LOS ANGELES (CBS) — City leaders moved a step closer on Wednesday to outlawing the “open carry” of guns in public.

And as KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz reports, a former Los Angeles Police Department officer is now leading the effort at City Hall.

City Councilman Dennis Zine — a retired LAPD sergeant — says its logical to outlaw the open carrying of guns in city limits.

“If you’re carrying a gun, law enforcement is trained to assume every gun is loaded,” said Zine.

Under state law, residents can holster and wear the their guns in public if they are not loaded.

But citing a number of reasons why Angelenos should not do so, the City Council voted to direct the city attorney’s office to draft a ban on carrying guns in public.

The ban would prohibit the carrying of an unloaded, exposed handgun in any public place or street in the

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  1. Thomas Bleming says:

    The former (long deceased) mayor of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Frank Rizzo believed that no one should have owned, much less carried any sort of a firearm.
    He too had been a policeman (Police Commissioner of Phila-delphia), prior to entering politics.
    Politicians as well as criminal fear an armed populace and rightly so, as both groups are thieves.
    The violent criminal uses force to steal, whereas the politician goes about it in a less threatening way, however they both victimize us.
    Councilman’s Zine’s anti-Second Amendment views should be remembered when he comes up for re-election.

    1. Rita of-Sunland says:

      I believe Zine’s termed-out, the stupid bald wimp.

    2. Moshe Parry says:

      here come the fascists right on cue to take our right to self-defense away… just like hitler did before the holocaust… rise up angelenos and fight this scourge or we will all suffer the consequences…

      1. John G says:

        Let me see if I understand your logic….
        NOT letting you carry an UNLOADED gun in public is going to hender your right to self defense?
        Somehow I don’t think you see or want to see the real side.
        Carrying an UNLOADED firearm in plain view? That means some dirtbag who is armed (concealed) sees your gun and thinks “Nice gun, I want it”. So how are you going to stop him? YOUR gun is unloaded. Now you have just put another firearm into the hands of criminals.
        Sounds like your adding to the problem, not helping it.

    3. Alan C Rhine says:

      (g) A firearm shall be deemed to be loaded for the purposes of
      this section when there is an unexpended cartridge or shell in, or
      attached in any manner to, the firearm, including, but not
      limited to, in the firing chamber, magazine, or clip thereof
      attached to the firearm. Ammunition may be carried in the same container as the gun – loose ammunition or ammunition in ammo boxes does not make a gun loaded, because the ammunition is NOT “placed into a position from which it can be fired”.

      You may transport loaded magazines and speed loaders, so long as they are not inserted into the magazine well or cylinder of the firearm. That does not make a gun loaded, because the ammunition carried that way is NOT “placed into a position from which it can be fired”.

      A loaded magazine is not the same as a loaded weapon, and possession of a weapon and a loaded magazine for that weapon does not, necessarily, mean you have a loaded weapo

  2. WIREGUY_BILL says:

    Pretty sure thats not going to happen!!

  3. swhitS says:

    He can forget any re election and anyone else who supports this unlawful bill. Time to Revolt!

  4. Lou says:

    Dennis your the only one on the LA cc. i can tolerate!

  5. Joe Gallagher says:

    Anyone who packs a gun should get jail time. If not, our city will turn into a Ciudad Juarez.

    1. Alan C Rhine says:

      The only way to solve the problem of crime in America is for you, and other citizens like you, to make it extremely dangerous for anyone to commit a crime. We won’t stop crime in the street until every criminal has good reason to believe that he is as likely to die at the hands of his next victim as his victim is of dying at his hands.

      The criminal must not just fear his victim, he must fear his victim’s neighbors as well. You don’t have to solve this problem by yourself. Indeed, you can’t solve this problem by yourself. You have to organize for self defense with your neighbors, and you have to take your organization to the streets and drive the criminals off them.

  6. Onclewillie says:

    Anytime a politician wants to ban guns, or at least their carry, it means he wants something other than “public safety.” Politicians like Zine make these proposals because they are kissing the backside of some liberal politician who is supposedly helping them get elected or appointed to their next political job. Shame on Zine. One would think an ex-cop would have some integrity.

  7. bob allison says:

    Tread lightly on gun rights and look at countries where the average citizen has been disarmed, Chaos!

  8. Tdog says:

    Zine is a hypocrite. A total politician with false beliefs and practices. I will bet that he’s taken bribes numerous times in the past

  9. Alan C Rhine says:

    Why not be able to carry an unloaded gun in holster in plain sight. A law abiding citizen is no threat to a police officer. And you know if being stopped and or question by an officer. YOU DON”T TOUCH YER WEAPON. On the other hand if a criminal see you with a gun he might ask him self is that gun LOADED or NOT??? And do I want to find out

  10. Mason Jefferson dot com says:

    Repeat after me. I would kill to protect my right to bear arms and the right to protect myself. So help me god. Mason Jefferson dot com Those who would try to take away our guns become our enemies..

  11. Thomas Bleming says:

    “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”
    Second Amendment to the United States Constitution

  12. Pratt Robert says:

    If this law pass’s it will just make more people brakeing the law. Law inforcement should assume any gun is loaded. But its not there bussneiss to determan it. Asa citizen I would weather know when someone is armed’ , This law you will not.

  13. Pratt Robert says:


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