SANTA MONICA (CBS) — Authorities are looking for the person who pointed a green laser light on a KCAL 9 helicopter flying in Santa Monica.

The helicopter was above the 2900 block of Pico Boulevard, near Dorchester Avenue, about 11:15 p.m. Wednesday when the pilot noticed the laser, Santa Monica police Sgt. Richard Lewis said. KCAL 9 personnel reviewed the video and reported the address to track the laser location.

Officers searched an apartment but did not find a laser, Lewis said. No one was arrested.

The Federal Aviation Administration says pointing lasers at aircraft cockpits can blind pilots and permanently damage eyesight.

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Comments (13)
  1. Mark D says:

    Maybe they were upset that it was 11:15 at night and a commerical flying lawnmower was doing circles overhead?

    1. Brad Ruhle says:

      That is no excuse for such idiotic behavior. What if the helicopter pilot had been permanently blinded and crashed the helicopter? Care to answer that?

      1. Mark D says:

        Well, maybe that’s the risk of flying your helicopter over a residential neighborhood full of working, tax-paying people at night who have to get up early. This was not a police helicopter, it was a profit-motivated news helicopter probably covering some asinine news story. Cost/benefit analysis.

    2. icecream says:

      Maybe you, Mark are the sospect.

      1. me says:

        That’s what I was thinking too.

    3. Ryan says:

      Oh, so it was wrong for the helicopter pilot to do his job by flying overhead to cover the news story simply because YOU have to wake up early so you can go to your job? I completely understand it now!

  2. Jameson K says:

    ..says the guy commenting on some asinine online news story.

    1. Michael J. McDermott says:

      I agree. (Howdy?)

  3. kiana says:

    Go Mark! Way to back up your point! I agree.

  4. bdj says:

    Mark D,

    Maybe you are right about why the helicopter was in that neighborhood. That still does not give anybody the right to possibly blind the the pilot whether it’s temporarlly or permanently. What if the helicoptor had crashed into the house where the laser light came from? What would you say to that?

  5. chemtrail monster says:

    airplanes, helicopters are flying shlt-buckets!!! lol

    1. bdj says:

      What does your comment have to do with the news articule?

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