Jury Convicts Man For Raping, Sodomizing 2 Women He Met On Millionaire’s Website

LOS ANGELES (AP) —A man has been convicted of sodomizing three women including two he met through a website claiming to be the largest online dating hub for millionaires.

A Los Angeles jury on Thursday found Joseph Garcia guilty of six felony counts of sodomy and two felony counts of forcible rape.

Prosecutors say Garcia sexually assaulted three women between March 2005 and October 2006. He met two through an online dating site where he described himself as “strikingly handsome” and earning an annual salary of $200,000. He met the third woman at a post office.

The 51-year-old faces up to 120 years to life in state prison when he is sentenced on May 20.

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  • Lopez Owns You

    120 years to life, damn, that’s longer sentences than people who raped minors. Yes, 3 is a lot but still longer sentences then someone raping minors.

  • Jeff L.

    Wow, another criminal we get to feed and give milk to every day. Hey, I’m struggling and almost to the point of homelessness, does this mean I should go rob a bank or rape someone so I can have a place to live and 3 meals a day too? seriously…

  • Efren Rodriguez

    Sometimes it’s better for people living on the Edge to commit crimes & get free Food/Medical/Cell then being Homeless on the streets.

    Just wondering why people living homeless when they can easily commit crimes and get free Food/Medical/Shelter in prison.


    How did he pick up the 3rd woman at the Post Office?

    We all know how he picked up the other 2 women..

  • angel geronimo

    If you want to get raped too!

  • Mr Garcia

    no no no Mr. Garcia, you don’t get pookie tonight. NO! Arrgh arrgh arrgh, help! Rape!

  • mrturdboy

    If this illegal alien or anchor babys parents were sent back to Mexico where he belongs this would not have happend!!!

  • pelon1127

    hate to say it, but looks, like 2 gold diggers got what they ask for…the man had to lie about making 6 figures, and there greed got to them…they should be glad there still alive to talk about it. alot of them never do.

    • sowhat

      Maybe they’ll get a reality tv show.

    • sowhat

      maybe they’ll get a reality tv show.

    • Rhonda

      Have U lost U mind Pelon1127 it doesn’t mean they were greeded becausce they ans. a stupid man its mean they was wanting love and security , What do U mean they should be glad they R just alive, U must have never been raped to say such a stupid thing. COLDHOTANGEL51

    • 1944victoriam

      Pelon, they didn’t “Ask” to get raped, assaulted, or forced to commit sexual acts. They went out with him as many women do……..maybe they were naive or even dumb but it is impossible to ask to be raped, duh!

  • upyours

    There is a huge number of dumba$$es who shouldn’t have computers or internet, and I’m not talking about the likes of Garcia.

  • duh

    Strange how long this took to eventually get to trial. The original complaint was filed on Oct 24 2006; almost 5 years ago.


  • O.D. Lay

    I makey the mexican tacos, I put in the chili and pepper, I fold them and cook them and stir them, and then I eat them for supper.

  • autoversicherung

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