LOS ALAMITOS (AP) — California Gov. Jerry Brown is speaking to young cadets at an Orange County military base as he swings through Southern California with hopes of selling the public on a special election Republicans in the legislature have so far rejected.

Jerry Brown Speaks Exclusively With KNX 1070’s Charles Feldman

Brown is spending his second straight day in a Republican district Saturday at the Joint Forces Training Base in Los Alamitos, and is expected to continue his push for the election that’s essential to his plan to close a budget shortfall of more than $15 billion.

Brown ended talks with Republicans last month over the move that would allow voters to renew tax hikes, and is now trying to bring public pressure on GOP lawmakers.

He spoke at a Riverside school Thursday in his first foray outside Sacramento to sell the election.

California Governor Jerry Brown is not surprised it’s taking so long for lawmakers to pass a budget.

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Comments (50)
  1. Nico says:

    Brown is an Idiot

  2. Ron says:

    How much do you think this special election will cost we taxpayers? How about Jerry Brown stops costing we taxpayers more money and instead he starts cutting government workers pensions, jobs, wasteful expenses, like all of us non-government workers and retirees have had to do for many years? Yeah, like that’s going to happen !!

  3. Marie Tyre says:

    my vote is No . No election needed.

  4. Deportation says:

    Brown is an Idiot…I second this thought process…As if the “real” tax paying US citizens of CA are willing to pay more taxes for the pension leaches and illegal aliens…Enough with the middle class juicing the bank accounts of fat retirees and feeding a culture of 3rd world federal law breakers. The only purpose of this special election is to bridge the gap between today and 3 years from now when they increase taxes again after they make the present taxation a permanent installation…TAX, TAX, TAX…the only way a democrat can work through a situation is command more money with zero thought process.

    I can tell you who is going to vote for this tax measure. People with (high) pensions and people collecting welfare benefits. An obvious strong population in CA.

    Once again, its time to consider leaving CA…If the only thing keeping you here is warm weather…please keep in mind there are plenty of other great states with pleasant weather and no earth quakes…AND FAR LESS TAXES.

  5. c-gas says:

    Hey, jerry…why dont you push for the stop of the benefits to the illegals and let’s start securing the borders and becoming more aggressive with immigration checks.

  6. Borsia Novak says:

    Brown is staying true to his color. When he was governor before and had to make critical hard choices he ran off with his girlfriend.
    This time he is wandering around like a buffoon asking for more taxes rather than cutting the government leeches. He isn’t doing anything to get the illegals out of the schools and out of the state.
    He is looking for the cuts that will hurt the people the most.
    I am reminded of the very popular bumper stickers from years ago;
    “If its Brown,,, flush it”

  7. unanimous says:

    Hey Jerry B we need JOBS, not new taxes that nobody can pay due to folks being out of work. The Inland Empire is the 5th worst place in America to try and get a new job to replace the one that people got laid off from. Immigration issues distract the public from the fact that in the last 3yrs the job market has not improved for people aged 35 – 55 years old and people are still being laid off.

  8. American Believer says:

    I WISH someone would “TAKE Him ON THE Road and KEEP GOING off a ‘short’ Pier”!
    NO, No to keeping Temporary Taxes! No, No a THOUSAND times NO!
    If he WANTS to SAVE Money…CUT “ALL” Social Services TO ILLEGAL Aliens. Savings of AT Least $20 BILLION California Dollars! DO IT NOW!

  9. Mower the Blower says:

    Lots of illegal gardeners in my neighborhood collecting money and not paying taxes and they are not cheap. Pass a law that gardeners have to be licensed and then take a photo of the pickup and license plate and mail it in to the state. If California is broke go after the illegals.

  10. LOU says:

    Jerry concentrate on the death penalty ,enforce it, we know your anti death penalty, 750+ killers on death row, what does that cost?

  11. Pete says:

    So the tea-bagers are once again mad. Blaming everybody except the CEO of this country. Stop youre complaining and yell at youre corporate masters to start paying their fair share of taxes.

    1. Jane Doe says:

      Yea like the CEO of GE who paid no taxes last year! Oh wait thats Obozos biggest contributer! Nevermind.

    2. Ron says:


      Nice try at diversion, just like good old J. Brown. Avoid the issues of the people and follow your own agenda. Are you 1 of his disciples? Not even close to the amount of money wasted on illegals and government pensions.

    3. Rebecca Christiansen says:

      I think its amazing that some idiot union member is still trying to grind that message about corporate taxes..like there are any corporations left in California to pay taxes?? Don’t think so – the legislature has chased ’em off with all their regulations…and when the corporations go – there go the jobs. But again the biggest employer and budget drain is the government…all those pensions, all that free healthcare – all those days off – do you realize they get 14 paid holidays?? 14?? Who does that?? Pete just so the point is clear – we aren’t blaming everybody except the CEOs, we are blaming the state employee unions for their abject greed and disregard for the financial future of this state. Its all about what they can get – their work ethic is in the toilet. They dare to complain about furloughs – sorry folks, in the real world – I mean the private sector furloughs aren’t unpaid vacation days – you still work in the private sector on those days..its just called unpaid overtime. I say union members get over yourselves. If you have kids I wonder how you can look them in the face knowing what you and your greed is doing to this state.

  12. Go Do It says:

    The governor has the constitional authority to extend this tax without the legislature and voters approval. He did this because he made a stupid promise at the election. He can still break his promise, nothing new for a politician. The only downside is he may not get re-elected. Why should he care? He should also tackle the pension problem and minimize the cuts to education.

  13. Bobby G says:

    Brown will get the unions to intimidate their members and the public to vote for more taxes, by threatening cuts to the poor, the elderly, and education. But the money will go to the pensions of the unions who bankrolled his election. That’s why he gave the prison guard union a nice contract. So he’s telling California that he’ll cut off services to pay for union contracts, because those have to be kept, but taking care of citizens is not a definite obligation (because we don’t have a contract).

    1. Ron says:

      Bobby G:

      Very nicely stated. You are absolutely right.

  14. Rich Mexican MD says:

    Wait, how do illegal aliens SIGNIFICANTLY affect CA’s budget deficit when they don’t qualify for welfare in the first place? Look it up. There’s very little that individuals living on the fringes of society can qualify for in the form of our tax dollars.

    Also, if you get a refund check, I seriously hope you’re not on here complaining about who your tax dollars get spent on.
    The only people allowed to complain are those who are self employed. Take my situation for instance, my self employment tax was $15435 alone. Then the fed and state still want their income tax.

    The way I see it, I have to pay taxes so LEGAL residents like YOU get refund checks, drive on paved roads, etc.

  15. Rich Mexican MD says:

    Taxes are a good thing! Don’t believe me? Take a trip outside this great land of ours, and you’ll appreciate all that our taxes dollars are able to do. We don’t have a perfect tax system, but appreciate it.

    I’m not talking about taking a trip to Mexico. Compare the USA with countries in Europe…. If you’ve been to England for example, have you noticed how old everything is over there? They don’t keep it like that for the tourist. The government simply doesn’t have the funds to make improvements.

    And for all you racist posters…Mexicans, both legal and illegal, are everywhere. Even in Jolly England. Cheerio!

  16. Concerned Citizen says:

    Overlooking the fact that we financially support illegal imigrants and their offspring; the democrats will always spend more than we have. If you give them more money from higher taxes they will spend it, plus more. It’s an endless cycle of irresponsible spending The only way to stop the cycle is to stop giving them more. I look forward to voting NO in the special election.

    1. Rich Mexican MD says:

      Children on illegals born in the USA are, in fact, US citizens. Don’t worry, they’ll grow up and pay taxes too.

      Before you retort, show me proof your great, great….grandfather didn’t arrive in this country illegally. Don’t worry, if you can’t, I won’t report you to INS. I’ll let you slide this time.

      1. Ron says:

        Some children of illegals born in the USA may go to medical school in Guadalajara, Mexico and grow up to be a “Rich Mexican MD” and BRAG about it. Then they might sell drugs to anyone with cash on a street corner in Santa Ana, while running drop houses and coyote operations. Or become one of the Mexican Cartel’s personal experts on manufacturing drugs to import to the USA.

      2. Ron says:

        Oh, I just thought of another great job for the child of illegals, that got his/her MD in Mexico; they could be a “Rich Mexican MD” for the Unions and BRAG about it !!.

      3. Rich Mexican MD says:


        Don’t be jealous big guy! If you want me to brag, here goes. I’ve actually had a privileged life. I’m a 3rd generation Mexican American. I grew in Whittier. Got straight A’s throughout my PUBLIC school education. Went to Whittier college…kicked butt there too. Went to med school at UCLA…did my post doc at USC and Brown U (back East).
        I now own a my own practice. I have a beautiful family, I live in a nice house, I drive nice cars, and take nice vacations. I am the American Dream.

        …..the point is that the American dream is why ILLEGALS come here in the first place. Many Americans have lost the sense of the American Dream and blame others for their problems.

      4. Ron says:

        @Rich Mexican MD:

        You must not keep up on the news. There have been a number of so-called MD’s that have been “foolish”, while practicing medicine. At the same time committing Medicare fraud. Doling out drugs like candy. Costing we legal taxpayers millions.

        I am happy for you. I too have a beautiful family, lived a privileged life, drive nice cars, lived in beautiful homes, taken nice vacations and paid my fair share of self-employment taxes.

        That still does not mean that we can continue to bankrupt our country, trying to support every illegal person and their children(legal when born here), simply because it’s the “American Dream”.

        We have not lost sense of the “American Dream”, but we DO blame others, rightfully so.

      5. Ron says:

        @R M MD

        One more bit of personal information. My 2 boys were born in California to 2 legal parents. They went through all public schools, that we helped finance through our taxes. They both graduated from California colleges. One with his teaching credential(no teaching jobs available for years) and the other with a degree in the Motion Picture Industry(no jobs available).They both work 7 days a week, with 2 to 4 part-time jobs each, depending on the season, just to share an apartment, so they don’t have to live with mom or dad. They have no benefits, they pay taxes and they would like to “Live the American Dream” someday. They don’t have dreams for big pensions when they retire(with this economy). They would settle for a full-time job with benefits and 1 or 2 days off a week.

        I am sure there are many more families like this.

  17. Rich Mexican MD says:

    …..I should mention that England and other European countries spend much more on social programs, pensions, benefits…..

    So, if you complain about the benefits given to state employees now (@ deportation) don’t leave CA for Europe!

    1. Rebecca Christiansen says:

      You know you are too cowardly to leave your real name so I can’t show the proof my parents came through Ellis Island. But what I don’t get is the need to go many generations back. You see, my grandparents are just two generations back and they still did it the legal way. Crazy talk right? Californians are taxed more than England you idiot! And most Californians can’t afford a trip to Europe because of the excessive taxation of the legislature – but the state employees can, they just have to wait until they are 55 so they can retire with that fully funded pension!

      1. Rich Mexican MD says:

        Rebecca, you don’t get to practice medicine by being foolish. Posting your name on a public board would be something I consider foolish.

        My grandparents also came to this great land as well, so no dice there.

        Yes, the English do pay more taxes than we do, but as a stated England ‘carries’ more people, both illegal and legal, through social programs….hence the extra taxes.

        …. Hater…you should have pursued a career with the state or your county.

      2. upyours says:

        Online anyone can say they are anything. It’s all B.S. if you think you must say it.

    2. upyours says:

      Seeing as how Mexicans start pumping out kids at around fourteen, “third generation” means cr@p.

  18. abolish politicians says:

    cut the politicians pay and federal employees pay no more pensions and let them pay for their own health insurance like the rest of us .these morons keep getting elected makes me wonder why are the American people so stupid so weak minded to allow this to continue.shame on you American people

  19. JD says:

    What part of no doesn’t he understand. I like how Brown thinks the GOP are going to do his dirty work for him. Sorry, but if Gov. Brown wants a tax hike then gather signatures and put it for a vote in November. There is no way in hell that any voter, unless it’s public union thugs, who get paid on the backend, would increase their sales tax one percent and double the vehicle registration fees.
    By some fluke the GOP agreed to this in 2009. It’s time to let that baby expire. I can’t believe they agreed to it in the first place. Now thanks to prop 25, the GOP doesn’t have to get their hands dirty with the budget. That burden is on the majority party, it only takes a majority vote, and no taxes should be raised. It’s up to Dems to WRITE and PASS the bill, GOP should live up to the name and just say no to raising taxes.

  20. taxedtodeath says:

    50% of the people of California pay no income taxes, while the top 1% wage earners pay 45% of the bills in this state! It is time for the people who take and take and take to start giving! Going after successful people hasnt worked in other states!! They just get up and leave! 1/3 of the successful people in Maryland left that state when libs raised taxes on them.

  21. taxedtodeath says:

    Brown knows his union thugs will be out in droves if he gets an election in June.While the majority of people in the state will be to busy working to know about it, unions will be pushing this vote down their members throats, and they will spend the whole day commiting voter fraud and driving senior citizens , the homeless, and illegals to the polls! The unions HUGE pensions and HUGE wages depend on this vote so they will be there while the rest will have no clue about an election in June, because they are normally in November!

  22. taxedtodeath says:

    Rich MexicanMd; I would hate to have a rascist like you for a doctor to begin with! You are playing games with facts! Ilegals may not be able to get welfare but their children who are born in the US can! So in effect the millions of children of illegals born in the US are supporting their families with welfare, food stamps, free education, health care etc! Illegals cost CA 22 billion a year, and our debt is 26 billion ! Do the math!

    1. Rich Mexican MD says:

      Why am I racist? Because I don’t agree with your logic? I perform my duties regarless of race. Look up the hippocratic oath.
      Persons born on US soil are not illegal. Don’t spread lies. Sound judgement tells you that illegals aren’t responsible for more than 80 percent of our state debt.

  23. VINCENT KNIGHT says:

    Same ole Brown,must raise taxes to support the illegals in california,just another tough choice he’s making,how about education,he’s all for it after he threatens all the teachers and end education in california as we know it,look what he did in San Francisco,hes doing it here,take all the free stuff away frome the illegals instead,leave the teachers alone and do not touch the schools,but he will.and also shut down transportation,hand out i.o.u.s to state workers,shut down parks and recreation,which i am all for when it comes to reform,because its leisure world for illegals on welfare,while he puts americans last,a new jerry brown,NO THE SAME OLE GRAVE ROBBER,THE DEMOCRATES NEVER VOTED A BUDGET IN ON TIME,NOW THEY WANT TO BECAUSE THEY HAVE THERE GRAVE ROBBER IN OFFICE,YOU SAW HOW HE PROTECTED THE ILLEAGLE DURRING HIS ELECTION,THIS IS JUST THE BEGINING OE MORE INFLUX OF ILLEAGLES,WHICH WILL HAPPEN IF WE VOTE FOR NEW TAX INCREASE,THE TAX INCREASE WILL BE WITH US FOREVER,THIS IS THE NEW jERRY BROWN? NO,SAMO,SAMO,THE SAME BUM HE EVER WAS,I WAS ON LINE DURRING HIS REELECTION,I TOLD YOU WHAT HE WAS GOING TO DO,HE DID THE SAME WHEN HE WAS IN OFFICE LAST,POLITICAL BLACKMAIL TO GET HIS WAY,DO NOT DO IT,IT WILL LEAD TO TEACHERS LOOSING THERE JOBS TO ILLEAGLES ANY WAY UNLESS YOU VOTE OUT A TAX INCREASE,THIS IS WAR,ITS OUR SURVIVAL AS AMERICAN CALIFORNIANS

  24. william mccotter says:

    l an for a speical election if it’s to get him out of office

  25. INS2G8ER says:

    I can’t believe all you mean hurtful people. Don’t you know that the state employees have aright to get 80% of their income when they retire. Why should they be forced to pay into their 401’s like the rest of us. Why should government employees have to use the same system we do.

    I say we should all give Brown half our wages and 1/4 of our 401’s to help finance the state employee unions. As this is truly the American way. The mast majority should pay for the down trodden.

    Jerry has my vote just as soon as he cuts all ties with state unions and starts to make them pay for their own retirement. Viva Wisconsin and New Jersey.

  26. doc says:

    again, my simple message to Brown, et al. I have no more money to give for taxes. make do with what you have.

  27. LOU says:

    OFF the subject, Send david Goldstein to Victorville, find out way they have the same high paying city manager form 50+ years! VIVA LA BELL!

  28. gordon says:

    after reading most ot these, i can’t help but wonder, where were all of these people during election time? Seems everyone wanted Jerry Brown in office and that is why they voted for him. or am i mistaken? God forbid that Meg win office and do something different. Here’s my suggestion for the budget. Why not lay off some of the Reps. in Sacremento like most of the company’s are having to do, and cut the remainder’s wages in half. That should save a ton of money fo cal. We get laid off when we aren’t doing our job.

    1. Ron says:


      Excellent suggestion. I’ll sign that petition and vote for that.

  29. TJ says:

    Actually, Brown is doing the right thing. If the GOP IDIOTS can’t do what we the taxpayers have elected them to do, then we the taxpayers, should get involved, by VOTING in the special elections to pass the budget and decide what WE want to happen. After all, that is what government is supposed to be about. Citizen involvement. If a special election is needed to get in our electied officials heads which direction the people of California want to go, then so be it. GET involved in government ! These folks will NOT do the right thing. We are SUPPOSED to let our elected officials know what Californians want. As history has shown us, if we elect folks to represent us, and then WE do nothing to let them know how we feel, they will do whatever lines THEIR pockets, NOT what we Californians want. Quit whining and GET INVOLVED in the process ! NEVER trust a politician to do what you want. Let OUR voices be heard !

    1. Ron says:

      TJ :

      Great idea but very naive. How do you think Brown was elected in the first place. False promises and confusion. Just like the many propositions we get to vote for, the CORRUPT politicians make them so difficult for most people to determine, yes or no, for how they really need to vote, in order to obtain their needed result. And the Unions will bank roll the typical “Sky is falling” commercials to deceive the voters into to thinking that they MUST vote for this cause(Tax extensions) or all our schools will close, police and fire personnel will be laid off, thus crime will increase and your home will burn down. B.S.!!!

      We have voted against tax increases already. What good has that done? Do you REALLY believe that if we continue to give them more tax money, things will improve.

      And you can let the politicians know how you/we feel, without the HUGE expense of a special election. Write them and tell them “NO MORE TAXES”.
      And see how YOUR elected official votes. Then vote him/her out next election, if it wasn’t to your liking.

    2. DJ says:

      If you want your voices heard then start an initiative. We live in a Republic, and we just elected our leglislatures five months ago. There is not enough votes to raise taxes, so now there will be cuts.
      It sucks, but a lot of California’s revenues are being used to provide services, it’s used to pay off debt and lavish pensions to state union thugs. So baically money is going down the toliet. Forget about how infested the state is with illegal aliens, who are on the dole. For example. Flat out in California, they don’t hide the fact that as longs there is one citizen in the household, 19 can be illegal aliens and California will give EACH ONE 200 a month in food stamps.
      So much waste in state government but Brown refuses to do anything about it, because those are his voters.

  30. Tom Madracki says:

    Duh, Jerry has found out the what the hold up in Sacramento is, as did Arnold and and if she’s been elected, Meg Whitman. The problem is the union and lobbest’s control over the elected state assemblemen and the state senators.

    It isn’t replacing the governator that will fix the problem, it’s getting a new batch of legislators who are not beholding to anyone, except the folks that elected them!

    The problem with that is that every legislator is bad except mine, so I’ll reelect him – everyone has the same feelings about “their” guy, so everyone keeps electing “their” guy and we end up with the same group of idiots, year after year!

  31. over taxed says:

    Mexican illegals are low lifes taking down our state.

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