NEW YORK (CBS) Charlie Sheen says he’s been in talks with Warner Bros. about returning to the hit CBS show “Two and a Half Men.”

However, the Associated Press reported Friday that lawyers for Warner Bros. Television deny any current or future talks with Sheen.

Sheen’s attorney, Marty Singer, says there have been talks as recently as Tuesday.

Comments (14)
  1. Otis J. says:

    I’m pretty sure that I speak for many out here in the real world when I say the words…WHO CARES?

  2. renee dodge says:

    PLEASE WB – Don’t take the whinning brat (Charlie) back. You’re just rewarding him for his tantrum! He’s not stable and has shown he will “bite” the hand that feeds him.

  3. JW Spike says:

    take him back…I like the show!

  4. hank says:

    I say WHO CARES too……………..why is this news….??….maybe for a fan rag paper……but not HERE……

  5. John says:

    If I did not watch movies or TV shows with actors I did not like or disagreed with their politics, I would not need a TV.

    1. Wes says:

      I got rid of my TV in 2000 and haven’t missed it yet!

    2. Wes says:

      He says they have been in talks recently – huh? He probably also says he saw a pink elephant flying past his window… However, on some level I do feel sorry for him – he obviously has an untreated mental illness.

  6. robert i cochran says:

    It would make money and also, the crew can make money!! Actually, it’s all about money anyway!!!!

  7. Andy says:

    Give Him A break!! HE’s fun to watch!!!

    1. Robby Logan says:

      I’m with Andy on this one. Lately the only reason I get out of bed in the morning is to check in on what antics Charlie the crackhead nutcase has disgraced himself with in the past few hours, and to see if the men in white coats have dropped a net over him yet.

  8. Catherine Mccloskey says:

    tell him to get help and stay sober for about 10 years and then they will takl. . when i look at the way this guy is talking i say this is your brain on drugs his brain is fried so so sad. he needs help otherwise ,jails instutations,. or death, or he could pick recovery only he can do it ,this is facts

  9. Diana says:


  10. chris says:

    I hear charlie is planning to run for govener… hahaha, like arnold! HAHAHA

  11. Circus Act m says:

    Who gives a RATS TAIL ?
    Then again he is starting to look like an old rat !

    Maybe CBS should string a wire across the stage and have Charlie shimmy across it uttering jibberish with a lit stick of dynamite up his butt and then explode….

    See Charlie Crawl
    See Charlie self destruct

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