employees and the chains expired March 6.

The contract is currently extended day-to-day, and can be unilaterally canceled by either party with 72 hours notice.

“We are nearly six weeks past the expiration of our contract, and management has yet to offer any significant proposals regarding pay or health care. In fact, there is still no comprehensive contract offer,” said Rick Icaza, president of UFCW 770, in a press release. “Management’s unwillingness to negotiate in good faith, and instead play chicken with the well being of their employees and employees’ families is wrong.”

“We are asking our members to authorize negotiators to call a strike if negotiations do not proceed in a timely manner. Management cannot continue to insult their employees and customers in this way. Authorization to call a strike is a drastic measure, but one that will hopefully bring management to the table for meaningful and honest negotiations,” concluded Icaza.

Icaza Talks with KNX 1070’s John Brooks

The last grocery strike and lockout began in October 2003 and lasted for four months.

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  1. WG says:

    Be thankful you have a job!

  2. arie says:

    If you think you can find a better job with your skills than by all means strike.

  3. Really says:

    Unbelievable how these selfish people want more money in this terrible California economy. Higher gas has already caused the price of food to go up. Now, they want more pay & benefits, so we get passed the cost through even higher food prices than now. Unions are disgusting in the state, and one of the main reasons why California is in such a mess.

    Some people should be glad to be working…period.

    1. Gabriel says:

      It is truly sad all around. First of all I was a union member of 770 and believe me that Union was worthless. Basically they are just ripping off their own employees and they do nothing as far as protecting the employee. I know we need to be very grateful for having a job in these times but the fact is employers are taking advantage of this situation, to feed their own greed. So don’t automatically go off on the employee for wanting better benefits and a livable wage. Big corporations like Kroger (who own Ralphs, and many other markets) just do not want to share the wealth with the fellow american

      1. Alice Radley says:

        It’s a shame that the American people look so poorly on the working man. It breaks my heart that seeking an honest days pay for and honest days work has become such an evil thing.

    2. tired of people making weak arguments says:

      All i have to say is that people should read up on labor history in the United States before they comment…it would make their arguments a lot stronger.

      1. Daisy says:

        So if they do strike, are they all sitting on a $$ nest egg to get themselves through while they’re not working? It’s awfully expensive to support one’s self + a family in this economy. I guess merely having a job is no longer good enough.

      2. Speaking Of Weak says:

        LOL!! Speaking of making a weak argument.

      3. Ron says:

        We don’t give a damn about labor history, we want lower prices and they won’t go down with your undesirable demands.

        You better read up on job hunting, because if you haven’t noticed, the people are overwhelmingly against the union/strike. Then you’ll have to live in the real world.

    3. Mark says:

      Not selfish and don’t even have an offer to consider. Just want both sides to get busy and come up with a contract to vote on. The workers are caught in the middle and you are ignorant for making mean comments.

    4. Ron says:

      Very interesting Mark. You say “the state government is too big and wastes too much money” but you also say that “prop 13 severley”(should be severely) “limits the tax revenue for the state.” Are you suggesting that Prop.13 should be repealed? If so that would only put more money, into the hands of our wasteful state government. And many people would lose their homes, because of the tremendous increase in property taxes. Not a good solution.

      You also say that “Regulations have made it too expensive to create new jobs in the state” but that’s exactly why companies have to send their jobs out of state or overseas.

      You can’t have it both ways.

    5. Mark says:

      Ron, I’m just saying that everyone should be wise and contemplate how today’s decisions effect the future and no, I don’t need an English lesson. That was quite rude…

    6. Mark says:

      Grocery workers these days are not as well paid as you might think . Please take a moment and do some research and you may be surpised at what you discover. Most workers just want to preserve what they have rather than giving in to big business. Look at their balance sheets, 4 billion in profits and half a billion in investor dividends. The companies are not in dire straights by a long shot. The grocery workers are not selfish, you are an ass for even saying that. They show up for work everyday and are generally happy to see YOU come in to shop and on another note look up how many hours grocery workers spend doing volunteer work in the communities where the operate. Again, you will be surprised about how UNSELFISH these people are…….

      1. Bill Coleman says:

        Mark u r very much not a business person. Look at all the non-union newer stores like Winco, Fresh-N-easy and all the Mexican stores that have all u have u have at lower prices. Check out Stater Bros. markets with 169 So. Cal. stores and no strike. I was union for 30 years, my health care costs me (for one person) $640 per month and $85 Dr. co-pays. Please look at your competition. Also, I was union pres for 2 terms. Look at year end dividends, they r not doing as well as u say. If they r, u and I can start a nu grocery chain! Good luck,Bill.

      2. richie-rich says:

        You make a good point there Mark. Let me add that these folks are mostly part-timers who work anywhrere from twenty four to thirty hours a week at 9 dls/hr. If you do the numbers that is not a lot of income. Thus, the proposed contribution, while it may not seem as too much to the rest of us, it is a large percentage of their wages considering that higher co-pays and less coverage is written in the contract language. I wonder how much, percentage wise, the executives pay for their coverage, if any.

    7. Ron says:

      Mark, did I miss something? I looked back through my comments to you & I don’t see where I said that you need an English lesson, unless you mean your typo. I did not mean it to be mean. I apologize, if you took it that way.

    8. becky says:

      You need to research before you speak. I am the spouse of a grocery worker and they are not!!! asking for more money. They just want to keep what they already have. The corporations for Vons, Ralphs are to blame for the mess. We are happy to be working but if your company wanted to start taking things away from you what would you do

      1. Ron says:

        Becky, you might want to do some research before you speak, too. I know of people that work for school districts that HAVE had things taken away from them. Forced furlough days, pay cuts and LOST JOBS.

        And the last one of the above 3, LOST JOBS, is what YOUR husband will be getting, if they strike again.

        People are SICK and TIRED of your UNION STRIKES and WILL shop, in large numbers, at NON-UNION stores. Then your husband WILL LOSE his JOB, because his store will go BELLY UP, since WE will NO longer shop at ANY UNION stores.


  4. Tom Albert says:

    Stater Bros., Trader Joe’s, WalMart, etc. Go ahead and strike, and see your empolyer permantently loose customers to: Fresh and Easy, Stater Bros., Target, Trader Joes’s, Walmart, etc. With the loss of customers, your employer will now be faced with laying you off.

  5. Alice Radley says:

    I stand in solidarity with my working brothers and sisters. If there is a strike, it’ll be a long while before Vons, Ralphs or Albertsons gets my business. I’ll be shopping at How’s market in Trancas for quite a while.

  6. LaLa says:

    STRIKE STRIKE STRIKE! If employers where ethical in the way they treat employees there would have never been a need to form unions. Our current economic climate is a clear indication that ETHICS still does not exist and that big business is all about profits while ripping of the public and undervaluing their employees. Was it not subprime lending, price gauging and other unethical behavior that highly contributed to this economic mess? Aren’t these same businesses shipping jobs overseas to escape paying people a living wage? They wanna overcharge the public for products & services, yet not want to pay us enough to even be able to afford them and people think thats ok, are you nuts!
    Just because people want to be treated and compensated fairly does not mean they don’t appreciate having a job. Since when does having a job mean you have to settle for less? I applaud these workers for having the COURAGE to stand up for what they believe in and securing the future for workers to come after them, you have my full support (I survived your last strike).

    1. icecream says:

      To LAlA…
      You hit the nail right on the head. The employees are not the problem. That’s just what the big grocery companies want everyone to think. Unions are there to PROTECT the employees’ rights. To ensuret that employees are treated fairly. Thae is, of course IF the unions that are in place actually effectively represent their members and not stuff their own pockets..
      I hope a strike is averted, but if they strike,

      1. Ron says:

        Icecream, wake up an smell the truth. The unions are THERE to LINE THEIR OWN pockets. And, as some union members, especially teachers, have said, the unions take their dues and vote against many of the teachers wishes. They don’t represent your views, just the unions.

    2. Alice Radley says:

      Exactly. You’ve really said it all. Glad to know I’m not alone in my feelings!

      1. icecream says:

        I strongly believe that membership in your union should be strictly voluntary. That gives the union the necessary incentive to perform in the employees’ best interests.. It also provides for a greater level of accountability to those that the union is supposed to represent..

    3. Bill Coleman says:

      Unions were formed to reduce DEATHS about 80 years ago. I worked in dangerous trades like drilling and blasting tunnel construction. That is where u need a union. I was president of my local for two terms to help keep my guy save. Look at all the non-union stores in Cali, Walmart, Winco, Fresh-N-Easy, And all the Mexican stores that have everything u have. This is where Californians will shop. Good luck. 🙂

    4. 1790's nascar dawg says:

      Actually Lala, unions were formed because in the early 1900’s people were dying daily from diseases and injuries. Unions were formed to protect workers. Now federal OSHA, and more so Cal-OSHA protect workers much better. During the depression, workers would line construction sites and dangerous factories “waiting” for a job. I seldom see a business agent outside of his air conditioned car that you strikers pay for. Save your money, it is a tough job market out there.

    5. thatgirl says:

      Really?! The rest of us all have to contribute quite a bit to our health insurance, this is NOTHING NEW! If they strike, those jobs will be quickly filled by people who are desperate to work right now. Don’t they realize that California has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country right now? Do they really think they have a leg to stand on?

  7. OWLET says:


  8. Gary says:

    The fact that management has yet to sit down at the bargaining table speaks volumes. Unions were created to prevent abuse, but the public seems to think it was to promote greed. I’ve been a union member for 22 years. I earn a decent wage, I have health insurance for my family and my employer still makes a very good profit. Unions are a good thing when both sides bargain in fairness. More unions mean better wages, mean more spending, mean more jobs.

    1. Alice Radley says:

      This idea that the general public has about workers some how getting a free ride, or living high on the hog .. it’s mind boggling. All you need do is look to Wisconsin to see what “our fellow Americans” think about the common worker. It’s disgusting.

    2. Ron says:

      Gary, unions drive up prices and create monopolies, which is deterimental to competition. Competition lowers prices and creates better products.

    3. Gabriel says:

      That’s great Gary that you are making a decent wage and I do not know which union you are a member of but from my own experience I was in the UFCW union which paid me the minimum wage yet forced me to be in the union or not work there at all. Also when I was behind in my union dues the “union” tried to fire me !! that’s right not management but the “union” !!!! Most large corporations are goiing the same route, join the union or don’t work!!! How’s that for supporting the employee. The bottom line is the rich want to be richer and to hell with the rest of us.

      1. Ron says:

        Gabriel, you should be commended for speaking up about your experience with the union. Especially since it shows the DICTATORIAL side of the UNION. This is America, not some 3rd world country. You have shown that neither, FREEDOM of SPEECH and/or independent thinking(choice), is allowed, if you are a union member, and forget about working in any industry that is CONTROLLED by the union.

        Yours is not an isolated case. I have spoken to other union members, that have said privately, that they are afraid of speaking out or voting against the union AGENDA, because they fear losing their job. BEWARE PEOPLE, is this the type of BOSS that you want to work for !!!

        I hope that VONs, RALPHs and ALBERTSONs supermarkets take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, to stand up to the union and give NOTHING. With our horrible economy, this is a great chance to rid these companies of union control and have instant access to thousands of new employees, desperate and THANKFUL for a JOB.

        BUST the UNIONS NOW !!!! No room in AMERICA for their DICTATORIAL control.

  9. John says:

    Common sense would tell you not to strike. This is the only job I know that has great pay and benefits with no education required. Everyone is seeking an honest days pay for an honest days work, but that is not the point. Grocery workers are paid well above any other job that does not require an education. Sorry, but in these economical times I don’t need to spend more money on groceries to give a raise to a checker that stands there and scans food items. I would rather scan my own items and save on the food bill.

    1. Ron says:

      SELF-CHECKOUTS, JOHN. That IS the way to go. Spread the word.

    2. Gabriel says:

      Where you have been for the last decade??? Grocery store employees barely make a decent wage (and that’s if you were hired prior to the 2003-2004 strike). And John what makes you think grocery workers are uneducated??

  10. adolfo says:

    Go ahead and strike, I need a job and will replace you in a heartbeat. I am not intimidated by the people striking, they have a right to strike and I have a right to work without being physically attacked. Let’s see if the strikers stay civilized.

  11. barri says:

    let’s them strike then we will take over because we need jobs !!!

  12. Ron says:

    “WALK ON BY”, remember that song. That’s what we will be singing, if you strike.

    REMEMBER, always use SELF-CHECKOUTS, at any of the stores that have them, because it will eventually replace the UNGRATEFUL union employees. If you are a union member, you better THINK twice before voting to strike. There are thousands of unemployed people waiting for YOUR jobs !!

  13. bcb says:

    The one thing I dread when supermarket employees strike is the way people are harrassed as they are walking into the store. That was my past experience. I shouldn’t have to be made to feel guilty by someone picketing because I need to buy diapers and milk for my child.

    1. Tyler says:

      Go to Target! There are other stores around. By you crossing the line makes you a fool. You make no sense!

      1. bcb says:

        That does not make me a fool. It makes me a mother who puts the needs of her child before anyone else. Perhaps you’re not a parent and don’t understand that. On the other hand, why should I have to drive many miles out of my way to go to Target when I have the 3 major supermarkets within walking distance to my home.

  14. Martin B says:

    BCB, you run over the knuckleheads who get in your way. go to Trader Joes or Henry’s. Unions are useless and serve no purpose but to line bureaucratic A-holes with our hard earned money.

    1. bcb says:

      Martin B, I love your first suggestion, that’s hilarious.

      1. Pro-Union says:

        You’re a mother and you find the idea of running over people hilarious. I can see your demon-spawn are going to be raised just right…

  15. Tired Of It says:

    Dismantled the unions and hire illegals! Our food bills will go WAY down.

    1. thatgirl says:

      I agree. I sometimes go to this little Hispanic food market nearby and I think there are several illegal and legal immigrants working there and I get the BEST service from all the employees…BETTER than I would get any Ralph’s that’s for sure. Their produce is a fraction of the cost and BETTER quality than Ralph’s too.

  16. Jay says:

    It’s hard finding a job right now–people are lining up by the hundreds to get a job at McDonalds. This might not be the best time to complain. The strikers better be prepared to go job hunting because their positions WILL BE FILLED.

  17. Tyler says:

    I will support the strike!

  18. Dottie says:

    Go ahead and strike but leave the customers out of your reason. I will do what I did last time, Farmers Market, Trader Joes, and Costco. Actually, that is where I have done most of my shopping since the last strike.

  19. Martin B says:

    Tyler, you are obviously an idiot. there is no law saying you can’t cross a line. Oh, if I had you in front of me, I’d smack you like a red headed step child. You suffer from size issues don’t you. By the way, I didn’t know you became king turd of poop mountain and can tell people what to do. Wiener.

    1. Pro-Union says:

      The hell is wrong with you? Weirdo.

  20. bcb says:

    Thank you Martin B, I love your response to Tyler.

    1. Pro-Union says:

      Yes, you seem to love all forms of violence against others. Little bit psychotic, no?

      1. bcb says:

        Pro-Union get yourself a sense of humor and stop taking the little comical comments so seriously. Lighten up.

  21. drozone69 says:

    Good I will be first in line to fill out an application and be a scab!!This is why corporate America has saturated this nation with third worl refugees.So that Americans will lose there jobs one way or another.

    1. Pro-Union says:

      No you won’t. Why aren’t you working now?

      1. Martin B says:

        Mind your business Mr Pro Useless. This person may work nights. I was in a union and received no support when I was released because I no longer could work anymore overtime for a shift. Trust me, no violence intended, unions are pointless. Support the smaller chains just stay away from Walmart. Talk about evil incarnate.

  22. Katie Cole says:

    why not just shop at winco there are much cheaper and they have a lot of good stuff for the same price if not cheaper

  23. Pro-Union says:

    Supermarkets are hiring all the time, why are you waiting for a strike to find a job? Lazy git, get off your ass and find a job now!

    1. Amber says:

      Then that would make you an “unskilled moron” you dirty scab. Educate yourself before you open your mouth. Then you would be working every weekend, holiday, and night giving up your life for the public.

    2. Gabriel says:

      Hey Pro-Union you must be a union official huh?!? Cause the way you defend the Unions you must obviously belong to one that’s been around a long time (like Teamsters) and not work in the grocery-retail business unless you do work for the grocery-retail business and are part of the union management. Prior to the Bush (W) adminstration you could have the choice of joining the union. Not anymore, you either join or don’t work.

      1. Ron says:

        Gabriel, thanks for another important bit of information, about union history.

  24. see all sides says:

    What people do not realize is that…its not the employees fault, its the big companies trying to take away from them….such as reducing wages for newer workers…..having you work six days without overtime pay, changing holiday pay scale…changing the pension plans…medical aswell…people only see so much….if you want to know what going on…go to ufcw770, see for yourself..and tel me if what the bigger companies are doing is write…

    1. thatgirl says:

      Um, I work long hours 10-12 hrs almost every day, and do not get paid overtime because I’m a salary worker; I contribute A LOT from my paycheck for health insurance. I go above and beyond all the time, in return, I’ve gotten very good MERIT raises. In the REAL world, there’s no such thing as automatic cost of living increases. I’m sorry, what they are complaining about is not a big deal. Grocery checkers have it easier now with scanners doing most of the thinking for them at the check-out line and automatic change machines handing out correct change to customers. In the REAL world, we are cross-trained, multi-taskers who do more than what is described in our “contracts”. The other day at the grocery store, I tried to buy a cake from the bakery dept and no one would help me because it wasn’t their department…so I walked out of the store without a cake and went elsewhere.

  25. upyours says:

    No mention of what they want.

  26. costa2573 says:


  27. WORRIED P/T WORKER says:


    1. Ron says:

      The UNION is taking advantage of you, “Worried P/T Worker”. They take your dues and you get NOTHING in return. This shows, that the union is NOT looking out for your welfare. All they want, are your DUES. They don’t care if you become homeless. You should try to find a non-union part time job.

      I wish you luck and hope you can find a new job.

  28. Paul says:

    Does anyone ever notice that the service and attitude of the store personnel is usually much better during the strike? I look forward to the strike!

  29. Ginger says:

    I say strike. The corporations want to make huge profits while the average worker gets less and less. If we all stand behind the strikers, they can keep the little bit that they have. This will help all of us in the end. Stay strong and do what’s right by you and your families.

  30. Mark says:

    Wow, some of you people sure are mean. What is so wrong with having a fair labor agreement. I’m sure all of you meanies enjoy or would enjoy decent working conditions. The world is too messed up already to hate people who are just trying to make a living. It is also quite offensive to make comments about how stupid grocery clerks are, if you had half a brain you would realize that many of the workers are a lot smarter than you and each department is run by articulate, intelligent people with a high degree of education and specialized training. Here’s the kicker most people at the stores love their jobs and appreciate having it, they also love to go to work everyday and serve YOU. It’s quite sad to see you spit in their faces. Good luck to all you meanies and I hope you find happiness…

  31. Mark says:

    You are an idiot. You could try to replace their job but you won’t be very good at it.

  32. pmoore says:

    I support the union anything else is slavery…

  33. Chris says:

    I used to work as a manager for Vons and went on strike in 2003. Since then, almost all of the workers make $8-$9/hr, but the prices are higher than ever. What happened to passing on the savings to the customers? Now they want to pay new employees $6/hr…min wage is $8.50? Those workers are supposed to be greatful? Grocery stores actually benefit from a weak economy because less people go out to eat and more buy groceries. These companies have been placing blame on their employees for way to long. As an insider I can say the company management is terrible. They are unable to adapt in changing marketplace. It’s only a matter of time before they go extinct.

    1. Ron says:


      Please explain to me how new employees only get $6/hr., if min. wage is $8.50/hr. I am sorry, but there is no way that the Union-Butt-Kissing Democrats would allow that to happen.They ‘d have the Calif. Atty. General(Democrat) on that right NOW.

    2. thatgirl says:

      That confirms how out-of-touch the unions are. Going on strike during a bad high unemployment economy is not a wise tactic…out-dated. There are plenty of hungry people looking for jobs and will fill up theirs if they’re going to complain about it.

  34. Rafael Velez says:

    For the those people who think that being in the union is a bad thing well I have been in the union for 21 years . There are supervisor out there who don’t like you for what ever reason and there is no one out there to protect you union does that. They fight for better health insurance they fight for better wages they fight for your job when you are wrongfully fire that is a lot to give when you are not union and they can fire you laid you off when ever they feel like it so those who think that being in the union is a bad thing they which they were still or in the union. For those who think that yes they should be glad they have a job well they have one because they are union Never let a company have full control of your job. Now striking will be some people who will lose there jobs but to tell you the truth they are going to lose them sooner or later. As a part time worker we all even me had to go threw that process. That’s life they have to stand strong so fight for your rights and stand united be a union

    1. Ron says:

      Rafael, you are a great example of the union’s common man. They thrive on employees like you. The union IS good for YOU !!!

    2. thatgirl says:

      Why shouldn’t a company have full control of a person’s job? It’s their right in the world of free enterprise. If I had my own business, I wouldn’t want some organization dictating to me how much I should pay my employees as long as I’m within the established labor laws. We live in a society of free choice; everyone has a choice. If you don’t like your choice, leave and go elsewhere.

  35. SoCal consumer says:

    Break the unions! They are destroying the USA.

    1. Ron says:

      Shop at Target, Walmart, Fresh & Easy, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, they are NON-UNION !!!!

    2. thatgirl says:


  36. David Vuong says:

    when tey walk out Grocery Strike

  37. Please Strike says:

    Please strike! In 2003, it gave stores the ability to bring in self-checkout. This will only give more legitimacy for companies to improve efficiencies without humans. Also, this will drive more business to Target (who has remodeled nearly all Southern California stores to have some grocery) and other non-union retailers. Also, local small markets, 7-Elevens and liquor stores will get a boost in business as well. In these economic times, the public will overwhelmingly disapprove of a grocery strike. In the retail sector, companies cut people, hours and costs in order to make it through 2008. Not everyone did, as we know. Everyone who used to have more will be coming after those jobs.

    I have a friend that is a union organizer for one of the largest unions in the country. And I can tell you that the union is a business. In fact, union employees needed to create a union within the union to fight against the union. Stop the altruist/savior thought.

  38. cindy says:

    Hey maybe you are willing to work a min wage job. but here comes someone willing to take less than that. who should care? maybe everyone should be willing to compete with that person? .. where do you draw a line people?
    Look they are WILLING to live on top ramen dally..so should everyone ! They are willing to live in a cardboard box ! its better then where they came from.. so Everyone should be willing to ! Where or when do you think its ok to try to hold up a standard of living.. cant you see the unions have kept a bar up there. so there IS ONE. the job places you work at have heath and safety in place because of the voices of union. just saying just because you are WILLING to take less. does not mean you should.. where is the bar set for you ? before you protest?

  39. cindy says:

    62,000 family are saying we want to HOLD ON TO. what we have worked for.
    it may not be the standard. of what you are willing to hold on to. or settle for.
    many would do with less. but you work hard in trying to earn a living. everyone hopes they can find THE JOB. the one that can provide the American dream.
    so when the greed of companies step in every time there is a new contract and the company is richer every contact. then the cut and cut out what you hired on as. what are you to do? just go with the flow? there is no reason. not one. that these companies need to make these cuts to the work force other than GREED.
    so We wont say we are sorry in standing together to fight for that American dream. or try to hold on to what we have… because of our unwillingness to HAVE TO TAKE LESS.. if people have to fine.. but its not because the work place is in hard times. its because of corporate greed only!

  40. cindy says:

    .play name.. Joes market = nonunion but has a decent pay range and looks good with other factors of its business.

    because of
    the big union stores down the roads of America. where the collective voices of union members. have SET THE BAR in laws PROTECTING the rights of workers. the pay range. the work safety. governing LAWS like not having to work off the clock! and more.

    ( one fact ) the store out here. did have all the bad things you can think of.. until the unionizing of the store,

    many things you may not understand about what is good about union.
    but it sets up the rules that fall into other areas of business around your place.
    people are people. and im not saying everything is all perfect with union.. but its been better all around for YOUR job market. by putting a BAR out there on pay rates and so many structures. that without them in place. it would look like the dark ages with mistreatment without them.. so your job is better because of unions of one voice for fairness

    1. Ron says:

      Cindy, I am amazed at how ignorant TOO MANY of you UNION employees are !!! In case you haven’t seen the news or read the newspapers, there is a huge DEFICIT of JOBS. And UNIONS do NOT CREATE jobs. They IMPEDE job creation. Business owners create jobs and there are no laws that say an owner CAN’T legally enjoy profits, if he is fortunate enough to do so in this DOWN economy. If you don’t like your company or your company owner, then leave.

  41. cindy says:

    Analysis from Sidney Abrams, Actuarial Consultant with the Segal Company

    Under the current proposal from Vons, Albertons and Ralphs, current employees would have to pay the following amounts in order to maintain current health care benefits:

    $40 per week during the 1st year of the contract
    $70 per week during the 2nd year of the contract
    $95 per week during the 3rd year of the contract
    In the future, these numbers are destined to be even higher due to the fact that the employers want to segregate all new hires into a separate, substandard plan. The group of current employees gets smaller and more expensive as they age.

    Consider a typical UFCW member working at a Southern California grocery store. She’s a single mom with three kids.

    She works an average of 30 hours per week, and makes $12.30 an hour.

    That translates to:

    $369 dollars / week
    $1,597 a month
    $19,173 a year before taxes
    The employers’ cuts in health care funding will force her and other new hire and current employees on average to pay to maintain current benefits:

    $95/ week
    $412 a month
    $4,940 a year
    She would spend 25% of her before-tax income on health insurance.

    Her income places her just above the Federal Poverty level for a family of four. ($18,400)

    Because the wages are so close to the poverty level, she would be eligible for Medi-Cal, paying some share of the cost. Her children would be eligible for a a range of other social service programs that provide health care such as CalKIDS, Healthy Families; Child Health & Disability Prevention Program (CHDPP); Women, Infants and Children (WIC).

    1. Ron says:

      And how much does that single mom of 3 pay per week for her union dues?

  42. Nadine Davis says:

    I SAY THAT YOU SHOULD STIKE AND DONT WAIT UNTIL TOMMORROW WED TO VOTE FOR WHAT YOU COULD DO TODAY……………………STRIKE !!!!STRIKE!!!STRIKE!!!………….(sidenote: I have been unemloyed for 2 yeaars and 4 months all my benefits have ran out and I am allowed only 9 months of General Relief and Food Stamps TRUST ME when I SAY THE SECOND YOU STIKE me and the 12.0 percentage of unemployed ppl in the state of California will be FLOODING the grocery store chains webiste with appl for your Job I personally will be walking into each chain with resume in hand and intorducing myself to each store manager so I SAY STRIKE!!!!! AND DO IT NOW!!!

    1. Ron says:

      Nadine, I am sorry to hear of your situation and I hope you do get a job soon. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but when you fill out your application and resume, please have someone proof read it for you and use spell check, on your computer. All of us make spelling mistakes from time to time, but some employers are very critical of those mistakes. It might not get you an interview, especially when the employer gets thousands of applications.

      Good luck, I HOPE YOU GET THE JOB, Nadine.

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