Thousands Of Fish Die in Ventura Harbor

VENTURA (AP) — Officials say thousands of anchovies and sardines have died in Ventura Harbor after using up all their oxygen.

Harbormaster Scott Miller Chats With KNX 1070

Pat Hummer of the Ventura Harbor Patrol says the fish died Monday, although they moved into the harbor a week ago.

Hummer says three patrol boats drove around scooping up dead fish before they started sinking and stinking. They filled up more than 20 50-gallon barrels throughout the day. The carcasses were dumped at sea.

In early March, 175 tons or 2.5 million sardines died in Redondo Beach after running out of oxygen.

Officials say they don’t know why the fish entered the harbor, but they could have been chased by a sea lion, dolphin or strong tide.

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  • Ernest

    Global warming , the increase in the average temperature of Earth’s near-surface air and oceans since the mid-20th century and its projected continuation.

    A strong tide ? hmmm , japan tsunami is a huge Possibility

  • Kat Villagran

    speechless…something is bound to happen! yikes!!!

  • JVC

    last time that happened it got real serious

  • Josh Butts

    The fish that died in Redondo Beach I believed sensed the earthquake will happen and the Japan quake hit just a few days later. The fish swam as far as they could and crowed all in one place and there was not enough oxygen. A bunch of dead fish in Ventura? I’m thinking we are in for a big ass quake in the next few days. Of course I hope not.

    • Huh

      Well according your logic the fish swim AWAY from the danger zone, so we should be fine.

  • billy/89

    it all traces back to 4/25/09…………


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  • drozone69

    Chemtrails worldwide are killing birds fish and next will be humans.That Evergreen world airlines out of Arizona is still Knee deep in this aireal chemical spraying.The purpouse of the spraying is so that only geo engineered seeds will grow worldwide.Thus controlling the worlds ability to feed itself,or in other words starving those not capable or willing to buy goverment seeds.


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