LOS ANGELES (AP) — The San Francisco Giants fan who was severely beaten outside Dodger Stadium remains in a medically induced coma and under heavy sedation after suffering seizures over the weekend.

Bryan Stow’s cousin, John, tells The Associated Press on Monday that doctors began to reduce his cousin’s medication on Thursday, but he began to suffer seizures on Friday.

He says doctors increased his cousin’s medication to prevent more seizures and he will be heavily sedated over the next 48 to 72 hours. He says doctors may know more by Friday.

Bryan Stow, a 42-year-old paramedic and father of two, was beaten in a parking lot after the March 31 season opener and remains hospitalized in Los Angeles.

No arrests have been made.

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Comments (22)
  1. mb says:

    so frigging disgusting. those pieces of s**t that beat him should die

  2. Sanityforus says:

    My prayers go out to Bryan and his family. I wish I had won the lottery recently so I could have donated to his care. I hope the police are ‘still’ looking for those animals who did this. I also hope that ‘restitution’ is granted to not only Mr Stow’s family but to the stadium itself for the new security measures. This takes time to heal and what the Dr’s are doing should be good for him. May he wake up soon !!

  3. lynette says:

    may God be with his family at this hard time my prayers go out to you bryan God bless

  4. AC says:

    I am a huge Dodger fan and I love to go see them play, however I am horrified to hear what happened to Bryan and I believe the Dodgers should pay for every medical procedure and a restitution to bryan, it was there lack of security that caused this terrible incident to happen.I honestly wish him and his family the best and I hope they catch the animals responsible for this.

  5. Makr says:

    He is a young man that help save lives and was a credit to his community and society as whole and he get beaten up by a couple of punk gang bangers. I hope they find these jerks and drop them down a deep dark whole never to return. I hope he pulls thru this so his kids don’t lose their dad.

  6. Ed says:

    Blessings to Bryan, his family, and friends that’s by his side.
    I’m a huge sports fan, I travel a lot to different sporting venues, and to see this happen it makes you think.
    Prayers all the way from Chicago.

  7. So heartbroken says:

    This is so, so, so, so sad. And I am really perplexed by this.

    There aren’t cameras throughout the stadium that would provide tape for witnesses to view?

    How did the victim’s friends not know what the guys look like if they were there at the game when the victim was texting his sister-in-law that he was scared? Because the odds probably are that the guys have a record and, thus, pictures on file with the police.

    Weren’t there witnesses in the parking area? In this electronic age, you mean that NOBODY pulled out their phone to record the fight and post it on YouTube? NOBODY got the license plate of the car they sped off in?

    1. mark says:

      EAST L.A. DODGERS HOME BOY you go city leaders let pay them to be good will be next Special Order 40 was to stay in effect so people will not be afraid to come forward and report crimes be good citizens so at least 130 witnessed this but Brian was white now you can see the double standard your son or son your schools or schools we decent people wish and pray for his Family help them in their time of needs

      1. jaided says:

        i didnt understand what your trying to say.

  8. David says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with Bryan and his family.

  9. c-man says:

    Here is a guy that saves lives and helps complete strangers for a living. Being a paramedic is no doubt a thankless profession. I am sure these two worthless bastrads are hiding somewhere in Mexico or El Salavador collecting American welfare and foodstamps. I hope they are both dead in a gutter or ditch somewhere in Tijuana.

  10. Mel Gibson says:

    I hope Stow comes out of this, but If I were a Giants fan and I went to a Dodger game I would not wear Giant shirts to the game unless I was a really Bad Ass Dude. Just Common sense on my Part. I know this should not happen, but it does happen and most of the time it doesn’t end up like this

  11. James says:

    My prayers go out to the attackers.

  12. Patricia Ades says:

    I hope they find the pigs who did this, and bring them to justice.

  13. Just a Thought says:

    So so sad… My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. There but for the grace of God…

  14. Rich Mexican MD says:

    I’m just a ob/gyn, but from reading all the news reports about Mr. Stow’s status, it appears that has permanent brain damage. Its been a long time since medical school, but it doesn’t look like he will wake up from this. I pray that he does recover and his attackers need to step up and accept fault.
    Our federal and state laws were written very carefully to protect all of us from getting blacklisted and being hung out to dry, but things need to change. ‘Extreme Prejudice’ needs to be injected into the way we deal criminals, especially violent criminals. We need make the very thought of committing a crime unthinkable.
    The ticket is unsegregated, open air prisons. We need to make prison an unappetizing option. Plenty of Americans volunteer to enter the service and end up in the hell that is war, why can’t we make our prisoners live in hell while serving their time?…if they make out alive.

    Unless the dodgers hired thugs to beat people up, then they don’t have any obligation to pay for any of Mr Stow’s treatment. Yeah it would be nice, but no dice.

  15. Fisherman Dan says:

    Stow’s attack goes far beyond baseball and rivalries…
    It is a demonstration of the terrible and debilitating condition that exists in our society – Some of us simply do not respect one another and it’s protrayed through our actions and treatment
    Why do some treat others so badly? I digress…

    I have been in utter disgust since this attack – I hope the suspects are captured soon – I’d hate to think that such crowdly ANIMALS are roaming the streets…

  16. BD McGee says:

    ALL gang bangers should be shot on sight, PERIOD. Enough is enough. If you’re stupid enough to walk around looking like a banger you get what you deserve.
    Why are all gang bangers such pu**ies? They hit and run, that’s all they do.
    I’d meet any of you wussies anywhere anytime and show you how a man fights.

  17. TT says:

    This is just sad…. I pray for Bryan and his family – That God will heal Bryan and restore their family 100x …….All the REAL Dodger fans – hope he wakes up soon….

  18. Kat Villagran says:

    GANG BANGERS should include all ethnicities! SHOOT THEM ALL THEN!
    WHITES….and of all COLOR!
    No one on here is better than those two that beat up Mr.Stow. All this energy being raved over these lowlives. Is it helping Mr. Stow, can he hear you? NO!
    It’s devastating what has happened and I too can not believe out of so many PHUCKEN people at the stadium and they did not say a word or take action to defend Mr. Stow. Had I been there, I would have taken a picture…remembered the license plate info…SOMETHING!
    It’s inhumane and it happens EVERYWHERE…but bashing and ranting on “RACE” is so immature and only builds up more hate.
    This should be a wake up call for everyone…with so much technology, USE it to your advantage and save a life when possible!

    KARMA will take place, whether or not we get a chance to hear about it…but it will.

  19. Bill says:

    Lets hope the LAPD presence at Dodger Stadium will deter the few??? ( 1 out of 50 equvalent to 600 per 30,000 fans) latino savages from rasing hell again. Rest assured , there will still be violent incidents involving mexican suspects there. Thats a given. Too many of the gang element in 1 place. Alots of these animals will fight cops at the drop of a hat, especially if they are in front of their homeboys or cholita old ladys who urge em on to fight. The AZteca savage is very territorial. With all the violent incidents in the southland involving Mexicans in the last two weeks, they are really making a name for themselves as in DISGRACE!

    1. jaided says:

      I wanna fight you bill. one on one. white on white. a good ol fight. just because your ignorance enrages me. lil punk.

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